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Display the opening excerpts of your contributions so that a reader can click on the "Read More" tag to get to your full contribution. Yours education site will look nicer and be easier to navigate. More Day Display the opening sections of your articles so that a readers can click on the day "Read More" to get to your complete article. Abbreviate your blogs so that only the first part of a posting appears on the home page, archives, and subscribers' inboxes. Immediately after the section, a hyperlink is placed to refer the user to the complete article.

Place this hyperlink anywhere in a posting and customise it to say what you want. Begin a new posting. Append text, pictures, everything to your message. Put the "Read More" tags somewhere in the posts. Position the mouse pointer at the point in the article where you want the multi-day to appear.

Click on the "Insert Reader More tag" icon in the Visual Editor icon bar. In the first line you will find the pushbutton More Tag: As soon as you click on it, the breakdown will be displayed in your contribution. Adjust the "Read More" day. Continuous Reading" is the text for the shortcut by default, but you can modify it!

As a result, a hyperlink with the inscription "Keep on reading!" is inserted instead of the standard alert. When you use the multi-tag for more than one posting, you must adjust the posting for each one. Unless you explicitly modify it, you cannot specify a generic body of information that will affect every posting on your blogs that uses the Multi-Tag - the Multi-Tag will always be reset to Next.

Have a look at your homepage (or posting page if you have selected a fixed homepage) to see the extract from your contribution! Since the Multi-Day only divides contributions on your homepage/post page and archive, you won't see the division when you look at the contribution in the previews or the single contribution page.

So if your design includes blog viewing options, select "Full Post" if you want to automatically append the More to Contributions day. You can use the multi-tag in pages, but the division is only seen in certain topics, such as those that show the contents of pages on the home page.

When the More day is pasted after posting, you may experience formatting problems. This problem happens when you paste the More tag with the visible text box, but it is actually pasted into another HTML page. Here the More Tag is inside some HTML tokens that have the text in fat print.

As a result, the remainder of the contributions on the page will be printed fat, sometimes inclusive of the content of the sidebar, and may also cause the slidebar to drop down. In order to fix the problem, simply place the more on the outside of all enclosing HTML Tags as is the case:

Ensure that you go to the HTML screen of the problem posting and move your More tags outside of HTML messages (this involves div, strength, em, etc...). Please note: Copy and paste contents from a Rich Text Editor such as Microsoft Word often causes issues, because a great deal of additional HTML is used that can disrupt the More Tag.

Instead, consider using a simple text editors, such as Notepad, or use the Paste as Text tool.

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