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Creating a separate page for blog posts in WordPress

WordPress defaults to displaying your contents in a blogs style on your home page. What if you want to build your own homepage in WordPress? What does your blogs page lead to? We' ll show you in this post how to make a seperate page for your WordPress post. The WordPress application has built-in functionality for the creation of a user-defined home page (static home page) and a dedicated page for blogs.

In order to use this technique, you must generate two new WordPress pages. First page will be your own homepage. Go to Pages " Create New in your WordPress administrator to build a new page. This page can be titled Home. To the right, you see the Page Attributes field with the ability to select a template.

Today, most WordPress topics come with user-defined page styles that can be used for the home page of your website. For this example we use the Twenty Twelve themme, which comes with a title page template. Once you have selected the template, the next step is to click on the OSD at the top right of the page and select the Diskussionsfeld.

As a result, a message set is displayed below the mail editing area. To deactivate the start page discussions, deactivate both comment and trackback. The next step is to add another page for your blogs. This page can be called a blogsite. Many WordPress topics come with different template files, and it is possible that your topic has a template for use on the blogs page.

If, however, no template is available in your design, you can easily select the standard setting. Don't neglect to deactivate the Comment and Trackback options on this page as well. We have done here two pages that we will use to show a customized homepage and a page for blogsposting.

Now, we need to get WordPress to use these pages accordingly. Go to Settings " Read and select the Front Panel View options and a Fixed Page. Select the page you want to use as the home page and the page for your blogs below. Maybe you want to show the blogs page in your navigational menu.

In order to do this, go to " Appleance " menus and include the blogs page in your menus. Hopefully this post has help you build a customized page for your WordPress post.

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