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Artist Country Music website for Lawson Bates. Pages for bands and musician Get in direct contact with your supporters and bring your contents to all your network. With a multitrack play list reader, you can view a song or a pre-view of your entire albums. Integrate and split your music from Bandcamp, BandPage, SoundCloud, Spotify and more. Embedded video from third-party websites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Have everyone sign up for your contributions and get regular email alerts. At the beginning we have put together a few singular music topics for you: Personalise your design by including your own personal design with your own wallpaper and brand. More than 290 other appealing topics in our themed display case could be a great match for your website.

1. How does a high qualitiy music website on WordPress work?

You want a rock music website based on WordPress (word game intended)? Wonderful (!), because WordPress can safely cope with the work. To make your work easy, here is our 5 things to consider when creating a music website on WordPress. How does a high qualitiy music website on WordPress work?

First, what we might call a music website can have a number of different uses and objectives. The three most beloved seem to be: setting up a fan base (for a bands / a musician), sales of vinyl albums or special occasions, delivery of messages or service to the communities around a theme related to music.

That means that a high level music website on WordPress should initially service its users, and only then concentrate on the author/company that owns it. Even the aspects of brand-name are very important for a music site. Which is the best theme for your music page? Musical sites usually target a funny atmosphere and try to give the user the feeling of being part of a group.

An excellent music website on WordPress can be characterised by design: The music is a very fashionable alcove and anything that looks like yesterday's look will not go down well with the people. When you want to remain pertinent, your designs must keep up with the latest trend. Your aim is to present yourself (or your group, or whatever the subject of the website is).

One good way to achieve this is to select a WordPress topic that allows you to use high-resolution artwork in the backgrounds or in the Helden area of the headline. User-defined logo, user-defined wallpaper, large graphic as described above...all this is important for the overall branding of the site.

There is this odd faith that a music site should be tinted dim ly and should stay secretive. At the end, if you like soft sounds on web sites, you should try it. On the cell phone, humans are consuming most of their on-line medias - music included (study says). When your music website on WordPress is not mobile-friendly, you miss a lot!

Here is what we think is a number of important functions for a music website on WordPress: On-board audio/video player for audio streams. Regardless of what the particular target of your website might be when it comes to music, you will eventually want your site to offer streamed music. Be sure to either get a design with this function or try a plug-in like the Compact WP Player.

User-defined contribution type. You may find in some cases that the two standard WordPress contents styles - Contributions and Pages - are not sufficient to meet your needs. Either make sure that the design you choose allows you to build new type of contents, or try a plug-in like the CustomPostType UI.

Bring a WordPress topic that efficiently handles your AEO. When you are planning to resell something from your music website on WordPress - such as some downloading of your favorite music, T-shirts and so on. Simply make sure that your design is suitable for WooCommerce. Diskography Mangement. You may want to be able to up-load your own music instead of having to have it embedded by a third-party provider (e.g. SoundCloud), according to the website's use.

A good diskography manager, integrated directly into your web sites, can be useful in such a case. Mediamanagement. Apart from certain things like diskography managment, some general administrations of mediums should also be available on a music website. A music website is usually a very vibrant place. Having a good WordPress topic should allow you to place user-defined block contents on the home page so that you can easily split your latest streaming audios, video, events, album or anything else that is important.

Nowadays, a very important aspect of modern day advertising is the use of online advertising and especially when it comes to such a vibrant subject as music. And if your design doesn't allow this by design, try a plug-in named Instagram Feed. One more thing you need is a range of easy style sharing tools - they allow your site users to easily pass on the contents of your site to their fans.

Working on a new music website on WordPress?

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