Wordpress Matrimonial Theme free Download

Worldpress Matrimonial Theme free download

It is a special theme intended for marriage places. Download modern free WordPress wedding theme. Marriage Helix Ehe Responsive & ; Free Wedding WordPress Thèmes.

WordPress for WordPress marriage topic

OneGether is a contemporary WordPress theme for weddings with an appealing look and many unusual functions. It' perfectly suited for those who are involved in the marriage ceremony. A free marriage theme designed specifically to present your marriage contents in a refined and eye-catching way. It is a one-page/multipage WordPress marriage theme.

It' s sleek, quick, mobile-friendly, stylish design for prospective spouse (groom and bride) that can help you create a nice and fun website or blogs for your marriage. 2Gether's theme has been specially developed for marriages, with the idea of a neat look, breathtaking aesthetics and the right performance of contemporary and singular passages.

Featuring an integrated guest book, pair timeline, RS232 forms, and a count down timing feature, the theme will increase your excitement for the big one. Choosing the colours, choosing a side bar or top menus, a powerfull theme options will help you to have a fantastic honeymoon page for your most beautiful outing.

Multiple options menus give you a great design for your bridal and lifestyle sites. They can learn more about the topic's demonstration. 2gether topic is designed with localisation needs in mind - so it can readily be localised into all other language. Onegether Theme comes with Contact 7 Assistance, which is the most beloved WordPress plugin ever.

Savings your valuable browsing experience by using the page templates can be made by contacting us to make an enquiry or to use the enquiry page. Complete usability and good documentations help you to setup and use the topic of Together. A fully featured start page is included with the theme of ThreeGether. Provides a better look and feeling for the theme.

2Gether theme support 5 custom postotypes to present your marriage dates and you can manage it with ease. Use Google Maps with Icon Marker for your place. Our enhanced theme option panels allow you to customise every detail of your design with ease.

Easily and quickly build customized blanks using Contacts 7 to ask for verification of your participation in the marriage and build your own customized blanks. Login to the WordPress administration windows. Choose Appearance > Topics. Choose 2gether. zip and click the Install Now icon. To see a thumbnail of the theme, click the Save & Enable links to enable your theme for your blog, 6. or To enable the theme, click the Enable icon.

If you want to keep bridesmaids and groomsmen list on the home page with the following options, go to Preferences " Read " Blog pages show maximum and modify the number of messages to be displayed. e.x. Set the value to 5. Does this topic supports any plug-in? SecondGether provides Avartan Slider Lite, Blog Designer and Content Form 7 plug-in functionality.

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