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Package with which you can set up an online shop free of charge. What you've set the theme for is still the lack of some of the features you need? Best 40+ Videofilm WordPress Topics Free & Premium Ever wanted to gather and post your favourite films and clips on-line? WordPress's free and high quality movie and videotopics are for those who are interested in posting their own work on the web. No matter if you already have existing footage from huge players like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu.

..(Supported Videosites ) that support the oEmbed protocoll, embed or present your own creation, Videotube provides a neat and up-to-date way to do just that.

Any free and highly responding WordPress movie and videotopic is useful for creating a videofilm blog or website. New Wordpress theme for film makers, films and producers. Comes with 9 home page designs to suit your needs, if you choose the way you want. goWatch is a popular online dating site that shares Wordpress theme.

These thematically integrated features, such as a huge menus, contacts page, 12 columns layout, user-defined boxes, user-defined postings such as movie, portfolios, galleries, slide bars and more, make it very simple to classify your contents and present them in a nice way. It' s fully translateable and WPML capable, 8 supplied faders that can present articles, galeries, videos or user-defined transparencies and fully respond to the phone.

VisitaFX is a movie videoproduction Wordpress theme studios. The theme has a breathtaking theme with a wallpaper and parallax motion so your customers will never abandon your site. Featuring a high-performance TM gallery along with the project plug-in, you can create a breathtaking display of your own visual artwork in a classy way.

Click on the demonstration to see the complete feature listing of this WordPress theme for Videoproduction studios! The Circle is a versatile movie and videowordpress theme designed for all types of agency, filmmakers, studios and directors. Comes with 7 nice home page and specific functionality that you can select for Video sources, movie from Youtube, Vimeo or from your Self Hosted to help you easily administer your work.

Designed to be ultra neat, stylish and contemporary, your website will be more appealing and perfectly presented to customers to present yourself and your work. It is a Wordpress theme, perfectly suited for YouTubers, online courses and online blogging. It' simple to monetise any kind of visuals, from funny movies to professionally written training sessions.

This movie theme provides special features for your needs in terms of technical assistance, documentations and upgrades. You' ll also have 14 homepage variants so you can choose the one that best fits your movie. The Huber is a versatile topic for reviews. He has a lifting system that makes him stand out from the crowd. Hubs contain a contribution or a page that contains movie detail.

The Huber website offers the possibility to evaluate films. There is a Publishing Data section in this videotopic that allows the viewer to associate publishing data, and you also have the option to choose to filter contributions by date in the near or distant future. What's more, you can also set up a filtering option to allow you to select the date of a post. The Huber is the best movie master because it has all these special functions that can help you inform your audiences about your movie.

Another theme that is ideally suited for films is visa. The design can be adapted to your needs and it has many functions that you can use to show your movie. There is an integrated sound and videoplayer that support all equipment. You can use the advanced sliders from Visa to create slideshows. You can also view the demos of this theme on your website in a few moments.

It is a nice theme that you can choose for your movie. Videooly is a great movie theme and it is very cheap. It is a WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for Blogger, Youtubers and Vlogger. You have many possibilities with this film theme.

Comes with a homepage demonstration function that helps you keep your audiences informed about your movie. This movie theme gives you 9 homepage variants that you can use. It' s a very reactive website, even with all the contents you will bring in. The Vloma Grid, a videoblog theme, is a wonderfully styled WordPress theme that is conceived to make it appealing, quick and above all generate virtual visitor activity with basic functions that help keep your website viewers on your site, as well as ease ways to easily upload your contents to sharing popular news sites.

The Nine Studios is very useful for any creativity creator agencies / companies / teams / individuals to create their own film studios / film centers / film production / Vlog pages and any kind of film website can use the WordPress movie theme. Offering a sleek, classy and contemporary look, you and your staff no longer need to rely on other websites such as YouTube or periodicals to market your product or your image.

For videographers and fine artist TV Elements is an perfect theme. With a large epic home page movie, TV Elements uses a similar spacing for individual message videos. Create a separable folder page style sheet to create a selectable folder of your favorite videos. is a Wordpress theme for streaming content from television stations, magazine, news, amusement, films and other similar companies.

