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The Woocommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin allows shop owners to create a multi-seller online shopping mall such as Amazon, Ebay or Etsy. Docan Multivendor Marketplace Create your own Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento similar marketplace in just 30 mins. Docan is the quickest way to launch e-commerce and make money by earning money with everything from digitally, physically to variably. Providers have their personalized dashboards on the shop front end, where they can find everything they need.

Only the administrator has back-end permission. Dokan emphasises this at a higher level. Dokan (Pro) includes a free e-commerce topic with wide screens designed specifically for Dokan. With Dokan, your processes are trouble-free and quick. Not only do we keep things compliant, we also have the look and feel to add the trendiest new functionality to Dokan with every upgrade.

They can have any number of suppliers and suppliers can produce any number of items. At present 5 different kinds of items are available, e.g. e.g. tangible item, downloaded item, variable item, items that can be booked via the Dokan WC booking add-on and items that can be auctioned via the Dokan Simple Aid sale add-on. There are several ways to earn merchant commission or product-related commission.

They can also build subscriptions packages that allow you to calculate your products up-loads, limitations and times. If you are an administrator, you can use Dokan to monitor everything that happens on your marketplace. You can forward your products release, supplier enrollment, extended subscriptions, and any other supplier activities.

All sellers receive their own shop with their own shop name, their own shop name, their own shop name, their own shop address and their own shop brand. Suppliers administer product, orders, take everything from the front end of the website. Part of the selling value is sent to the administrator as comission. Build and administrate your product via the front end. Suppliers can view their turnover reports, excerpts and overviews from the front end.

Administrators can track orders and search by sales, date, top vendor or top earner. Maintain and provide rebates for each item. Show all ratings for items submitted by clients. Docan Pro offers an upgrade and backup facility for clients. The administrator can activate/deactivate the card on the shop page. The administrator can also activate/deactivate the shop side bar in the design.

The administrator can administer the state of a new item. The administrator can specify the job state for the withdrawal. The administrator can define the supplier's payday thresholds. The administrator can modify the URL of the supplier memory. The administrator can also enable/disable the provider's reviewer edit privileges. Docan offers a very powerful multi-vendor system that enables me to develop my marketplace franchise in a differentiated and very fast way.

It is a very important part of a multi-vendor marketplace. You should improve the overall concept (not just colour) of the Docan supplier Dashboard. Otherwise it would be exceedingly time-consuming to finish the work. So please work on the Dashboard. "Docan Multtivendor Marketplace" is open resource open-source software. Retract the issue with the state update from the administrator page.

Fix: The categories submenu is not displayed correctly although a categories has been allocated from the products page. Fix: The problem with the display of templates on the shop page and the review page for providers has been solved. Enabled to select recipients for taxes and shipments as administrator or vendor.

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