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Best 20+ WordPress Magazine Topics 2018 The topics of the magazine WordPress are a special kind. This all makes the selection of a high-quality magazine topic much more difficult than it seems at first glance. To help you, we have compiled a listing of the most important WordPress magazine topics on the current markets. This is a contemporary and neat WordPress topic for journals and blog posts.

It' s cheerful styling, has an integrated reviews engine, advertising space that can be placed anywhere on the site, an sleek look, embedded videos, slide controls and wide screens. Feature: fast-reacting interface architecture, WP Product review plug-in plug-in architecture, banner ads, post merry-go-round, customized Widgets, broken message sticker, slide control, infinite color. The Romero is a beautiful magazine topic designed to highlight visually rich contents.

It' s best suited for gaming websites, car journals, movies critics or any other alcove that contains a wide variety of pictures. Functions: reactive designs, large full-width pictures, blog-like page style, translation-friendly, WooCommerce-ready, user-defined colours and scripts, user-defined page styles, raster and columns mailouts, endless scroll. This is a very quick and easy way to create your own message pages or web pages, with a neat and cheerful outfit.

There are two demonstrations that have different designs and a basic contents in one. This topic provides all necessary utilities for the purpose of advertising. Functions: reactive and appealing designs, limitless colours, easy and quick load, integrated reviewsystem, AdSense optimised, newsletter/widget shapes, SEO-friendly, four different loadings. WordPress magazine with a clear and clear presentation and a clear lay-out that looks like a classical blogs.

Functions: fast-reacting layouts, ZOOM frameworks, slide shows, user-defined widgets, AdSense-capable, gooey articles, SEO-optimized, translatable. It is a nice, contemporary and cheerful subject that goes hand in hand with a memorable look. Free of charge, IsleMag allows you to view advertisements, insert various types of online content into your site, create your own content, use different colours to make your site even more memorable, and publish ratings.

It has a beautiful slide and carrousel look, a box lay-out look and a photography loving look. Functions: Roundabout slide control, reviewsystem, fast reactive designs, infinite colours, banner ads, widget footers, instagram feedback. This is a neat and contemporary topic for the publication of web pages such as journals, papers or just small pages. Featuring a unique and sleek look, with classy animation and detailing, along with a lay-out that puts your message in the spotlight.

This topic matches the best themes such as fashions, lifestyles or travelling. Functions: Enhanced page creator, 20 demonstrations for different uses, infinite colour scheme, Revolution Slider and Layers Slider inclusive, several shortcuts, WooCommerce capable, fast response and retina design, backup engine. Characteristics: fully reactive, bright and dusky colour scheme, ad spaces, multi categories laid out, user defined Widgets, optimized performance and performance, Jetpack capability, translatable.

WordPress magazine thread designed for message sites that want a more engaging user interface. It focuses on healthcare, as well as related areas such as sport, travelling and the outdoors. There are three major pillars in the house, two of which contain items from each section, while the third is for the community sector.

Characteristics: Wordprocess WordPress themes living customizers, user-defined Widgets, fully reactive, integrated register application forms, limitless colours, picture and videogalleries, integrated advertising banners. This is a great topic for WordPress journals and message pages or blog posts, with a neat and cheerful look. It' full of community hyperlinks, widgets, tag ging and category. The software is speed-optimized, SEO-enabled and WP Review Pro-enabled.

Functions: fast response, optimised performance, SEO-capable, optimisation of ad-sense, schema-markup-ntegration, limitless colours, four different homepage-layout. WordPress magazine topic that can process large quantities of contents. Its design allows various kinds of contents and gives you full access to the homepage and the pads on it. Functions: homepage creation, user-defined Widgets, indefinite colours, advertising space, full localisation, constant updating.

A great full-screen magazine topic with a cheerful and contemporary look and a lot of animation. All in all a great overall look with an easily understandable and engaging look. Characteristics: fast response time, optimized performance, built-in shortcuts, Visual Composer, endless scrolling and read status display, print-ready items, meteorological widget and a special meteorological page, endless colours.

This is a classy topic for on-line magazine, especially for fashions and lifestyles. Offering a clear, contemporary and sleek look, together with beautiful slide controls and well-organised contents. Essence is a good choice for creating journals and blogging. Characteristics: portable, cheerful, elegant yet sophisticated styling, front-end styling customizers, rotary slide controls, multi layout, customized widths, tonnes of colour choices.

