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Top 10+ news WordPress topics for 2018 When you want to make your news website look and feel special and easy to read, some WordPress news topics will be useful for you. It is always the primary aim of a news site to concentrate sufficiently on the contents to be presented and at the same not to be too conspicuous. Whilst great news pages must be fun and also look good, at the end of the afternoon the focus is on what they contain and they are always the most important of all. In order for you to find a topic where your contents come first, we have put together a glossary of the best WordPress topics on the shelves.

Here are some of the best news WordPress topics for 2017: The FlyMag theme has been developed for editors and blogs. It is ideal for news agency and medium websites because of its neat and intelligent organisation of contents. The FlyMag is full of graphics - merry-go-rounds, lattice ads, advertising breaks, slider controls, broadgets, newsticker and more.

Functions: fast response time, banner ads, user-defined Widgets, post merry-go-round, news breaker, presented slide control, WP Product Review plug-in plug-in integrated, infinite colours. News paper is a great topic, which is equipped with many variations for medias and the publication of web sites. When your company is about providing real-time news of any kind, you should take a look at it.

Whether it' travels, architectures, sports, technology, lifestyles, medicine applications or a gadget, this WordPress news theme can process anything. Functions: fast reacting and retina-enabled design, more than 40 one-of-a-kind demonstrations, TD Composer - Drag-and-Drop Frontend Pagebuilder, Big Wide grids, full width reviews system integrator, AdSense optimised, WPML and WooCommerce compatible, easy to use user interfaces. This is a minimalistic and professional-looking theme for news sites, press releases and all other publishers.

Broadsheet's neat and easy look - reminiscent of the old classic paper - makes it available for any use. Characteristics: Choice of 3 widgets, box layouts, fast response designs, 3 options for widgets, unlimited scroll, user-defined colours and text, user-defined page styles. The Onfleek is a great full image motif for journals and news pages with a very contemporary and highly engaging homepage.

Part of its clear styling, it includes large picture pads, a large slide control, classic animation, reviews pads, banner ads, and intuitively organized contents. Characteristics: AMP-enabled, sophisticated review/evaluation system, several customisable layout, eight user-defined Widgets, five advertising spaces, MailChimp and Revolution sliders integrations, limitless colours. This is a minimalistic theme for small news agency, free-lance journalist and small publication.

There is a sleek styling and a classical blogscape that can be used for both wide themes and niche applications. Functions: endless scrolling, user-defined colours and scripts, user-defined page styles, fast response layouts, WooCommerce-capable, user-defined webpage. It looks like an old paper. A lot of connoisseurs have already fell in love with this news WordPress theme.

Functions: Multi-layout, 100 option customisation option life, fast response time, marked articles, a range of widgets, Google/Typekit font. This is a very nice and contemporary style with many great details. A few of the things you will find here: large picture details, slider controls, overview pads, colourful details, full width layout, bands and slider controls and a stylistic typeface.

All about this topic is sleek and unusual. Functions: fast and fast reaction, black and bright skin, endless scrolling and reloading, high-performance rejax menu and rejax query, WPML and AdSense-ready, exclusively picture system, reviewsystem including. Neat and contemporary design for publications such as news pages, journals, blogs as well as newpapers.

Featuring a unique and sleek look, with classy animation and style items, along with a lay-out that brings your contents to the fore. This theme matches the best themes such as fashions, lifestyles or travelling. And TheCore is minimalistic and neat, with a blog-like look. Functions: infinite colour scheme, extended page creator, Revolution Slider and Layers Slider inclusive, several shortcuts, 20 demonstrations for different uses, fast response and retina layouts, backup engine, WooCommerce enabled.

Use this matching WordPress artwork to start with a news site, on-line newsletters, blogs, or any other projects you're thinking about. With a clear and concise lay-out the theme can also be scanned quickly by first-time use. An adjustable banner pack in the topic's head area allows the user to keep a sharp watch on the latest releases.

Web resource management is much more user-friendly with real-time searching and a number of pre-installed working methods. Characteristics: 100 percent responsiveness, CSS3 rendering, multi-purpose layout, several headers and footers, extensive UI kits, user-defined Widgets. An easy topic for smaller media/news pages. When you are starting a news site and dozens of articles are not posted every single working days, you can take a look at this theme.

There is room for Subha to post critiques, breakin' news boxes, advertisements, widgets and more. It' neat, minimalistic and intuitively. Functions: advertising readiness, infinite colours, infinite side bars, wide readiness, fast reactions, homepage creators with infinite blocs, infinite evaluation criterias. Versatile news motif in clear styling, offering full width slider and ribbon with various story or text.

The Wagazin's appeal lies in its perfect organisation of contents. It has a three-column homepage and large graphics that give the theme an interesting and interactively look. Functions: fast response and retina enabled, infinite colour scheme, review and user-defined rating, over 470 FontAwesome symbols, infinite colours, newsletters subscriptions, slim UI theme styling. An eye-catching news theme, with a memorable and colourful look, nice looks and a contemporary look.

With Magellan you can create demonstrations for various uses such as general news, games, technology, churches, lifestyles, etc. Functions: fast response and retina capability, streaming mail formats, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and BudbPress integrations, multi-style blogging, full-screen pictures, Editor's Choice + Auto Hot article, Photo Overbody conversion. It is a neat WordPress theme with a nice and easy lay-out, ideal for small news and editorials.

Comes with a cheerful and contemporary look, a sliding slide control, colourful panels and a multifunctional look. Key features: fast response designs, limitless font types and colours, WooCommerce and integrated WooPress, optimised for fast performance, more than 150 post-listing combos, integrated advertising system, 12 short codes. An unusual topic for news and periodicals.

This theme has a clear, contemporary and stylish look. This essence also goes well with the latest fashions. Characteristics: portable friendliness, multi layout, front-end styling customizers, customized Widgets, merry-go-round slider, sleek and elegant designs, many colour choices. The MH Magazine is a well-liked, high-quality WordPress theme that can be used to build advanced on-line magazine and news sites.

It' s versatility allows you to start publishing professionally edited web sites on news, political, economic, technological or other subjects. The WordPress Theme Magazin provides great layouts and great customized widgets that allow you to create your own uniquely designed Web sites. Featuring: fully widgetized cover page, fantastic user-defined widgets, many widgetareas, one or two sidebars layouts, boxed/broad layouts, optimized sidebars, RTL and REO readiness, socially and movably available.

The Maggie is a great theme for news and media pages, with lovely and colourful paragraphs. Its intelligent and intuitively designed contents box and wide screen make it easier for users to read and understand the article. This theme is versatile and has a clear, contemporary look. Newsticker featuring tabs, full-width and packed layout, 2 theme colours, 3 feature rich post layout, 8 different home page blocks, colourful background categories, multi ad areas.

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