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WP Live's expert help is used by our customers to launch their website and ensure its long-term success. Receive recommendations on which WordPress themes and plug-ins are best for your project, and a roadmap for your website. They chose WordPress because it's powerful, versatile, and highly regarded in the web hosting community. You can use this integration to place a live chat feature on your Wordpress page.

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However, social media can be a great way to expand your website, let us help you optimize your effort. You will be guided through the setup of your On-Shop. Work with your on-line comunity can be difficult, the use of enquiry form can make it a cakewalk. Backup and update are essential for creating and sustaining a sound website, our professionals will work with you to control these capabilities.

WiP Live Chat feature

This is the cheapest live live plugin. Chats with your guests for free! The WP Live Support Live is perfect for small business. There is no need to subscribe to live chats each month to better understanding your people. It is a fully featured live chats plug-in. Improve your online converter rate by directly interacting with your users when they are willing to do so through WP Live Support.

Download the WP Live Chat Support Pro Add-on for a one-time fee! We are currently in the betas with our Live Phone and Live Screen Live Phone applications. Added function - Trigger - Create live customized chats trigger. If, for example, a particular person has been inactive for more than 2 mins, start a live chats and reply.

Immediately use our live chat plug-in to directly talk to prospective customers and/or website users when they're willing to. Start a live conversation with a specific user or just waiting for them to start a live conversation with you. Boost the rate of website traffic with real-time live technical assistance.

As soon as the Live Chat plug-in is enabled, click on "Live Chat" in the context menue on the right. Once a user arrives on your website, their data is shown in the Live-Chat-Control Panel. Live Chatbox is shown on the display. When you fill in your data and click "Start Chat", a ringtone will be triggered in your LiveChat Control panel.

As soon as you have accepted the instant message, you can directly talk to your visitors. You can do this by having a live chats screen on your website. Benefit for free from a fully featured live chats plug-in. Now you have the option to either have your live chats hosted on your own website (with your own resources) or on our live chatserver ( with our resources).

Using our live chatserver improves the efficiency of your chats by up to 300% and relieves your hosts. Though we originally developed our live chats plug-in to use on your own website and so you can run your own live chatserver, we now provide you with the option to use an external live chatserver - it' perfectly suited for low tier hosted or more live chats performing and secure.

Receive a free copy of one of the WP Live Support plugins in return for the translation of our plug-in! A ''Device'' log has been added to the live chatsashboard area. Added translations: We have deleted the "X" in the chatbox and it is now only displayed if there is an activated instant message on the users page.

There is no need for confusing when the operator pushes "X" and the conversation is hidden for 24h. Added new WP Live customized support hooks: Fix translation: Bug in the english translator corrected. Update your translated files: Added new live chat translation: Added new live chat translation: Added new live instant translations: Added new live instant translations: Added new live instant translations: Added new live instant translations: Added new live instant translations: Added new live instant translations: Added new live instant translations: Added new live instant translations: Added new live instant translations: Added new live instant translations: The Mobile Detect category generated an issue if it exists in another plug-in or topic.

Registered members do not have to provide their information before submitting a call. Improved live channel alerts for receiving live conversations. The plugin should now be compatibly with your existing plugin.

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