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The Free Landing Page WordPress Theme is designed to meet the needs of people looking for landing pages for products, apps, eBooks, etc. Best 17+ free WordPress Landing Page Themes and Templates 2018 One landing page can significantly influence all your advertising activities and boost your revenue. In contrast to general web sites, a landing page offers what a visitor is looking for on the first page they are landing on. Landing a page has one aim - to convince the visitor to perform a certain operation. The right use of appealing call to action and neat styling are the basics for an efficient landing page.

What time do I need a landing page? When you want to promote a unique brand in your business or gather a large amount of information, you need a well-designed landing page. While your home page of the website may contain information about all of your items, a landing page may contain information about a particular item.

Easy and comprehensible contents, pictures, call to Action (CTA), video, test stories, neat colours etc. are just some of the features of an appealing landing page that is transformed. Contents can be delivered succinctly to the user via a seperate landing page. It' s free of detractions, so it will help to earn more revenue - meet the site's specified goal.

While there are many ways to create a country page, using a WordPress theme is the simplest and most comfortable available one. WordPress topics are free and of high quality and are available on the Internet for various use. There is a vast selection of free topics for each alcove in the WordPress theme library, but selecting the right theme for your needs may not be an simple job.

There are several Landing Page WP topics you can find that look the same, which will eventually confuse you. There are also several issues that say they are the best, but you can't just rely on them. When choosing a theme for your landing page website, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

A few of them are: minimally neat designs, fast reactions and optimised speeds, call to action, suitable mediums (images, video, animations), file transfer possibilities, colour and text possibilities, etc. Given all the facets needed in a high level WP theme, I have selected the best free WordPress Landing Page topics for you to use. Let's discover the best free landing page template for WordPress:

A full-featured and fully-fledged WordPress theme, Flash is FREE, but still provides many great functions. There are a lot of functions available, with which you can quickly and simply build a nice landing page. In addition, the theme is also suited for multi-purpose websites: commercial, investment, construction, hospitality & building sites, etc.

It' a WordPress Customizer version, so you get a real-time real-time previewer during creation. It was created using Site Origin's page creator and the Flash Toolkit plug-in, and provides you with a great simple user experience for adjusting the design. Watch four demonstrations, topic guides, and begin customization. The SingleApp is a nice WordPress landing page theme with a breathtaking one-sided scroll-effect.

This comes with a clear and sleek styling that is best suited for portable app landing pages. It can also be used for the creation of multi-purpose sites such as businesses, portfolios, testimonials, blogs, etc.. It' a fully reactive unit that fits well with any machine, laptop, desktop, tablet or cell phone. This theme offers over 5 fantastic customized Widget's that allow you to build a perfectly one-page website.

The TG Functions Widget, Call To Action widget, Featured Page Widget, Testimonial widget, Image Showcase wideget are the most important Wididgets in the theme. Design based on WordPress livecustomizer, optimised for WordPress SDO, fast and well documentation. Most importantly, you can get unbelievable help from the theme writers for the free theme.

The Suffice is a free WordPress theme with minimalistic, easy to use and impressive designs. There are multi-purpose Web pages you can build, as well as country pages, company, business, agent, and portfolio-related Web pages that use the theme. SiteOrigin's Suffice Toolkit and Page Builder plugins support the site's layout. Toolkit Suffice plug-in is an exclusively WordPress plug-in that aims to give the topic powerful.

Extremely reactive website layouts ensure that your website contents look great on all types of equipment, even desktop computers, small mobile phones and more. All the latest WordPress technology follows, with WordPress Live Customizer, WPML, optimised and speed optimised for WEO. Briefly, it is a WordPress theme that is easy and adequate, perfectly suited for landing pages and small businesses.

One page stylistically one-sided stylistic theme with gooey menus and full width slider controls, Himalaya is a great choice for building a contemporary website. There is a neat and nice lay-out with enough space to show Call to action button, portfolios, services and more. They can present any kind of products or sevices in their best form and increase turnover with the topic.

The Himalayan theme is free and yet offers many premium-like functions. Provides a primer colour feature, tacky headers, customized widgets, SEO-friendly styling, customized style sheet interface, WooCommerce compliance, etc. Use the WP Customizer WP Customizer utility to adjust most scene choices and adjustments with preview.

  • Topics most mighty, prettiest and beloved for 2017. Llorix One Lite is the right choice for you if you're looking for a shallow, design-free WordPress theme for your landing page. It' a neat and minimalist bootstrap-based styling consisting of heroic imagery and parallel lax scroll effect.

It can be used for the creation of commercial and company web sites as well as private web sites. The Llorix One Lite Theme provides support for a number of high performance WordPress plug-ins including WooCommerce, Photo Gallery Grid, SiteOrigin Page Builder, JetPack, Meta Slider, etc. They can build a full website with its great functions. Author have built the theme with neat and verified coding so that it is rugged and nice.

Launcher is a wonderfully crafted WordPress theme for a landing page or a future page. It is also a good theme for multi-purpose sites, as well as company, agent and individual web sites. The parallax scroll on a page with several useful paragraphs makes the topic a good choice for your new work.

Topic launched offers a website launching monitor, subscriptions forms, call to action, price chart, service area, etc. Plain and printed in fat type, full-page and roundabout slider, YouTube videos section, nice blogs and endorsement areas are further plus points of the theme. It' s a fully reactive design that looks great on all machines, optimizing is a massively adaptable multi-purpose WordPress design FREE of charge.

Can be used to create landing pages, businesses, web portals and e-commerce pages. This theme is simple to use and beginners oriented, which can also be adapted by non-experts. Select the full width or the box design and further adjust each item of the theme to your liking.

