Wordpress Mobile website Builder Plugin

The Wordpress Mobile Website Builder Plugin for creating Wordpress Mobile websites

WP AMP is the most recommended community AMP plugin. On the move Must you make any changes to your website during your absence? Our mobile user interfaces allow you to administrate your contents via mobile phones or tablets. It' s easy to change your everyday offers or upload a new picture to your blogs.

Open the item editing pane or tree view with a double-click to mobile phone to all the available items. Our belief is in fast responding web sites and utilities.

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins for Mobile Devices

Today, a large proportion of web surfers surf the web with smart phones or tables; that's why it's so important that your WordPress designs are aimed at mobile people. Many case histories show how mobile use is growing, although it is better to see for yourself by looking at your own pedestrian flow.

Some 35% of my blog's users used a computer on their desktops or laptops, 10. 91% used a mobile telephone, and 4. The mobile use is much higher on my other sites. 10 percent of last month's users used a mobile and 11 percent used a mobile. This corresponds to almost 45% of the total website visit.

To cut a long story short, you can' t allow yourself to offer your mobile guests a bad surfing environment. They need to be given the same level of focus as desktops. So in this post I want to show you how some useful WordPress plugs that can help you do just that. With our mobile hand-held plugin, your mobile guests can enjoy an attractive HTML5 look.

The Preferences pane lets you easily post your own logos and create your own custom symbols for your iPhone and Windows phone. Or you can include an intro to your mobile home page and choose which blogs to include. You can also change the number of contributions shown. The HandHeld Mobile Plugin lets you choose whether iPad audiences want to see your desk top design or your mobile design.

This plugin allows you to modify the mobile wallpaper colour.

The HandHeld Mobile Plugin is available for all our developers and licensees for life and can be found in your member area. WP Touch is by far the most widespread mobile plugin for WordPress with over five million WordPress files to download. Allows you to view a mobile theme for select mobile users.

They can also prevent shortcuts from being enabled when someone is viewing your contents on a mobile device. This plugin comes with a classy design named Bauhaus. Modify all facets of the topic, up to and beyond the topic color, your website icon, symbols, fonts, as well as community share symbols. In the preferences pane, you can modify the number of items shown and omit certain category and tag items.

They can also activate thumbnail views and determine which metainformation is shown. On the start page of the mobile phone there is a nice slide control. You can view all contributions, contributions from a certain day or contributions from a certain group. They can also specify the precise contributions and pages that will be shown on the slide bar.

The WP Touch has a nice, clear and professionally designed look. WP Touch is available in a $49 or higher trial edition and comes with four extra topics. In addition, there is a mobile browser interface with a mobile browser, a web browser, a web browser, a web browser, a web browser, a caching engine, a fast response web browser, and an application that allows you to view mobile user specific information. The WP Mobile Detector has the capability to detect whether a user is looking at your website with a simple telephone or a mobile device.

Up to 5,000 mobile units can be detected by the system itself and a matching topic can be delivered. The plugin removes all pictures and extended HTML for simple mobile telephones, so that your pages are loaded quickly. Smartphone pictures that are too large for viewing are resized accordingly. For both types of users, stats are provided so that you can see a break-down of each user group.

The WP Mobile Detector provides statistical information about your mobile users. This plugin does not provide many config settings. All you can do is select whether to record stats, whether to display a loan reference, whether to display a Dashboard widget, and whether to display the mobile design on tablets. Positively, the plugin comes with five pre-installed mobile skins; however, some of the skins are somewhat simple in comparison to other available mobile skins.

WP Mobile Detector trial is $50. There are five more mobile topics and an online topic viewer. Mobile ads are also supported in this release. Not surprisingly, the Automattic Jetpack plugin has a mobile part. After activation, your website displays a design optimised for mobile phones to anyone viewing your website with a mobile phone.

You can activate the Jetpack Mobile themes from the Jetpack Mobile module page. Jetpack Mobile looks great in its mobile look. There is a nice, clear styling that places a menue at the top of the page. The mobile Jetpack looks great. Unfortunately, the mobile phone has very few choices.

You can only choose to display extracts or entire articles on the title page and in the archive. Hopefully with a upcoming release you will at least be able to alter the colour schemes so that you can adapt the look to your website. The WP Smart Mobile theming plugin is one of my favourite mobile themes addition tools.

A mobile look is shown for those who are browsing your site with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows. There is a professionally designed preferences area where you can post your company image, activate your searching, activate thumbnail views and select which page is shown on your homepage. You can also integrate Google Analytics and Google Adsense into your phone designs.

The WP Smart Mobile theming gives you plenty of freedom to change the look of your mobile phone look. The plugin comes with three gorgeous mobile styles. It is also possible to specify the menus used for the mobile phone look and feel. The plugin comes with three great mobile skins. The WP Smart Mobile theming plugin is a great way to present a mobile look to people.

