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Themeco' s X theme is called The Ultimate WordPress Theme. They have dared the jump and decided to create your own website with WordPress. Best 25+ Free Landing Page WordPress Themes 2018 Landing Page is like a poster board for your products, it can tempt or deter your clients, although in most cases you strive to keep it. In the web, to attract a prospective customer's interest, we usually use landing pages; specially crafted web sites and/or distinct parts of a web site that are built to advertise a particular good, a particular services or something related to winning them.

On the landing page the visitors can for the first moment find out something about your products and how they are useful. What makes WordPress stand out in this market segment is that it offers so much diversity in the direction of its contents and the inclusion of third-party tooling, which also helps to deliver a truly original and professionally designed world.

Although not a topic can be considered the best, we encourage the webmaster to get to know their own products before choosing a definitive topic. Subjects on the free landing page for WordPress you are currently exploring have been reviewed for consistency, the feature set listing and the overall feeling of style - to mirror contemporary industrial norms, especially things like responsive style and a wide range of home page areas.

We also recommend that you check out our other summary, which deals with WordPress Premier Landing Page topics - this contains over 20 more topics, although the main differences are that these topics come from Premier developer, so your experience will be much better and more adaptable. This does not mean that the topics below are not of good design, we always make sure that our summaries contain only the best of the best design.

Companies are known for their drive to maximise efficiencies and prioritise excellence to maximise profitability. Issues like Shapelly are committed to reflecting these virtues while at the same time pledging to improve your side of the game. Perfect for any landing page, company, shop, e-commerce or freelance website. Most of the most productive and popular WordPress plug-ins are fully compliant with your site:

You can also extend your existing WooCommerce solution by adding the WooCommerce plug-in. Leaving you with the Illdy theme - the free WordPress theme for applications programmers, as well as those who run a product-based store - is the final theme of our best free landing page topics.

Ranging from 404 pages to 404 page type. The Portum is a fast and easy free WordPress website Theme. It is the plattform you have been looking for to bring your company on-line. Comfortable short codes tailored to the needs of corporate customers are available in abundance in Portum. There' at last no reason not to have an stylish, fully featured website for your company.

The Pixova Lite is a WordPress theme with a minimalist and contemporary look. The Pixova Lite offers several theme choices to create areas with your own unique style. Has an appealing lay-out that is interoperable with all monitors and web browser. They are also regarded as particularly mobile-friendly. The Pixova Lite includes a side bar and soft one-sided scroll for the master canvas.

Appendant is a new multi-purpose WordPress release. Now get this all browser compliant design....Getscendant! Our Unite is our WordPress theme, which we offer in our free theme book. Whilst the primary purpose of Unite is that this theme is used on honeymoon web sites, we are well aware that many of our theme visitors use Unite as a target page submission for single project and in some cases even product use.

Page designs are fully customizable, and if you use a page-builder like Visual Composer, you will have no problem creating a nice landing page website for your next big brainstorm. The Unite package contains user-defined shortcuts, Bootstrap 3 pattern, a portable, reactive style, and many ways to personalize your work.

The Panoramica landing page is for the photographer, creatives and those who appreciate a more terrestrial approach to web designing. We' re not saying that because Panoramica doesn't look impressive from a visual point of view, on the contrary; the theme has a contemporary but classic flair, with a box look that puts your product range at the centre of your focus.

With Panormaica you get user-defined shortcuts, versatile typographic choices on all pages, demos, you can quickly convert the theme to other language, the theme choices are supported by a strong option pane, you can select from unlimited colour choices, and if everything goes wrong - a dedicated customer service staff is ready to help you.

Similar to the theme shown above, Illustrious is also a landing page theme for WordPress editors, especially those who specialise in photographing, and other areas of interest where the presentation of portfolios could be a top priorit. All in this nice theme seems to work, from a translucent menus to a bordered slide bar with impressive pictures.

Pages of elements of the portfolios have their own designs, which makes the designs more personal. The MedZone is a brandnew WordPress theme in top class printability. This is a one-sided minimalist styling with soft scroll. It' s 100% reactive and retinalized, essentially suitable for all web browser and device types. Makes your company bigger and associated with humans with this tools!

There are landing pages in many different styles and formats, and you will often see that WordPress topics are created for a unique use, as is the case with this great page landing page - developed for writers and agents who want to emphasize their own unique page designs.

Keep in mind that you can use this theme with some changes on your WordPress page. The Rara Themes is always building value added product, and you can trust this theme to take good care of your online publication needs. This is another outstanding Rara Themes artwork, this is a Landing Page Theme designed for building companies, agents and subcontractors.

Featuring a sleek feel with eye-catching contents and a brillant integrated palladium that keeps clients dedicated and satisfied. Directly after the appearance on the homepage of the topic building land side you see a gigantic "Get a Quote" Formular, which is appropriate on the right side of the head of the side, directly under the nice meal.

It lets your traffic know immediately that you are taking reservation and booking through your site, which then allows them to search the remainder of your landing page more freely to see if you may be a good choice for their needs. Rara has to give topics a giant prop, these last 3 topics (including this one) are all of them, and as you can see; they are very specific to niches, but don't miss to dazzle you with customized feature sets and utilities that would match the given niche situation.

The Lawyer Landing Page is no exeption and contains a similar offer page that we have seen above in the topic Construction. Is there a better way to re-use designs, especially if they are pertinent? The Variant is a WordPress Landing Page Theme with a completely appealing theme. It is optimised for the latest WordPress release and is built on WordPress Customizer for its flexible use.

Variants has its own extensive set of documents that explains how the theme works, and the theme itself can be used on any number of websites without restriction. Variant is the right choice if you want to record your lead and raise your conversation rate with a professionally designed product.

