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Worldpress Mobile Plugin

CPtouch Google recommends it will immediately activate a mobile copy of your site that will pass the Google Mobile test and make sure your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking doesn't fall because you don't have a mobile-friendly site. To learn more about how to use WPtouch to reach Google mobile phone designation, see our extensive mobile phone guides. Keep your normal wallpaper design up and running and keep it visible for your non-mobile users. The WPtouch Pro provides a wide range of extended topics for bloggers, business and WooCommerce merchants, enhancements that include extensive promotional features, extended web fonts control, adding web page coaching and more, and of course first class personal assistance from our expert staff.

The ''WPtouch' &''WPtouch Pro'' are brands of BraveNewCode Inc. Added: Added extra supporting element for key topics. Skrip delivery logics in the user-defined contents of the Customizing footer. Provide a real-time customized look with extra fields in your customizers style sheet. Display scripts within the contents area of the user-defined header. Prohibit the removal of forms entry controls from the extra HTML contents of the footing line that have been typed in the Customizing tool.

Enables the user to view articles in the selected languages in the index of the mobile blogs. Fixed: Error where password-protected pages were not displayed correctly when the'Edit shortcuts to desktop' checkbox was on. Add standard features to not transmit header caches when the mobile design is displayed. Will also add options in administrator to deactivate this feature.

Errors with the Edit shortcuts for desktops themes checkbox 2. Update feature to indicate that the topic to be discarded is incompatible. Update feature to indicate plugin compatibility issues that should be discarded forever. Fixed: Failure to display the subscription outside the WPtouch preferences when you unsubscribe from the WPtouch.

Solved: Error that did not allow to switch between mobile phones and desktops in a certain L3TC setup. Alerts issued for websites with PHP 7.1+. The newsletter subscription feature has been added to the preferences. A problem in the administration area that caused other plug-ins to be deactivated while WPtouch was in progress. If WPtouch is enabled, no plug-ins are deactivated by setting the standard.

The automatic saving in the administration area is now a bit more rugged and optimised. Added the ability to choose which page displays the presented slide bar for websites that divert mobile traffic to a different page than their last post page. The cache alert is no longer shown for locations with W3 Total Cache if a group of users agents has been given the ability to handle mobile queries.

Because it is not compatible with this type of backup configurations, the Desktop/Mobile themeswitch for Web pages that use this type of backup configurations is inactive. Fixed: Blackened box in the index if the presented slide control is inactive. Modified: Simplifies a few adjustments, you'll probably be angry with us, but we really want this plugin to be simple for everyone to use!

Go to Plugins - > New page and look for 'WPtouch'. After you have finished installing and activating your software, go to the administrator page via the side bar menus to change the look and feel of your software install. Click on the button to open the Windows Administrator pane to view the Windows Administrator Guide or click here to view the Windows Administrator Guide.

The WPtouch Configuration Guide contains information on how to set up WPtouch. If you are using a plugin foraching, please be aware that you will need to take extra actions for WPtouch to work as intended.

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