The Betube is the most powerfull and biggest response WordPress movie theme, especially designed for the videosite. Bethlehem will bring you the latest designer fashions in your videosite with nice full width page fixated artwork and seeping with style and charme, you will have a breakthrough videosite fully operational within just a few moments of buying it.

The Reel Story is a minimalistic WordPress theme for every author who needs to present their work in a stylish way. Our multi-purpose film WordPress is the theme of our multi-purpose movie. We have collaborated with many customers in the amusement industries, we have created a film theme that is appropriate for the movie industry's film studios, movie theatres, as well as for the musical world.

We' ve integrated many functions so that users can use the theme for different purposes, e.g. blogs, blogs, formal pages, corporate pages, journals, wallets and others. WordPress is the topic most relevant to web-based videos. Building on our thematic, true mag biggest videomarket, VideoPro has more powerful functions to help you create any kind of videosite.

Be it games, movies, messages, amusement, science. The Vlog is a WordPress theme that is wonderfully crafted with a heavy emphasis on videography. With TouchSize, a well-known premier theme and plug-in, it' s always looking for great looking content, great looks, and great features and features.

It not only provides premium WordPress themes, but also great and high level customer and user experience. The Movie Make is extreme movie studios - movie making - movie blogs WordPress theme suited for any organisation / firm / team of / creatives individual to make their own movie making centre studios / movie / movie making / Vlog website and any website can use the movie WordPress theme movie.

Designed very neatly, elegantly and modernly, you and your staff need to rely more on other websites such as Adobe TV or newspapers to market your product or your image. The Moview is a fast-reacting movie/video DB and reviews theme WordPress for creating a website similar to IMDb, Rolling Stone, CinemaBlend, TMDB, Rotten Tomatoes or NDTV films.

The use of the Moview theme with suggested enhancements allows you to create the movie databank with ratings for new and current movie titles in cinemas, DVDs and Blu-ray as well as classical movie titles. It can be a place where anyone can explore new videos, computer game, television and album. Website viewers will enjoy watching videos on a website with a modern, appealing look.

To help you get started, or re-design the current one, you can use our WordPress Theme. The Movie Me is designed for the unveiling of film, project, movie, video and more. This site is very beloved because it has a very large pageversion. With Snaptube, a high-performance, feature-rich WordPress theme for movie, you can easily customise a host of functions from the convenience of your dashboard.

The Seatera is a high performance, full featured WordPress theme seating movie that' s great for any kind of movie theater, movie promotions, theater, gaming, blogging and movie group. VideMag is a high-performance response based WordPress theme developed for magazines, blogging or portals. The VideoMag automatically generates and stores on your servers mini views of the videos from popular sites such as Youtube, Vimeo etc. to increase the page loading speeds....

Videostube is a neat WordPress theme topic for your Videotube website! No matter if you already have existing footage from huge players like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu...(Supported Videosites ) that support the oEmbed protocoll, embed or present your own creation, Videotube provides a neat and up-to-date way to do just that. Tru Mag is an progressive solutions for online videohosting sites, online content portfolios and magazines.

Just load your own mediafiles onto one of the huge websites YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Blip. tv, uStream, MetaCafe and SoundCloud and start playing them on your own website! Manage your videos, audios, user profile and playlist as easily and seamlessly as possible.

With beautifully styled sources and the ability to include rich PSDs, you can adjust or change the design with ease. Today, there is no need for anyone to be concerned about watching a movie on TV because it is likely to be available on the web. Rather than buying DVD discs, they can go to full-length movie sites to see what they want.

When you want to broaden the audiences of these ressources, our WordPress movie topics will prove useful. WordPress The Producer is a film-focused WordPress movie theme for studio and manufacturing firms. The Edivos is primarily a WordPress listed videos theme. There also has the blogs function.

It is a feature-rich design with functions such as user-defined menus, user-defined mail types, taxes, theme choices, jQuery sliders, and more. The topic includes support for 6 different shared sites. Topic is structured with meta boxes to make it easier for you to make the videos collections.

Warvan is an exlusive free WordPress theme for the bloggers site. The topic is based on a plug-in named featureured plus movie. Your plug-in will generate the movie image for you. You' re adding movies from different shared services and also using your own hosters.

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