Installation and set-up of the theme will take just a few moments, and the UI is built on minimum requirements so you can quickly reach your objectives. Layer is a new landing page theme, with a beautiful look, versatile features and a lot of personality that will redefine the usability for your site users.

It' willing to help you boost your e-commerce selling with a smooth WooCommerce solution, just as it is driven by a flawless homepage look; willing to take on even the most challenging critical people. Blogs have their own layouts assigned to them, ensuring that if you want to post on a regular basis, the post will look and feels good.

The Precise theme is known for its neat and minimum WordPress theme designs. This is a landing page templates specifically developed for hotels, resorts and guesthouses. It is a WordPress Landing Page templates flexibility, perfect for professional and small businessmen equally. Featuring advanced mail and page customisation capabilities, anyone can quickly become a champion of their own designs.

Most of Metrolo is found on corporate web sites relating to travelling, building, photography, graphic arts, training, weddings, dining and similar services. It' quite clear that portable applications won't go anywhere, not in the near term. In fact, there will be further growth in apps, as well as increased demands for high-quality WordPress theme themes that can serve as landing pages for applications.

Therefore we present the topic BB Mobil app in this summary. It' a fast-reacting WP theme driven by clear styling and power, the precise formula you need to explain what your portable application is for and how it can help the individual who uses it. BB Mobile's unpretentious feel, easy to browse and clear shows that some thought has gone into the final creation of such a nice theme.

Not only was Linghouse built as a landing page, it's a multi-purpose theme that focuses on enhancing your ranking, especially on websites like Google. Every page, every item, everything in the theme looks like has a significance, and meticulously crafted scheme markers so browsers can readily understand that significance and view it on results pages.

Whilst authors and blogs get a thrill out of designing with full power, other sectors seen with the theme of lighthouses are travels, journals, partner websites, start-ups and launches. Beacon as a theme is greatly broadened and creates a way for you to create customized contents to many different parts of your website.

The Winsome will catch your eye with ease, as soon as you focus your eye on this intriguing multi-page theme, you know you're waiting for a pleasurable WP themed advent. Topic Option is for adjusting the small detail about your website, for font and color you have more seperate option panel.

Winsome multipage website has an enormous blogsign, which is just great to see how creatively these people are. The Marvel is a children's theme for the safreen theme, both are ultraflexible and ultracustomizable WordPress topics for landing page use. Marvel topics are strongly based on features uniquely engineered with jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5.

Featuring intelligent functions, industrial designs and a kind designer who will be glad to help you, Marvel has the power to be your home motif for your own individual and imaginative work. The Business Elite is a flag-ship theme of Web Dorado. Wherever you see a theme designer using the term "elite" in his work, you can almost count on quite incredible value without asking at all.

And the fact that Business Elite has 95% 5-star scores should help calm that fact. A landing page theme, Business Elite is based on web designs that are easy to find, but also on a distinctive look that is created through the use of motion graphics, high-performance faders, customized typefaces, and compatible with WordPress plug-ins.

Happens from time to time, you find a really nice WordPress theme, but as it turns out, it doesn't work with your favourite plug-ins, and that can be a complete load of crap! Business Elite will tell you which plug-ins it is compliant with so you can make your own decisions. The Metlux has a wrapped responsive theme, with unparalleled functions such as static navigations (with motion effects), the base code is located on SASS; so you can make more sensible changes to the theme, it is included with customized plug-ins for higher levels of usability, the theme is semantically base for better organisation, there are unparalleled shortcuts for things like icons, and you can make as many original-size headers as you want.

Of course, many WordPress topics will use the same principle over and over again...it's part of the deal, but Metlux definitely does something more, even basic Widget like " Members of the Staff " are so unique that they need a second look just to appreciate their creativity. The name of the company is defined by its own name, which is why we know it will be a multifunctional theme.

Prolific is designed to operate corporate web sites from the bottom up and is able to offer many different ways to promote your company in the Digital Age. Our uniquely designed home page section is designed to provide the essential basics of business-oriented Web sites, such as team members, testimonials, blog, featured information, contact us, client highlights and even some entertainment effect!

The section can be added as often as you like and the item can be ordered on the title page. UNIFIEDD will help your company keep things easy, it is a business topic for WordPress professionals. It is used in all sectors such as healthcare, financial and private sector work. The Unifield Theme is fully compliant with the latest WordPress release, which includes plug-ins.

She has a beautiful and professional designed outfit. Use the Customizer radio button to organize your typeface, where you can select from among 100 free typefaces provided by Google. The Esol has a general pattern of para laxes. It is a multifunctional landing page theme for specialists, shopkeepers, and agents who need a great deal of room for discussions.

Asia theme creators have designed and managed this beautiful theme. Those boys have a thorough understanding of the WordPress topic trend and can easily incorporate it into their work. TELETEYPE is a bootstrap-based WordPress theme for Blogger, Authors and Createers. However, it is still a landing page, since the homepage is section-based and contains many landing page items.

However, as far as we can judge, Teletype would work best as a landing page theme for creative professionals and contractors. In addition, the developer has added contents areas for the title page templates. The design comes with the title page item as a user-defined Widget-Block icon+text. When variety paired with professionality is what you are looking for, then look no further than Clarina; free, contemporary, sleek and overall nice WordPress theme for the requirements of the landing page.

Clarina customers use this topic to present their products, services and portfolios. Designers have also provided this topic with the right widgets and functions to make these pages work in any kind of environment. In addition, the powerful backend of the Llorix One theme ensures that Clarina will be performing with impeccable flair.

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