The WiziApp is a powerful plugin that lets you view an HTML5-based mobile design for mobile users. You can choose to have your mobile design displayed to mobile users, tabbed users, or both. Topics can be changed using the WordPress Topic Customizing tool, just as you would change a wallpaper topic.

You can then modify what metainformation appears on your mobile design, complete with previews, postings, authors, release dates, and more. Using ZiziApp, you can adjust your design in the same way as with WordPress designs. Smooth Touch is a plugin that comes with a mobile design called Smooth Touch. There are seven extra topics available at a cost of $49 each.

As an alternative, you can $69 per year to get full topic coverage, brand removal, and tech assistance. The WiziApp comes with a professionally HTML5 mobile topic. Either option allows limitless user pushed notification. The MobilePress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to view a mobile copy of your site.

You can use it to view your latest blogs or a page on your mobile home page. The MobilePress provides some fundamental setup choices. This plugin comes with a mobile design. It' s fundamental in many ways, but I think it looks good when you see a thumbnail. A different design can be defined using the preferences pane.

MobilePress's standard look is simple but yet fun. The MobilePress is a No-Thrills plug-in that will address those of you looking for a minimal WordPress Mobile theming. Full-featured WordPress plugin that gives you full creative freedom over your mobile workspace. Only a few plug-ins allow you to adapt your designs the way we do.

Allows you to insert picture header and footer, change the size of pictures dynamic, reroute mobile visitor and include an user preference for switching to your desktops look. Using Admob or Google Adsense, you can monetise your mobile revenue with the help of our software application Aapple Architect. The plugin contains several topics. There is also a user-defined style that allows you to change the style sheet directly from the Preferences pane.

With its plugin, there are several mobile themes available for download from our website. It' s great for those of you who want full display visibility on your mobile workstation. Mobile Obox is a mobile plugin that offers a post-slider, community share and promotional assistance. Allows you to create the home page of your mobile phone via a widget.

In the Preferences pane, you can easily create a mobile design icon, customize your design with your own style sheet, and modify the colours of your button and background. With Obox Mobile you can modify the colour schemes in the setting area. Mobile design looks great. Its design is also optimised for equipment with high pixels densities.

Love the pro look of Obox Mobile. The Obox Mobile offers a great looking mobile design and offers a good workout mix of functionality and customisation. Mobileoud is a premier site that lets you build a proprietary website application for Android and/or iOS. It' a good choice if you want to present a professionally designed picture and improve the visitor viewing and reading experiences.

This plugin can transform your website contents into an application as well. WordPress, DISQUS and Facebook annotations are supported. We also support mobile ad serving such as Google Adsense and Admob. You can control general preferences for your application from your own website. It''s optimised for fast navigation through your contents and allows your reader to store contents to view off-line later.

Mobileoud is for those of you who want to offer your reader a truly immersive surfing sensation for your website. Mobileoud is not inexpensive and is clearly aimed at high profit sites, but there is no question that it offers the reader a great viewing environment. The Mobile CMS is a great plugin that lets you set your own custom mobile settings for your phone, tablet, or any other mobile device.

The Mobile CSS is a great way to define how mobile users see your work. The Mobile CSS Pro plugin expands the plugin's capabilities, allowing you to address fourteen custom agent and fifteen type browsers. If you want to improve your current mobile design, I suggest you give it a try.

With the WordPress Mobile Website Builder Plugin you can build a mobile website within a few moments. Allows you to customize your look by drag and drop elements into a Page Builder. Every item can be further adjusted once you have drawn it into the look. The WordPress Mobile Website Builder is a user-friendly application that will address those of you who want to make something new.

CodeCanyon sells the plugin for .

It' a useful plugin if you want to use a design specifically developed for mobile use. You can, for example, show the minimum topic mobile phone for persons who look at your website with a smart phone. With the Auto Mobile Switcher, you can select which topic is shown to mobile guests. Smart Mobile is another plugin that lets you show a topic of your choice to mobile and tabular mobile phone use.

Agents recognition can be activated so that mobile users are redirected to your mobile design instantly. As an alternative, you can show a manually toggle button that allows users to change topics themselves. With Mobile Smart, users can change topics themselves. Available at CodeCanyon for $13, Mobile Smart Pro allows you to activate a mobile design for anyone visiting your mobile subdomain.

You can also use it to view contents for mobile use only. is a plugin for mobile recognition with a tweet. Instead of showing a particular topic to mobile audiences, you can package your contents into device-specific links. In this way, you can set certain contents for desktops and other contents for tablets and mobile use.

This plugin also allows you to view contents based on a user's OS or devices, such as a childle or handset. It is a plugin that allows you to precisely manage what is shown to your users. Many of these plugs I like for different things. Personally I like HandHeld for its kids themes, WP Touch for its usability and number of WP Smart Mobile and Obox Mobile options and for its design.

I' d also consider Mobiloud if I was running a high trafficked blogs that could finance the costs of the services. Hopefully you have found this mobile plugin for WordPress useful.

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