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Throive is a modern WordPress intranet or community website theme. Selecting a WordPress theme for your member page can be a daunting task. First and foremost, we focus on ONE excellent WP topic.

Best 24 WordPress Topics for Membership Pages (2018)

Looking for the best WordPress topics for member Web pages? In contrast to blogging and doing businesses, member Web pages require a multitude of template content that can be used in various areas of membership. We have handpicked some of the best WordPress topics for member pages in this review. WorldPress is the leading website builders in regard to website appeal and use.

WordPress is of two kinds, and it is important that you select the right one for your member page. You can see the differences in our WordPress.com vs WordPress.org compare table. Use of WordPress.org is recommended as it provides you with all the power without restrictions. In order to launch a membership website with WordPress, you need a Domainname, website host and an SSL Certificates (you need it to be able to pay online).

You are one of the biggest hosters and are formally endorsed by WordPress. As soon as you have bought the host, you need a WordPress membership plug-in. MemberPress, the best WordPress plug-in on the web, is the best choice. WordPress transforms your WordPress page into a fully-fledged membership and subscription-based online social networking site.

We' ve written a full tutorial on how to make a WordPress membership site with step-by-step tutorials for newbies. Apart from that, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress topics for member web pages that you can try out. is a WordPress theme in stagiary-style for content-rich Web pages, as well as member Web pages.

His homepage and categorie pages are arranged in such a way that they present your contents in a nice and nice Grid outline. Allows you to select customized page styles, and it also contains a full-width page that you can use with any WordPress Page Builder plug-in. You can find all theme settings under the Customizing tool, so you can make changes with your website previewed online.

The Ultra is the ultimative Universal WordPress theme developed to build any type of website without having to process any coding. There is also a high-performance page generator to be dragged and dropped to modify already created pages or to generate new page designs. The design is full of functions like user-defined widgets, embedded community content, head style, endless combination of different designs and much more.

It' s e-commerce enabled and works well with MemberPress or any other WordPress member plug-in. The Hive is a WordPress theme with a minimum of minimalism, focusing on legibility and clear styling. There is also a full-width page style sheet that you can use with your preferred Page Builder plug-in. It' s built to be instantly operational and all your custom designs are under the customizedizer.

This is a ready-to-translate tool that can also be used to produce a multi-lingual website. Creating a member site for a crypto currency comunity? is a WordPress theme for creating crypto currency Web sites. Its distinguishing feature is a nice, contemporary look with a fully functional crypto currency cube. There are also user-defined mail items for project, service, case study and vacancy postings.

On the inside you'll also find customized Widgets, page styles, full page creator and more. The Binder Pro is a versatile WordPress busi-ness theme designed for member sites. Easily move and move your turnkey module drag-and-drop to build your own page layout. Noteworthy additional functionality provides full WooCommerce functionality, including full WooCommerce functionality, as well as full online access to Google fonts, Google fonts, customized widgets, and online contacts.

When you want to run an on-line shop with your member website, you will like Shoppe. The WooCommerce WordPress theme comes in 4 website skin, multi layout, multi head style and endless color. It' simple to setup with a fast 1-click trial fitter, a customized theme Dashboard, and a full featured customerizer.

It' s extremely versatile and allows you to customise layout and layout of any page or article without affecting the remainder of your website. Another new WordPress theme is for e-commerce and member sites. It' s key characteristics are a nice typeface, a nice way of dealing with pictures and detailled pages of products. The system is engineered to be ready for use immediately and require minimal adjustments.

Every theme option is available under Customizing, where you can customize your theme in a few moments. When you are looking for a WordPress industry word for your members page, take a look at Spencer. A clear and stylish piece for companies with a versatile look. There are user-defined widgets, infinite colours, various layout and supports all major WordPress plug-ins.

The Spencer widget home page allows you to create a widget simply by dragging and dropping it. The Elegant is a neat and contemporary WordPress theme for corporate and member Web sites. Further remarkable functions are multi-column layout, scrolling symbols, folder area, contacts and full WooCommerce functionality. There is a separate page with the design options that guides you through the design.

