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There are 7 things to consider when selecting a membership site theme Selecting a WordPress theme for your member page can be a huge job. WordPress has several hundred thousand topics to offer, but very few are actually designed specifically for member-pages. And the good thing is that you don't need a "membership theme" to create your membership page.

All you need is a theme that gives you the option to choose the look and feel you want. Well, some membership plug-ins have their own designs, like OptimizePress, Zippy Courses and Paid Memberships Pro (available with their Plus package), but most don't - it's about function, not about style, and aren't designed to provide any kind of styling functions.

This keeps your membership plug-in aligned to the most important functions (protecting your contents and recovering payments for access) and gives you the opportunity to be choosy on the topic you have chosen, opening up a whole range of creative options! From a technical point of view, any topic should be able to work with a membership plug-in, but there are a few things we recommend when you make your choices.

Which type of website and membership style do you like? In fact, you could even launch a Pinterest or similar to gather your inspirations for the website. And although we do not tolerate duplicating someone else's website if you want to see what theme they use as your inspiration, you can try whatwpthemeisthat.com to give you a point of departure.

Which page layout do you need for your membership? It' s a good suggestion to find out how you imagine your website before you begin to look at topics so that you can make sure that everything you want is possible. When you want a great deal of layout freedom, you will want to look for a more feature-rich design that incorporates a page Builder.

Knowing that you want to make many target pages (typically pages without headers, footers, or sidebars), searching for a topic that contains a target page style sheet can also make your long term lifestyle a whole hell of hell. Lots of currently favorite topics, such as Divi and XP hoto, contain a kind of page creator or visually composed to make interesting page layout simple.

If you design your website yourself, it can be great and allow you to build a more professionally looking website without having to know any coding. So once you know which Membership Plug-in you are going to use, you will have a Google and see if there are any known theme incompatibilities. What is more, you will be able to use a Google search engine. For example, some membership plug-ins may not work well with some simple pull and drop topics, such as Headway.

In fact, many member plug-ins have all the known compatibilities somewhere on their website. Most membership plug-ins may have one or two possible problems, but if you plan to use OptimizePress as a plug-in, take a look at this first! It is almost certain that your users and members will try to view your website on their cell phones or tablets sometime.

So do yourself a favor and make sure every topic you buy is already responding and working well on smaller displays. It' also important that once you've got your design up and running, you look at everything on your phone - don't just depend on the fact that the design says it's portable.

It is also important to test things like your payments on your cell phone. Are you familiar with WordPress? You ever put a theme up? When you' re new to this area and don't want to get help, look for a topic that only requires a minimal amount of customization (for example, just modifying colors and fonts) to make it look the way you want it to.

Or if you already have experience with WordPress, you might want to begin with more of an empty shale or a more agile theme, such as the Divi theme. Select a topic that offers assistance, be it a board, a ticketing system, or an e-mail to which you can turn.

If you have a topic related question, you want to know that there is someone you can contact to help with the topic. Although we don't ignore free topics, you'll usually find that a premier design offers both better functionality and better service. Besides the technical issues, it is also a good suggestion to see all the evaluations of the topic and the technical issues.

As soon as you have a list of possible topics to choose from, it is a good suggestion to look at samples of other websites that have been created with the topic. There' a ludicrous amount of topics out there and I've often spent countless moments of my lifetime looking through the different choices! Conveniently built:

Thrive theming also lets you use the Contentbuilder plug-in to build more complex page layout and landings pages, so even though the theme is a straightforward choice, it can still be highly customizable. Of course, there are many other topics you can pick from, these are just some of our favorites to give you a competitive edge!

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