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left In addition, a new option "Latest news" is added to the admin area. In this way, messages can be generated as contributions with the same functionalities as category and tags. It also provides templates for listing the latest news. You have a templated tags that creates a listing of the latest messages that refer to the articles that are of interest.

We have a templates tags that outputs the latest news as messages with a user-defined message. Normally, this templated tags is placed on the home page of your blogs or on a customized news page. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Current plugin for WordPress

View the latest WordPress contents with one of the 6 designs contained, according to your preferences. With this WordPress plug-in, you can automate the formatting of your messages and view them in the Notepad, at a broadget location, or within topic pages. Definitely the best way to view your latest WordPress messages, posting category, pages, highlighted messages, or user-defined messages.

You can configure each message pad separately: choose the contents page (post, page...), the topic of the view options, the picture settings and more. The WP Latest Posts contains many stunning functions such as topics and thumbnails, infinite widgets, motion selections and automated trimming of titles and text. The plug-in now provides support for user-defined mail type (including WooCommerce).

The WP Latest Posts contains 6 built-in topics, and there are not only topics, they really alter the way your contents are viewed. Topics are highly reactive and each topic has its own unique setup, so you only need to concentrate on your work. With just one click, you can customize colours to match the latest news to the look of your topic.

The WP Latest Posts will compile your messages in a very versatile way. It is possible to choose one or more mail category (s), page(s) and user-defined mail type(s) in different ad units. Every pad can be placed where you want it to be in your contents. There are many contents filter available, among them:

Message configurator interfaces are engineered to be quick to set up and use. Pick the news resource, pick a style, place the news pad where you want it to appear, and you're done! Do you need to change the number of messages or a topic uploaded? It's just a click away.

The WP Latest Mail is fully compliant with user-defined mail type, which means you can download third-party plug-in contents, even with WooCommerce. Create your own news site/widget with articles, product, events or whatever you want! It is also fully embedded in the Advanced Customizing Panels plug-in, allowing you to insert panels and panels into your latest message block.

Set up several message elements with different configurations for each one. You can then view each message area on different pages and view more than one instance on the same page. It' s a straightforward procedure, just build news blocs, paste them into your news reader or add them as a wideget and you're done! Any WP Latest Post News pad can be viewed as a broadget.

Just choose the specific widget that was preinstalled with the plug-in, and then invoke a message box you made. The WP Latest Posts has a special WordPress multi-site function. As soon as the multi-site networking is enabled, you can retrieve any contents from any multi-site on your networks and then use the latest performance of the contributions to view your contents the way you want.

Starting from the picture setup, you have all the choices you need to view your assets the way you want, with picture sources to choose from, WordPress picture sizes to download, forced crop, and user-defined borders. Add message pads to any text editors using a pushbutton or corresponding wideget. Restrict the number of contents to be loaded by categories, page, date, track or random generator!

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