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The Wordpress Market

The creation of an online shop with WordPress has become much easier over the years. However, how about creating a multi-vendor marketplace like ThemeForest or Etsy? The WooCommerce solution has been designed to work seamlessly with the market. Customize all colors according to your needs with the WordPress Customizer!

WorldPress Market Share Statistic (2011-2018)

W3Techs reports that WordPress has reached the 31st place. Zero percent of all web sites on the web, even those without a CMS or with a user-defined CMS. If you restrict the dataset to sites with a well-known CMS, WordPress's market shares become even more powerful. WordPress has a 59.9% market-share of content managment tools on web sites with a well-known CMS.

What does this look like in comparison to the market shares of other common CMSs? Whilst much has been done with hosting website building utilities like Squarespace and Wix, the figures show that WordPress is not in jeopardy of being deposed in the near future! WordPress also has a dominating role at Joomla and Drupal, two other beloved self-hosted CMSs.

WordPress is only used by many small webpages? In order to investigate more closely how WordPress's market shares are distributed, we chose BuiltWith. The BuiltWith shows you the market shares of web pages that fulfill certain criterias, such as the Top Tenk of Quantcast (a ranking that tries to gather the 10,000 best selling web pages on the Internet).

Here is what WordPress's market-share looks like when segmented by Quantcast-Rank: While there is a small decline in WordPress's overall market-to-market ratio of 31.0%, WordPress is still almost as much in demand by high traffic sites. Will WordPress continue to gain market shares? WordPress is not only still increasing its market shares, it has also been increasing at about the same pace ever since we started having it.

How fast does WordPress grow? WordPress was released at the beginning of 2017 with 27. Three percent of all sites. Until January 2018 WordPress reached the actual market value of 29.3%. A little fast maths should tell you that WordPress has devoured an extra 2% of the entire website market - good for ~7. 3% increase.

Here is the total market percentage of WordPress, which according to W3Techs goes back to the year 2011: As you can see, WordPress has continuously increased its market percentage over the last 7 years by ~2-4% (in total market percentage). Once this tendency is continued, it will not be long before WordPress supplies a third of all web sites on the web with electricity.

By August 2018, WordPress had 38,426 compromises and 322 release cores and 45 employees from around the world. What is the rate of WordPress expansion compared to other CMS? WordPress is growing...but is it expanding quicker than the competitors? WordPress is still the leading provider of self-hosted CMS.

2017 to 2018: This means for the previous year's growth: Whilst these numbers don't keep up with WordPress, things are a little different for web site builder hostels. Whilst utilities such as Squarespace and Wix still account for a small proportion of the total market, they are growing rapidly compared to self-hosted BIs.

2017 to 2018: This means for the previous year's growth: While WordPress is still the dominating force, Web site builder hosts are expanding more rapidly. As you can also see, these emerging themes are reflected in Google Trend, where Joomla and Drupal (and, to a smaller degree, WordPress) have fallen or stayed shallow, while Squarespace and Wix are attracting more interest:

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