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Worldpress News App

Download Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android for your news or blog WordPress website. The Elite News mobile app helps you update your WordPress News app by simply creating your own layout with the embedded Home Page Builder feature. Blogs and news app for WordPress site with AdMob and Firebase push notification from mcc-ltd

As a WordPress administrator looking for a natively Android app for your news page, this is probably the best choice for you. Even if you are going to launch your own news or blogs site and have no skills in web and mobility authoring, this is the answer you need.

It is not necessary to do this in order to have an already installed WordPress site. With this app you can build a natively designed applications for news or blogs. The WordPress is used as the basis back end. The app contains all the functions that a full news or blogs app should have. Added basics such as: Mailinglist, Mailsearch, Menue- and Submenulist, Categor- and Subcategorylist, Bookmarkslist etc. to the program.

Also, we have added pushing notifications. The administrator can use plain messages and mail IDs to display certain messages. The AdMob has been added to the AdMob group, so that any ad can be integrated into any action. This is the function detail list: Press and title messages. Press with Post-ID. Maintain the progress of pushed notifications and display the number of missed notifications.

Message counters with navigational flow. Ability to share your posts via your favorite social media. Now make a fantastic app with your WordPress page! - Benachrichtigungsunterst├╝tzung in Oreo. - New Notifications Delete and clear all functions.

Converting your WordPress News website or blog into mobile apps.

Mother-of-pearl applications look and touch good on iPhone and Android. Tightly intergrated with WordPress. The contents are updated automatic. Create, test, release and service your applications for you without set-up fees. Simply, there was no way to ensure a smooth, high-quality delivery to the cell phone in a natural way. The app is built into major ad server platforms such as MoPub and Google DFP to give you ultimate control over the deployment of your own assets or ad network ad space such as AdMob or Facebook Audience Network flags.

AdMob banner, Google AdMob banner, full size and full size ads. The Facebook Audience Network banner, natively displayed advertisements within the contents and full-screen advertisements. Supports Google DFP or MoPub ad server, with banner, interstitial, and natively ad supportive. Advertising HTML/Javascript/iframe that you can directly integrate into your contents (you can insert them anywhere in articles/pages).

We can also post the applications to your App Store or Google Player accounts, or email you binary files that you can post yourself. With all the functionality we want, our iPhone and Android applications allow our users to use our pushed notification contents when they want to, wherever they go.

The best storage medium for a publisher is provided by the use of mobiles and pushed alerts. Then everyone who has ever download our app gets this send message and knows that there is new apptent. With our easy-to-use WordPress plug-in, you can customize and administer your app via the back end of your website.

Contents and preferences are updated in your app automatic. In contrast to others, we take in all the hassle of creating, publishing and maintaining your applications for you, so you can't study anything new, need no developers or need anything new. Now we have a good looking app that keeps you up to date with our website.

Integrates with WordPress. Ability for your user to quickly search your contents with the proprietary item listing. Both the DeepL tab and the app's menus allow your customers to view their category and tag information. Submit your messages either manual or automatic to let your customers know about new contents, promotional offers or other things you want to post.

Create a login-protected app for contents that are normally only available to members.

Retain your user in your app by downloading outside hyperlinks to your app's browsers. With your current annotation system - WordPress, Disqus, Facebook support - your user can annotate without any problems. User store their favorite entries and use them later, even off-line! Easy and intuitional searching functions make finding your contents even simpler.

The most WordPress plug-ins work immediately after unpacking. It' simple to simply include any videoplayer in your contents. Keep up with your app using built-in Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics support on your mobiles. Ad your own natively delivered mobiles, complete with Mopub, Admob, or Google DFP flags and intersections. REMINDER your customers to evaluate your app at the right moment and scale the chart in the App Stores!

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