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Complimentary magazine WordPress Theme for bloggers interested in the perfection of design. The Journal is a clean, minimally-responsive blog topic of the WordPress type. Select a theme with beautiful fonts that makes reading a pleasure. is a blog and magazine WordPress topic for sale on Themeforest. This simple tumblog style theme is perfect for bloggers.


Optically interesting and classy, but also brilliant in terms of contents, this is a concealed jewel. This backend is supported by our beloved Unyson Framework plug-in, which comes with a number of functions that make your life simpler, such as a graphical page Builder, automatic backups, style and type setting and much more.

Magazine free WordPress theme: Blogs, Papers

Our topics are all very adaptable and simple to use, and Journal is no different. Changing colours, background and much more is just a few mouse clicks away from the WordPress administrator. The Journal contains functions such as a large slide area for your contributions shown. That makes searching your website simple and entertaining for your users and makes it structured in an appealing way.

Journal lets you make your blogs glow with your special kind of lighting. Apply the colors that reflect your own distinctive styling and adjust it to your preferences at any moment. It is the WordPress theme that fits your character perfectly. Now you can use nice type or just customise your type with Journal.

More than 700 Google fonts are available to underscore your one-of-a-kind style with your writing. When you are looking for a cleanly designed page design, you should stop using the journal. There are three built-in laysouts, but there are no limits to your fantasy and what you can customize when creating your design.

Attracts traffic, builds a fellowship, and most of all, lets them return to your compelling experiences. Allow your imaginative juice to run and use our developed shortcuts together with the Pagebuilder Drag & Drops to quickly generate your own uniquely rich pages. Featuring a built-in Portfoliomodul that is very classy and simple to use, this free WordPress Theme Magazin comes with a theme that is designed to be simple to use.

A 3-column raster displays your project, so your users can easily search your work with the project categories filters. These designs are optimised for an attractive visual impression. Responsible Webdesign ( "RWD") is a web styling paradigm that aims to create websites that deliver an optimum user interface with a minimal amount of re-sizing and scanning across a variety of device types.

Our frontend is just as important as the frontend, and we always take special care of the feature sets and module that are contained in each theme. The Journal contains many tools that will make your implementation of your new blogs much simpler. Have a look at a few module that belong to the topic:

Among the most important things to look for when selecting a theme is the Builders. Our simple and easy way to create your own personal ized diary is to use our simple and easy plug & play tool. Do not compromise in the creation of your websites and layout. The Unyson is the spine of our designs, with many adjustments and functions that regulate the look and handling of the whole one.

We' ve created Unyson from the bottom up, with a variety of customizations and very simple operation. Our WordPress topics are all translatable, so they include free or premier plug-ins like WPML and qTranslate. The Journal has been conceived in such a way that you occupy a high position in every searching machine. Obviously, our code and our designs are constructed with an eye to simplicity in the back of our minds, but you need to make sure that your contents keep your visitors on the site and make them come back.

It is your contents that are the main attraction to your site, so it is important to say that it is the most important part of your site.

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