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Here you will find a list of the most popular WordPress movie templates with many features: The Amy Movie builds on the power of Wordpress with flexible options and creative layouts. #5+ best WordPress movie themes 2018 WordPress movie theme in this compilation make it very simple to build your own website....

No matter if you want to build your own on-line movie library, if you want to post your own review or if you want to post the latest movies, these topics should contain everything you need. You can quickly build the foundation for your website with pre-built website demonstrations in these WordPress topics.

Besides substituting your own text, pictures and other items for the demos, you can also use the theme preferences to really personalise your website and make it look exactly the way you want it. As well as website customisation features, some of these topics feature page creator drag-and-drop utilities that make it simple to customise your own design for your website contents and modify the demonstrationtent.

You' ll also find a good choice of other useful utilities and functions in each of these WordPress movie topics. No matter what kind of movie website you want to build with WordPress, you're sure to find a good choice in this one. ProMovie is made to help you build movie and movie sites with WordPress.

AmyMovie''s two ready-made homepage themes give you some choices for the most important page of your website. According to which theme you select, you can greet your users with either a fixed head or a full-width slide control that allows you to present a choice of the latest films on your website.

In addition to the two homepage layout, this WordPress movie theme also offers you seven categories page themes for your website. This layout gives you a wide variety of possibilities to present your films in different raster format. You can also find template contents for many other important pages your website needs, such as the section about, Contacts and Blogs.

In order for people to find the movie or movie that is right for them, the AmyMovie theme has a free copy of Send to Show. After importing the demonstration contents into your website, you can change the colour scheme using the theme options. It is also possible to customize your own colour interface.

AmyMovie' s theme pack includes the WPBakery Page plug-in - formerly known as Visual Composer - for even more flexibility. Allows you to manipulate your pages from a drag-and-drop user surface and build your own customized page layouts without having to modify any coding. Slider Revolution is also part of this theme and ensures that you can make your WordPress movie website rich with rich animations and more.

Featuring full socially integrated and many other useful functions, AmyMovie is an amazing WordPress theme for movie-related web sites. You can use Moview to create a number of different movie-related Web sites using WordPress. No matter if you want to create your own movie rating blogs or create a movie rating data base, the Moview theme offers the functions and predefined movie rating template to help you.

You can even use this design to customize your own listing by importing offers from favorite movie site reviews. Since the Moview theme is designed to work with many common third-party WordPress plug-ins, the free Moview plug-in lets you simply create a thread to your website or use the WooCommerce e-commerce plug-in to sell your shop's product.

BuddyPress plug-in can also be used to extend your website with network sharing functions so you can build an on-line movie sharing site with the Moview theme. While Moview has a good page template and layout collection for all areas of your website, you can also use the supplied WPBakery Page Builder plug-in to recreate your own customized themes from the ground up or by using the Startup Template collection in the plug-in bundle.

You can customize many other facets of your website with the Moview theme, as well as font, color, and other display features. In addition to six month Moview technical assistance, this topic also contains a collection of tutorial videos to help you get started with your new website.

The MagPlus has over 40 styles for building general message and journal Web pages as well as film-oriented Web pages using WordPress. The MagPlus website demonstration libraries contain several film-focused themes and many other features that are just as good for a film page. This choice gives you many ways to create your new website with the MagPlus design, no matter which demonstration you use.

However, the option does not end when you have selected a demonstration. Because the MagPlus theme has 25 different item layout choices for posting your movie messages and review, with so much selection you can make sure your contents never look weary. Further imaginative choices are the 12 website headline layout, 26 slide bar styles, 20 unique Widget and 10 footing structure.

And because MagPlus comes with a high-performance drag-and-drop page building utility, you get over 80 additional module and block options to build your own customized page building experiences. Set up your movie website with MagPlus is very easy, despite the various elements of this theme pack.

It' s the install and activate procedure for all suggested and needed plug-ins, while the one-click demonstration import utility quickly add pre-configured contents to your website. Additional useful functions in this theme are the integrated load time improvement tools for data storage, the super menus tools to enhance your navigational areas, and ad sites that can help you monetise your site.

