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In addition to e-learning, LMS can also be used as a school system. When you want to offer online learning or "eLearning" through your own website, using an LMS WordPress theme is the perfect solution. Lernmanagementsystem, Education LMS WordPress Theme by Design Theme WordPress Theme offers fantastic functions for the creation of on-line lessons, instructor profiling, advanced usage profiling, class administration, trivia system, web host, ratings system, question system, appendices, course trackings etc.. Create an education system that uses WordPress, Sensei, custom postings for classes and quizzes, students administration, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, events calendars, WPML, mail chimp.

It' s really simple to use LMS and set up a learning managment system that makes learning and lecturing on the Internet a delight. Satisfy your customers by creating your own on-line trainings website and educate your customers all over the globe. Begin with your education on-line, design your own workout website and have full command and growth clever.

It has never been so simple to teach classes, all with WordPress. The Sensei plug-in allows you to build classes, teach lectures and quiz questions. Define the course and class requirements, allow the users to register and even calculate your course contents via WooCommerce. Smooth WP Integrator - Using Sensei is as simple as building a WordPress page or posting, supported by it?s own ?

Lectures? Defined mail types. This plug-in is aimed at the intuitive WordPress UI. Simple authoring - Build classes, author lesson notes, then insert quiz questions to test your students. Establishing prerequisites for classes and instruction is child's play in this highly versatile plug-in. Fast registering - Registering for a course is simple with Sensei via the WordPress? registering features.

The learner then has full control of a timetable and can follow the course. Course fee - Sensei fits into WooCommerce and allows you to calculate prices. Price Analysis - Sensei provides report functions that give you an idea of your contents, scores and student registrations on the website.

Try it all - With a wide range of test type options available, there are practically no limits to the type of tests you can do. Ask bench - Build a "bank" of answers and show your students a chance sample when they participate in a game.

Quote rating - Have your quizzes score your quiz question easily or select to manually rate quizzes that need to be reviewed by a instructor. Create your course in just a few clicks - Reuse your presentation and video or a variety of on-line materials. Take breathtaking classes with minimum fuss. Sensible reporting - Easy and understandable analysis of everything that happens in your learning and learning area.

Topic has a good use of h1,h2,h3 tag. It is possible to build your website in several different tongues. Generate and administer incidents. Homepage and all other pages can have different designs and with one click you can offer a lot of different designs with the help of the graphical quick mode. Description and creative elements such as feature listings, roundabouts, testimonials, price tables, accordions, tabbed pages, button, quote, symbols, separators, toggles, progression bar, unusual boxes and much more are contained in the Shortcode Builders.

WordPress 4.9.8 compatibility. Fix - Unyson Page builder conflict with "Visual Composer" and "DesignThemes Page Builder" * Fix - Disable "Visual Editor" options of profiles Page conflict with "DesignThemes Page Builder" * Fix - New WordPress Widget like text, image, gallery,... Conflict with "DesignThemes Page Builder" * Tweak - Added export options for questions and quizzes of user -defined mailboxes.

They can find example port files and text files together with the theme pack. Optimize - Suggest options in the sliders selection mask. Optimize - Query navigation options for the game. Optimize - The pricing of Sensei quotes has been modified to allow editing of a page. Fix - Mass install WordPress 4 plug-in.

Ability to delete wildcard pictures from your blogs, portfolios, quotes, etc., * Ability to specify the standard side bar for all postings, pages, quotes, etc., * PrettyPhoto script upgraded to the latest 3.1.6 fix. With the help of e2Member we can now subscribe to all our classes for the following periods: days, months, years and lifes.

Easy and graphic analyses of prices, price subscription, price trades, etc. * Up-to-date dashboard. Ability to deactivate wildcard pictures.

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