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Because Likes is a feature only available on WordPress.com, your readers must be logged into their WordPress.com account to like one of your posts. An easy and efficient post-like system for WordPress.


Using this plug-in, your site visitor can easily like/recommend your contributions instead of commenting on them. Look like you' re on your own on all your contributions, pages and frontends on your own. The WP Interface makes it simple to add the WP Interface features to your WP Interface. Provides a way for people to " like " your BuddyPress-enabled website contents.


Pressing the Like key is an easiest way to show your esteem for a post: Just click on it and your Gravatar will appear next to it. You want to throw your cap at the writer and pay tribute to him. You will see the Like icon at the bottom of the post:

If you click on it, the icon changes to indicate that you liked the contribution and your gravatary will appear as a visible indication of your appreciation: The number of Likes will rise over the course of the years as the contribution gains momentum. A series of Likes is displayed: Click on the totals to see the remainder of theikes, and the remainder will be displayed in a scrolling pop-up window:

When you want to delete the Like from a posting (e.g. "contrary" to the post), just click the Like icon again. Click the icon to switch the state. Or you can select to show icons (and other share buttons) on your pages, your mediafiles and/or on the title page, archives pages and results of your website.

Visit Shareware ? Shareware on the homepage of your blogs. Choose under Show on next to Show Buttons the position where you want the icons (and other share buttons) to be displayed: Please note: If you choose "Title Page, Archive Pages and Search Results", the Like icon will appear under each article on the title page of your blogs, and not just when a user has clicked through to the article.

In order to fade outikes, you find under Sharing Sharing at ? Sharing Button the Reblog & Like preference and deactivate the option: Hint: The Sharing page on ? Sharing Button control the standard posting setup for new postings made after the change is made, these choices do not influence posted postings.

In order to modify the Reads already posted feature, you must process each item separately (or in large quantities), as described below. In order to show or hide links for a single article or page, please modify the article or page and then find the Share feature on the left:

In order to show or hide icons for single mediafiles, find the respective icon in your WP Admin Library and click on the mediafile of your selection. This will open a dialog and you have to click on Edit More Details: From the Edit Means that opens page, locate the Shares and Links panel (you may need to move down to find it):

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