The optimiser theme is fully reactive and is perfect for both desktop and portable use. Pixova Lite is a great one-page creation tool for the creation of a country page for a project. Designed to be clear and classy with many adjustments. You can also turn on or off animation and preloader selections that are available in the theme.

The Pixova Lite provides beautiful laid out themes for the Topics, Current Work, Field Reports, Staff, Messages and Contacts section. With Pixova Lite you have a great looking web site with a great web page and store design. This theme has a profound integrated with the WooCommerce plug-in and makes it fit for e-commerce functions. Ildy Theme is a super-fast free WordPress theme created with the Bootstrap-Framework.

It' s easy, it'?s minimum and it?s very quick to load, which will leave a good mark on the people. Can be used for multi-purpose web pages such as businesses, landing pages, portfolios or other imaginative webpages. Design is fully reactive so that your website contents look safe on all kinds and screen heights.

And there are many premier plugin related features: multi plugin capabilities, limitless colour choices, character pictures, fantastic fonts symbols, plug-in readiness, theme documentations, devoted technical assistance, and more. Briefly, Illdy theme is a great theme for an unbelievable website making experiance. Ease of use is the key to building a landing page.

The WP developer of Fame Themes, based on the same idea, has developed Screenr. It' a fat and classy theme, which can be a great model for the creation of multi-purpose websites, such as a landing page, biz, agencies, freelancers, etc. The Screenr theme offers a gorgeous wallpaper for your screen scrolls, call to action button and option to include YouTube video.

This feature makes the site appealing and useful to the user. It' s fully reactive and looks great on any kind of equipment and any display sizes. It is therefore really simple and quick to create a website with this theme. Like the name suggests, PartLax One Theme is a free partLax WordPress Theme.

It' a one-page theme with nicely crafted paragraphs for feature, about, testimonial, crew, and testimonial with backgrounds of para-lax. In addition, the theme provides an sleek look for store, prices, blogs and contacts. It has a profound integrated theme with the WooCommerce plug-in that prepares it for e-commerce websites. Partallax One theme has some great feature, although it is totally free.

Completely reactive, extremely adaptable, simple to use and localizable. In addition, it provides limitless colour choices, Google maps choices, free symbols and excellent user experience for all your needs, even those with a free theme. The One Paze is a free one-page WordPress theme with a contemporary palladium theme. It' a fully customizer-based theme that allows you to adjust most parts/elements of the theme using our previewlibs.

With the design you can include a user-defined logotype, a cover picture and a call to trade, which is a great way to make an impact on website users. The key characteristics of the One Paze theme are a gooey meal, full-screen slider, call to actions, Multiple Blogs Layout, User-defined Widget, Portfolios and Teams Layout, and more.

This theme has been designed and validated using the latest WordPress technology, so it works perfect on any machine and web browsers. The Venture Lite is a freely accessible theme built on the Bootstrap Framework. While the design uses a parallel scroll effect that makes the design aesthetic, a gooey meal makes navigating more user-friendly.

Its slim and classy styling makes it ideal for several niche websites: landing pages, small businesses, face-to-face or agencies web pages, as well as imaginative webpages and more. To sum up, it can be said that Ventures Lite is the right decision to start your new website Ventures. The West is a feature-rich and mighty WordPress theme for building a contemporary website.

This theme comes with Live Composer integrated with which you can simply build nice customized pages on your website. They are fully reactive and adapt themselves to every unit very well. Keeps you free from problems with your browsersupport and various other errors as it is encoded by experts diligently to comply with the best and latest WP broadcast industry norms.

The West is light, easy and neat - a good option to present your latest products! Astonishingly, one page WordPress is a one-page theme that is great for target page creation as well as freelance and business web sites. This theme offers an excellent lay-out to promote your products on-line and increase conversion.

Adding full-page slider controls with Call To action alerts and button addition makes it a handy topic for a landing page. At OnePress, we have created imaginative and stylistic areas where functions, service, portfolios, testimonials, etc. are presented. You also need a strong design to create a strong and sound website.

UX and SOE optimised designs. This theme provides styleful layout for presenting your service, about, skill, our staff, blogs, contact and more. A nice palladium scroll effect and a gooey meal are other important features of the theme. FREE of charge is a nice WordPress theme topic for your website. Reduced background designs with palladium background also make the theme appropriate for various other alcoves.

It' s full of fantastic stuff, although it's totally free. Featuring high-performance WP plug-ins such as JetPack, Photo Gallery, WooCommerce, Contacts Form 7, etc., it's also a great place to get in touch with your friends. Business Elite's most welcoming feature is its robot-like load rate. Above all, it has a clear and easy to understand layout for your past work and nice cross and contacts areas.

WordPress Live Customizer lets you adjust most theme preferences with real-time thumbnails. The technically not versed person without programming knowledge can even build a landing page with this topic. Minimizable is minimized - free WordPress landing page with minimum functions, no unnecessary mess.

Minimable is also classy and uniquely designed with imaginative menustyle, tab-style, our teams area etc. The Minimable is a fully appealing design that looks great on any device. In addition, it is a retina-ready theme that will look just as good on retinal screens. My selection of topics has been careful and I have taken into account some of the most important things needed in a high value topic.

These free, reactive WordPress Landing Page templates are fully WordPress standard compliant, extremely adaptable and produced by professionals. You' ll get great help with these free topics, which is what I like most about WordPress. You come across a subject that's on my roster, let me know.

I' d like to append your proposed topics. Do you want to say something about the article - don't hesitate to type in the comments field below.

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