The Lenscap is a magazine-style WordPress theme designed for high-impact member sites. There is a nice homepage design with a customizable headers that presents your best contents and category. Samples are available for products pages with nice picture-galeries. Works right out of the box and contains only those features you'll actually be using, greatly simplifying setup for novices.

On the inside you will also find a home page with directions on how to setup your website with this topic. The Loft is a high-performance WordPress eCommerce theme designed for member sites. The Loft comes with several homepage style for eCommerce, blogs, businesses and portfolios and they all look the same. There is a gooey navigational menus, shortcut keys, user-defined broadgets and several page presets.

The theme setup is quite straightforward and even for novices easily understandable. When you create a pay-per-view site or a member site with electronic downloading, you'll like the checkout theme. It' a WordPress eCommerce theme that works great with MemberPress and SimpleCommerce.

The checkout contains nice page layouts for your contributions and pages. Composing is a WordPress theme for stick photographing sites. You can use it to resell your photos and artwork with a subscriptions options via a member plug-in. Contains nice patterns to present your items in a raster design. Thinker is a WordPress theme for blogs, magazines and member sites.

It' a straightforward and minimalistic theme with nice typeography and wonderful presentation of the presented pictures. There are several page layouts, several widget-enabled areas, high-quality WordPress sliders, call forms and more. is a WordPress messaging and journal theme ideally suited for subscription-based on-line publishing and member sites. His homepage offers a raster design of your top contents, a user-defined up-load of logos and special commercials for displaying advertisements.

Comes with full colour controls, drag-and-drop categories, user-defined broadgets for community messaging and recognition, and a variety of publishing choices. Use it with your favourite page creator plug-in to build user-defined page lays in WordPress. When you' re looking for a free WordPress theme for your member site, collect Mesmerize.

The WordPress theme is easy for beginners and has versatile custom functions that allow you to effortlessly build a professional-looking website without any programming. There is a nice homepage with 5 headers and more than 30 ready-to-use contents, which you can design individually. The Indigo is an award-winning WordPress multi-purpose motif with versatile functions.

There are also user-defined Widgets to include favorite articles, current newsweets, the subscription for newsletters, and more. There is a choice of magazines, blogs, two-column and three-column layout with 6 colour scheme. Another free WordPress theme, Cactus can be used to create a member's website as well.

There are more than 10 contents areas where you can simply move the widget by dragging and dropping to build your homepage. Provides full suport for multi-lingual sites with Polylang plug-in. Seide is a WordPress theme for modelogs and web sites. Uses nice typefaces and features several customized Widgets for favorite articles, newsletters subscription, and more.

Dash is another great free WordPress theme for member sites. WooCommerce enabled, this contemporary multi-purpose WordPress theme comes with a nice look that looks very neat and professionally. Its own accompanying plug-in makes it easy to bring your demos to your website. There are also a number of different ways to create your own blogs, including various blogs, Page Builders, headers, color selections, and more.

Digitally Pro is a neat and pro WordPress biz topic. It' s based on the Genesis theme frame, known for its robust coding, velocity and power. It' perfect for member sites that offer online contents and downloading. The topic's homepage is completely widgettized and you can easily create a widget using simple dragging and dropping.

There are theme choices, 3 user-defined widgets, a customizable headers and full WooCommerce functionality. When you are creating a WordPress membership site for the WordPress Jobs website, take a look at Specialty. The topic is conceived as a topic for jobs exchanges with a front-end application format for the filing of employment advertisements for people looking for work. This works with any Page Builder plug-in and contains several page styles that you can use to build your own pages.

Some of the other remarkable functions are user-defined Widgets, as well as special symbols, page templates and much more. It is a WordPress theme in journal-style that can easily be used for meaningful member-sites. It' optimised for better legibility with nice typeography and generous layouts. The pocketbook is conceived in such a way that it works without too much handicraft work on the subject.

There are only the choices you will actually be using, which makes setup very simple. This is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used for any type of website. It' s major characteristic would be the nice backgrounds of parallaxes on the homepage, which creates a very appealing usability as well.

You can use the User Defined Theme Option window to customize the theme, which guides you through everything. Hopefully this post has help you find the best WordPress topics for member pages. Also you can see our ultimative WordPress stepstep by steps WordPress scrub leader for WordPress newcomers. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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