The MagXP is a great topic for journals and offers many homepage-layout. There comes with a full width slide bar, WooCommerce, rating system, many Widgets and softwares. Featured: drag-and-drop home page section, two different line item layout, good adaptability, infinite side bars, optimized search engine optimisation, reviews system integrator, WooCommerce integrator. Like the name suggests, Magazine is a WordPress topic developed for journals and newsgroups.

Designed to be easy, neat and professionally, it makes it easy to find the information you need. Designed to be used in conjunction with Themify Builder, which comes with easy-to-use drag-and-drop controls. Functions: Infinite magazine layout with Themify Builder, fast response and retina enabled, portable slides panel, AdSense optimisation, six coloured skin, six side bar option + seven mail layout, broken Newsticker.

The magazine topic comes with contemporary and contemporary themes and offers four different demos: Functions: multi layout, reactive layout, trend sticker, page builder, integrated verification system, reactive ad and Google AdSense, WooCommerce compliance. NewDesk is a topic developed for on-line magazine and message web sites. The topic is full of Widgets and interacting icons as any page of information should be.

Functions: fast response layouts, optimised content for content management, fully widgettized, AdSense integrated, AdSense option, fully translated, typographic option. It has everything a magazine page needs: advertising space, image areas, many widgets, a hotspot at the bottom of the page (so the reader can keep in contact with the latest messages and comments).

A full frame backdrop gives the subject a more seductive look. Functions: fast reacting layouts, fully widgetized, translatable, topic adaptation, optimised speech recognition, FlexSlider 2, sub topics available. The PowerMag is a magazine WordPress topic developed for reviewsites. Comes with a fixed wallpaper, many Widgets, softwares, advertising space and verification capabilities.

All products are checked for their properties, and below there is a place for the overall grade. Characteristics: The BuddyPress is quick to respond, retina-ready, visually composed, built-in verification system, built-in coding compressor, dual-function sliders, high-quality light box for galleries. The Novelty is a contemporary and neat magazine topic that can be used for general themes.

Functions: fast response time, high performance frame inclusive, WPML-capable, with slide control, user-defined articles and widgets, integrated shortcuts, Ayax-Contactform, WPML-integrated. Newsspaper is a magazine WordPress topic developed mainly for magazines, papers, news and web sites. It is AdSense and SQL optimised, includes broadgets, softwares, videoplay lists, a verification system, interactivity keys and motion symbols.

It has an elegantly designed llazy load effect that gives it a stylish and contemporary look. Functions: fast reacting layouts, AdSense-optimised, TD Composer - Frontend Page builder, WooCommerce compatible, reviewsystem integrated, easy to use user surface, over 40 one-of-a-kind demonstrations. This is a minimalistic topic that was primarily conceived as an on-line magazine for automobiles.

Its has a straightforward multi-purpose look, shows the contents with a rotten load effect and retains a classical blogs outline. All in all, the subject has an elegantly contemporary look. Functions: highly reactive interface architecture, user-defined mail type and format, fully customizable, translatable, 80+ shortcuts, several colour scheme, SEO-enabled, user-defined Widgets.

Like the name suggests, this topic offers some colourful novelties for journals and media sites. It' s designs have many colourful icons, tag and category. In addition, the topic has advertising space, softwares, a marked slide control, a fixed full-screen wallpaper and a message sticker. Using this color diversity, the topic makes it more enjoyable for readers to be reading the messages.

Functions: fast response, several colour choices, eight extra user-defined Widgets, extra symbols, user-defined logos and headers, translatable, user-defined menus, pedal line editors. The Tana is a contemporary magazine subject for many uses such as newspapers, movies, tunes, fashions, travel, WooCommerce etc.. Topic is very clear and contents are easily readable.

Section titles are gracefully emphasized through the use of various types of motion graphics and color. Characteristics: multi-purpose demonstrations, five headerstyles, 24 one-of-a-kind designs, parallel axes and fast scrolling, advanced optical composition, fast and retinal designs, user-defined displays and broadgets, broad and packaged outline. The Maggie Pro is a neat and beautiful WordPress topic for journals, newspapers and media sites.

All in all a nice subject that suits every subject. Functions: Full width and box layout, 2 subject colours, 3 mail layout, 8 different home page pad layout, colourful background categories, new tickers, tabs section widgets, multi ad areas. Ten pre-defined demonstrations and several homepage variants, more than 800 Google scripts, drag-and-drop page creators, 7 different grids and 6 mail settings, endless page bars, endless colour choices, 104 different ad formats (Google AdSense ready), 6 different ready-to-use Widgets.

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