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The Celesta is a free WordPress theme that allows you to create your own lyrics page. The Lyrics Wordpress theme is a perfect design for a songwriter, poetry writer, or any type of writer actually. Which is the best Wordpress theme for lyrics? Yet another lyrics WordPress theme available, I find it very specific for creating a lyrics website, Melyric, is worth taking a look at.

Mousico - Lyrics WordPress Theme until 2035Themes

It is completely conceived and encoded for texts. Your user can also send in lyrics. You can use Muusico as a music site with the 2.9 release. The pictures used in the previews are for illustration only and are not part of the design. Type the name of the lyrics by inserting the key words "hit enter" into the .po files.

Added another track listing in the same Albumblock. Solved: Alert for empty text in bottom line removed. - Add: You can modify lyrics, albums and artist pages snail in Muusico options. - Add: You can append credits text in the Muusico Options bottom line. - added: You can modify the alphabetical type of lists in the Muusico options.

Melyrical | Lyrics Reactive Wordpress Theme

Are lyrics your pastime? It is a great Wordpress theme for those who want to build a text website with Wordpress. Pixelweber presents you the pattern in a contemporary look, conceived especially for a text website. There is a home slider, an attractive look, user-defined mail type for text, artist and album.

Lyrics theme for Wordpress is really easy to setup and set up. All you have to do is concentrate on your text editing, we have already created a text theme for you. User-defined contribution types: User Defined Taxionomy'Genres' Lyrics Contribution Category : Artist Contribution Typ : Album Contribution Typ :

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The Celesta is a free WordPress theme that allows you to make your own lyrics page. It is a WordPress 3+ finished design with functions such as user-defined menus, presented pictures, user-defined contribution types, user-defined taxonomies, widget sidebars, etc. The design is also supplied with an optional field. Make a lyrical post: The creation of leyric messages is similar to the creation of normal messages.

The WordPress administration area contains the Lyrics tabs. When you click New Text, type the song name and the song name. Allows you to append an icon to any text and append it to related taxes such as albums, artists, genres. User-defined homepage: This design has its own homepage pattern.

There' a merry-go-round of contents that is available on the homepage submission. Titles added to the featured genre are displayed on the slide bar. The number of lyrics that should appear on the slide bar can be adjusted in the radio button. In order to activate the user-defined homepage, carry out the following procedure. Make a new page and enter a Home heading.

Let the contents empty. At the right side in the page attribute you find the selection field templates. Choose the homepage style sheet and post the page. Make a new page and give it the name Blog and release it. Click the Preferences page and click the Read Me button.

Choose Stable page for the title page view in the Reading preferences. Choose the Home page for the title page and the Blog page for postings.

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