The MagPlus also has full e-commerce assistance if you want to resell your website's goods and service, resulting in your data being digitized. MagPlus gives you all the choices, features, and adjustments you need if you want creativity. Another multifunctional WordPress theme, JNews is ideally suited for the creation of film web sites. The JNews theme pack contains more than 120 homepage layout templates, so you are guaranteed to find a theme that suits your particular work.

In addition, you are free to customise any of the pre-built themes to make sure they work well with your work. As you set up your website and publish your contents, you can select from a good variety of template files for each of the contents you added.

Completely multi-lingual, JNews allows you to publicize your website and its contents in more than one languages. Unlimited scrolling, rotten image uploading and article ad count are all features that can be activated on your movie website with JNews. Other reasons to consider the JNews theme are the automatic upload of the next article to your website, which ensures that your users can immediately see your contents without having to wait.

Additional useful functions are the possibility to attach e-mail newsletters registration to your website, provide help for pushed alerts and create additional followers in order to raise your audiences on websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The JNews is full of adjustable masks and useful functions to help you create your own movie website.

The Blockter is a film and TV show website WordPress theme with three home page themes. The Movie Library plug-in that comes with it makes it easy to begin filling your new movie and TV website with information from a variety of different resources. There are two basic selection possibilities when it comes to presenting offers on your movie and TV show website databank.

Side bars are available as options for both sessions, so you can either advertise other contents in your side bar area or view your offers in a distraction-free format. In order to make your movie website more engaging, you can activate your website's users ratings. When you activate this function, your users can register with their online community on your website using their online account and leave comments on the film and TV offers.

Because the Blockter theme is completely reactive, your users will have no difficulty to access your contents and share their comments on smart phones and tables as simply as on bigger screens. Though Blockter offers three different homepage themes to select from, you can also use the built-in WPBakery Page Builder utility to customise these themes or build your own individual homepage themes from the ground up.

Featuring page creator builders' own builders' contents module and other components, this drag-and-drop plug-in gives you many ways to create your own custom themes without having to edit any coding. The Blockter was developed for the creation of content-rich and highly engaging film and TV show databases. Filmmax is a film magazin WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for the publication of review and newscast.

So if you want to launch your own website for blogs or magazines that focus on great movie stories, Filmax might be the right theme for your film. Using the ready-made template libraries in this pack, you can select the right layouts for your contents each and every times you post a new review or message.

When you find that there is no such thing as a great style sheet for an item, you can use the theme's Customize option to create your own theme. With a good choice of layout choices that can be easily uploaded to your WordPress site with just a few mouse clicks, you should never be without the right choices.

A further part of your website that can be adapted with the Filmax theme is the head area. Using the headers constructor utility, you can create the ideal navigational area for your website and ensure that your site users find your best site with just a few mouse clicks after they arrive.

Your website footing will be just as versatile if you select this theme, so you can organise the footing contents in the way that best suits your work. Filmax also features a choice of customized Widgets that allow you to view a variety of contents in your page bars and other widget-enabled areas of your website, which will help you build a professional-looking movie website with WordPress.

You can also use slide control tool to view movie poster and artwork type in roundabout and slide show format, as well as use this function to view your latest contributions in a touch-sensitive scroll control. Filmax is the perfect tool for building movie sites that are full of contents and useful functions.

The Sequex software was developed for the creation of on-line film database and other film related web sites. TMDB' s API supports you to easily and quickly bring a large amount of movie files to your WordPress website. Easily manipulate any of your imports to quickly fill your movie website with useful information that will appeal to your audience.

As soon as you have import the files, the useful functions are far from complete. It' easy for your audiences to browse your databases and find exactly what they're looking for. Releasing your own uniquely filmed messages, review and other contents is very easy. Choosing from a good variety of page styles and layout options, you can make sure every post you post to your blogs or websites looks good.

Because Sequex was developed by the SiteOrigin plug-in around the Page Builder, you can use the drag-and-drop surface of this utility to build your own customized page layouts. SiteOrigin Plugin's Page Builder also has its own set of page building features that can be added to your pages as needed, along with scrollbars, galleries and many other useful features.

The Sequex WordPress movie theme also allows you to activate the functions on your website. The Sequex demos and videos are a good selection for anyone new to WordPress website creation.

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