Wordpress like Plugin

Worldpress like Plugin

WP-like key It is also possible to include the Sharing pushbutton along with the Like pushbutton or to include the Tell a friend pushbutton. Make a Like Buttons for the page, for your fan page or for every contribution and every page. Advertisement like a badge on the homepage or all pages. Displays like a pushbutton on certain pages. It' like a thumbnail.

Four types of key layout.

Press the Release key together with the same key. Below you will find more plug-ins suggested by the WP Like button auteur. Allows you to insert the home page of the Twitter Buttons, certain pages and contributions. 1: I want to place the fan page icon, how do I do that? Choose the "URL to like" checkbox and insert your fan page URL. Your fan page will be displayed in the following window.

Indicates that the Like key is active and that the Like key is deactivated. 3: What does each page/post with its own badge mean? This means that each contribution and each page has its own similar census. 5: How can I block certain pages or posts? Just fill in the name of the page or article, the dropdown list will show the page or article, please choose it with the left mousebutton or hit it.

6: I want to include a Like Buttons in the bottom of my website? 7: I want to show or submit contents like a badge on the inside of the page. Enter the abbreviated code[fblike] into your page or your contribution. 8: Why do my users see a "Confirm" icon when they click my "Like" icon?

One of the measures that are integrated into plug-ins is to protect against health and antispam. You may have accidentally activated these security precautions if you intensively tested a Like badge before starting it. Confirming this will add an additional stage to the Like buttons operation, but once the Like has been affirmed by a number of separate user, it will no longer appear and the normal Like key will only appear.

Shall I show the Like badge myself or the Like and Share badges together? For a long time we have been looking for a way to quickly and aesthetically integrate my favorite page on my website into the article I publish. This gives you a large empty area on the page with the Like badge, which occupies only a very small part of it.

"The WP Like Button" is open program resource music. This plugin has been created by the following persons. A piece of Code has been added so that the end users can include a similar icon in the design.

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