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The Daily Post is a state-of-the-art WordPress magazine with great content discovery features. is a powerful WordPress magazine with many amazing features. WordPress 10+ best response news magazine topics 2018 When you want to see the SELECT best WordPress magazine topics, you'll adore this one. I' ve meticulously chosen the most astonishing WordPress themes with a magazine and newspaper-style lay-out and minimalistic advanced functions. Immediately build professional-looking on-line magazine and message sites with these topics in the queue.

Today, every information/message is immediately distributed on the Internet all over the world. As a matter of fact, more folks get messages posted live than just browsing the printed editions of papers and journals. It is high for you to make an on-line copy of your newspaper / magazine (if you don't have it yet).

And WordPress is certainly one of the best platform to launch your news/magazine website. WorldPress is the most widely-used CMS and also an excellent choice for message pages with many integrated features and plug-ins that make your job much simpler. WordPress is the basis for many of the most beloved WordPress based web pages, among them successfull on-line magazine and message webpages.

So, if you've also chosen to make one in WordPress, these great WordPress Magazine topics are great for selecting and launching your website. With its free and top-of-the-line versions, the ColourMag topic enables more than 100,000 websites. There are only a few topics in the WordPress environment that are used on more than 100,000 pages and ColourMag is proud of one of them.

Over 300 individuals have rated this topic with 5 out of 5 reviews, you can view them here in the WordPress official reviewers repository. We are working continuously on this topic to make it more efficient and user-friendly, along with the new functions with each upgrade. It' a great WordPress magazine topic that allows you to quickly build a full on-line magazine.

When you have reviewed the topic's demonstration and are asking yourself how to build your website just like our demonstration. In this case the Premier Edition comes with a built-in one-click demonstration import function, i.e. with just one click you can produce a demonstration like our demonstration in just a few moments. It' s a completely appealing design that looks great on any machine.

The ColorMag can be used for all kinds of magazines and newssites. Characteristics: Newspaper is the best-selling WordPress topic of all time at ThemeForest with over 65,000 buys and counts, created by tagsDiv auteur. Featuring over 54 pre-built demonstrations, each with a uniquely styled look and a range of customisation options that you can quickly start with a click.

Astonishing head and foot line styling, full width big grids, flex blocks, nice pos styling artwork, categories design and other top of the line functionality will certainly amaze your audience with distinctive graphics. It is supported by tagsDiv Composer, the first front-end page creator ever developed for blogging, messaging, magazines as well as reviewing. Combine, align, and organize over 100 sliding items to make breathtaking pages.

In addition, this magazine topic contains the tagsDiv Cloud Library, where you can download more than 420 ready-made mail or page styles and modify them with the Adobe Premiere Web Page builder. Also Google AdSense enabled, and comes with an enhanced display system that allows you to place advertisements in multiple areas of the site on any unit.

Multi-faceted, high-performance and quick, Newspaper is a great resource for anyone who wants to easily design a website without programming knowledge. Characteristics: Wonderwall is probably the best choice if you are looking for a basic and minimalistic topic for a new magazine website. Built with loving attention to detail, it provides a truly intuitive and nimble graphical environment that allows novices and professionals to easily author high-performance blog and magazine websites.

Design is completely WordPress Customizer driven, so you can easily optimize and adjust without having to write a line of coding. To sum up, Wonderwall is just the great magazine/blog topic to change to. Characteristics: With the introduction of the next generations ionMAG Premium presents a surprising way to create exciting magazine web sites.

It' an awesome WordPress-dragging & writing WordPress topic with front-end page creation capabilities and bunched with unparalleled functionality. Using the interface, you can create pages with style in just a few moments by moving, merging and organizing items using simple Drag-and-Drop. In addition, the topic provides several ready-made patterns and style sheets for almost every section, which make almost anything possible, any style possible.

Undoubtedly, using the subject, you can produce first-class and state-of-the-art news and magazine pages. Characteristics: WordPress is an exceptionally nice and charming magazine WordPress themed by Elegant Themes. Featuring an optional feature powered by the Divi-Builder Framework, you can easily add a whole host of customization possibilities to your homepage and category with the latest suite of post-based tools.

Featuring the special topic, the scope for creative options is endless - a large selection of breathtaking styles can be produced by the combination of available pillar textures and panels. The Divi Powered Special Topic offers enhanced drag and drop functionality for each page and every message you make. The customization of this topic is really simple; you don't have to be an experienced programmer to build a fantastic website with a little bit of fuss.

Characteristics: The Novelty is a classy, respectable, elegant WordPress magazine topic designed by Tesla Themes. Based on the high-performance Tesla frameworks, you can organise your messages or contents simply and present them in an attractive way. Customising Novelty is really simple; anyone with no web design skills can customise the themes and build a contemporary magazine website.

Topic is WPML-enabled - available for translation into any desired languages. Characteristics: Sayhifa is another best-selling and trendy WordPress magazine in the area. The design by TieLabs is aesthetic and appealing and is ideal for newspapers, magazines and blogs. It' fully reactive and retina-ready - the theme's lay-out adapts seamlessly to any kind of display, even your desktops, iPads, iPhones, tables, etc.

It is a multi-lingual subject that can be easily converted into any desired foreign languages. Characteristics: the topic is about 1,000 downloads per days. The MH Magazine offers high-performance topic option and functions for the creation of a professionally on-line magazine / journalistic web sites. It' s a fully widgettized widget topic with full Live Composer functionality so you can get the most from it.

Functions: is available in the WordPress topic reference for free downloading. Pro -Topic responds completely and adjusts to any kind of display size. The site has a very adaptable look and feel and a very easy-to-use user friendly navigation so anyone can build a professionally designed website with this in mind. Comes with over 11 user-defined Widget options that allow you to add a contemporary magazine look to your website.

It also offers enhanced typographic choices to make your experience more compelling. Functions: which can be FREE to download from the WordPress Topics Archive. The FlyMag Pro topic is characterised by a clear and concise look, a versatile lay-out and many progressive functions with which you can quickly produce professionally designed on-line journals. As the topic offers unlimited possibilities for adaptation, it is not only a magazine motif, but can also be used for large or small message pages, private or agencyslogging pages, etc..

Characteristics: Characteristics: The Compass is a meticulously designed, stylish WordPress topic for magazines and newsgroups. WPZOOM's compass themes react fluidly, making your website contents look great on all kinds of equipment. Its design includes an extended Topic Options bar that allows you to customize any detail of your website with ease.

In addition, the design includes dragable home page sliding show with full Touch capability, allowing the user to move the contents of the sliders with the click of a button or swipe with a pen. Characteristics: Made by the WordPress professionals and beloved by tens of millions of users, these are the best WordPress magazine topics. Topics are delivered with key WordPress plug-ins and tool assistance, periodic upgrades, and special manufacturer assistance.

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