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Divi Builder gives you the freedom to explore new and exciting layout possibilities. The Make module contains a Page Builder for creating your own layout. With Elementor, you can use all the major WordPress widgets in your designs. You are an experienced Wordpress developer?

Best 5 Free Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

Today, most WordPress topics are provided with a kind of page creation program. You can use these builder to build extended layout within a few seconds. If your design does not have a Page Builder, you can use third-party Page Builder plug-ins. Today I will present you the 5 best Drag&Drop- plug-ins for the page creator for WordPress.

Let's begin with the Page Builder of SiteOrigin. SiteOrigin's Page Builder is a favorite page builder plug-in for WordPress. With this plug-in, you can quickly and easily design visual and fully reactive layout designs. And because the easy-to-use UI looks almost like WordPress, you can begin building your own layout right away.

In contrast to most other site builder this plug-in works with any WordPress-topic. Using our Drag&Drop feature, you can design your own layout dynamically without having to write a line of coding. It is another widely used Page Builder plug-in for WordPress. You can use this high-performance plug-in to generate infinite variations of your template and use the layout as you like.

Aqua Page Builder, like most other Page Builder plug-ins, has a pull & dropping user Interface. Since the plug-in interfaces integrate seamlessly with the WordPress dashboard, you have no trouble using it. WordPress Export ers and Importers are also supported so that you can transfer your layout to other pages.

So if you're looking for a easy but powerfull page creator draft & dropping plug-in, MiniMax Page Layout Builder might be the solution for you. You can use this plug-in to make the necessary layout changes yourself. It comes with ready-made contents such as a galleries, sliders, progression bars, experience reports, alerts, warnings, etc.

You can export and import your layout to any other WordPress site that uses this plug-in. It is also specialised in the creation of sqeeze or landing-page. The Page Builder from WooRockets.com is a easy pull & dropping WordPress plug-in that can be very useful to create appealing layout for your website.

This easy and beginners free plug-in can be used in articles as well as on pages. Page Builder plug-in comes with built-in widgets protection, shortcuts and many other useful functions. With this plug-in it is possible to build a fully functioning on-line store. You will also be able to fully react to your layout.

The Beaver Builder is another great page creator that you can access from the frontend of your WordPress page. It' s easy to use GUI will be useful for both the developer and the normal use. Because Beaver Builder is built to work with any WordPress topic, you can definitely use the plug-in on your website.

It comes with many pre-built plugins and user-defined Widgets. Beaver Builder is optimised for trouble-free operation and is fully portable. Beside the free of charge standard plugins there are also a number of free plugins available. Given so many choices, it might be really difficult to pick the best Page Builder plug-in.

But all the listed plugs are really good for a try. If you are using another Page Builder plug-in, let us know what that is.

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