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Cause we don't want our website to look like any other WordPress page out there. Best 16 custom login plugins for WordPress What are we buying a WordPress theme for? Cause we don't want our website to look like any other WordPress page out there. Why not use the login page if this is the case for topics? The use of a customized login page is one of the most important ways to provide a truly personal login environment.

The WordPress standard login page is the point of departure for blog or member pages where users must login to view contents. So if you just login to the "Member Only" section of a new member page and see the same old login page you saw on any other WordPress page, how do you do?

For this reason, your company needs a customised WordPress login page that is customised to the look and feel of your company. When you create a member page, a user-defined login page is essential. When creating a customised client application, it is a good idea that the WordPress login page (and preferrably the administration area as well) be given a whitelabel.

The white labelling feature on your client's WordPress site highlights your company's trademark and acts as a incoming visitor promotion tool. What do we do to change the WordPress login page? One of the simplest ways to modify a WordPress login page is to directly modify the login page. This is definitely not a good option.

Second, if you are upgrading a WordPress kernel release, it is possible that the filename will be upgraded to a newer one. You can also create yourself a beautiful plug-in with all the adjustments. Now you can include sophisticated functions such as hyperlinks, button and animation and put them into the plug-in. As soon as you enable the plug-in, the changes will be applied immediately.

As it is a plug-in we are referring to, you will not loose the adjustment when you update WordPress. And the third and last method to adjust your login page is by far the simplest - WordPress plug-ins. Here are some of the best plug-ins to help you personalize your WordPress login page. We' ve classified the Free, Intermediate and Premier plug-ins to accelerate your game.

Have you ever adapted or reconfigured a design, made changes, you are already comfortable with the user-friendly surface. Below are more pictures to get an impression of how mighty this is: a plugin: With this plug-in, you can adjust the WordPress login page by modifying your text backgrounds and colors, fonts, fontsize, etc.

You can also use the plug-in to support Google Analytics and SSL-enabled WordPress pages. Besides the common functions like customizing your website with CSS, add pictures and customize your backgrounds, the BM Customizing Login function is one of a kind. Development has made a Flickr group in which plug-in user shares their personalized versions of the login page. If you want, you can use a PSD files stored in the plugin's Picture Files directory to recreate the theme, and then add the new theme to the plugin's Resources directory found in /wp-content/plugins/bm-custom-login/images/.

Sexy Login plug-in adds many AJAX-based reactive component to your WordPress login page whose primary benefit is troubleshooting without updating your monitor (think of wrong or forgotten passwords). In addition, the plug-in has a fall-back feature for JavaScript deactivated browser. It offers a variety of functions, as well as extensive adjustment possibilities, which include backgrounds, font styles, animation, color, opacity, gradient, and other great functions in HTML styless.

You can also modify the text of the bottom line in the Administrator Dashboard, which is ideal if you are creating a customized application for your customer. One of the main characteristics of this plug-in is the function to import/export preferences. It has a number of functions, such as a login short code that allows you to create the login page at any point on your WordPress page using a dynamic login, and a redirect engine that redirects your users to a preferred page when they login.

Currently, the plug-in does not currently provide user-defined style sheets, so you will have to make do with the latest suite of fitting functions. Another great multi-language plug-in that lets you customise your WordPress login page with ease. Reacts in style and provides a variety of fitting functions as well as a real-time preference view on the setting page.

One of the special characteristics of this plug-in is the motion graphics behind it. Define a few pictures and see how the plug-in creates a fantastic motion slide show. Designed by TeslaThemes, this plug-in provides a variety of stunning functions, as well as a fully reactive theme and Google reCAPTCHA inclusion. It is a basic plug-in designed for a special use - to add a headline and bottom line to the WordPress login page.

It is also possible to add user-defined style sheets to a filename named custom-login. Insert your own style sheet in the folder of your topic. Basically, this plug-in has the same functions as the one before. Its only advantage is that it has a text field to embed the user-defined style sheet. This free edition contains a variety of styling functions as well as user-defined sections of stylesheet and JSode.

Enhancements such as steady-login and user-defined redirections are accommodated under the Premier Day. The free trial versions of all customisation functions are available. Premier versions offer a re-CAPTCHA verifier add-on. It has over 9,000 live installs. Unfortunately, it conceals many of its enhanced features under the Premier tags.

Well, if you don't have a powerful set of tools for your site, but still want to design your login page, this plug-in might be just the thing for you. Developers also find this plug-in compliant with all other plugins included in the registration process, such as BuddyPress, bbPress and Limit Login Atests. Put in simple terms, this plug-in is a total package for your WordPress page labelling.

Again, this plug-in has over 4,600+ sold and has a score of 4. 66 out of 5. It is another great plug-in with a lot of functions. What is your preferred method to customise your WordPress login page? Do you want to create your own plug-in or use an already one?

When it is 2, what is your favorite plug-in?

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