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Choosing the most innovative and creative magazines & news topics. Best 25+ Free WordPress News Magazine Topics 2018 Amazingly, a large overwhelming proportion of today's citizens rely only on their cell phones/smartphones to receive news. Scientists expect this number to grow every passing day, while the number of users who read messages on the laptop/desktop is declining. Portable literacy is slowly superseding traditional paper and magazine work.

Would you like more WordPress ressources? Receive useful information that will help you master WordPress, work effectively with WordPress, and stay up to date with WordPress. Especially then it is not so simple to present the news contents on a website in an organised way. To keep the top-notes, featureured items and latest news in the right place requires a great deal of creative thinking.

The topics of the news journal WordPress, however, largely facilitate the job, as they offer an overall layout of a journal website. Complimentary WordPress themes for news and magazines sites are very potent enough to build a breathtaking website and available in a variety of numbers, but the choice of a high value topic could still be an annoying job.

So I have compiled a roster of the best free-reacting WordPress news bulletin topics to help people find a great topic for their web sites. VMagazine Lite is a neat, contemporary and reactive free WordPress topic, great for all your newspapers, magazines and blogsites. It is a specially conceived subject with great love for detail.

Featuring a high-configurability design, VMagazine Lite, you can easily customize your design using the Page builder and a variety of available design related widgets. And not only that, the power and functionality of this design will amaze you when you consider that it is an absolute free design.

Key functions of the VMagazine Lite: Mmag is a premium-like free WordPress Magazin topic with a package of fantastic functions. Its sleek, contemporary styling is perfect for on-line periodicals, newspaper and corporate blog. It' s fully reactive so your website contents will look great on all types of equipment, both small and large-screen.

VMag is advertising friendly like a trade journal. Key characteristics of VMag: Featuring a clear styling and high performance functions, AccessPress Mag is a full WordPress mag topic. It' s a fully reactive styling that looks breathtaking on all kinds of equipment up to and personal computers, such as cell telephones, pallets, laptops, desktop computers etc. It' a feature-packed magazines topic that makes it easy to build an astonishing website for news, magazines, editorials and more.

It' the ideal topic for all those Blogger, Specialist Engineers, Designer and Journalist who want to easily build this stunning website. AccessPress Mag. key functions The Maggie elite is an outstanding free WordPress Magazin topic that is best suitable for on-line papers, lead articles, periodicals, blogs or face-to-face web sites. This topic allows you to fully customize your website according to your needs.

This is a fully customizer-based design that allows you to immediately follow changes in the previews as they occur while editing. It' 100% fast - your website will look great on any device. Maggie Lite Key Features: If you're looking for a great, customizable message motif, it's your turn to stop it.

You have found it! iMag is a breathtaking free WordPress topic specifically developed for blogging, newspapers, magazines and review. Provides high-performance premier functionality for free in an open-source project. With an all-in-one themes pane with an easy-to-use user experience, anyone can create their own website without programming knowledge.

Key characteristics of ionMag: The Islemag is a super-fine, free WordPress magazine hot topic, loaded with many advanced functions designed for technical journals, publisher review and news sites. Designed to be basic and minimum, it is built on the Bootstrap frame, which makes it quick to load and use. Comes with a story-page homepage artwork, customized wallpapers, Google Adsense banners and many other thrilling functions.

Principal characteristics of Islemag: Made by Madd Magazines is a uniquely contemporary and attractive three-column, fully reactive WordPress topic. It' a great way to build your next newsletters, newspapers or blogs website. Easy to use and set up Madd Magazines is a nice encoded cover page layout and topic for professionals blogging. The Madd magazin is SEO-friendly and Gutenberg willing.

The News Portal is a free WordPress news portal, a fast and reactive publication. Designed for on-line periodicals, news papers, publishers, face-to-face blogging and any type of website. It' fully based on the Customizing tool, which allows you to adjust most themes simply with previewing. It' the fully widgetized topic so the user can administer the site with easy-to-use widgets.

It' a versatile and high-performance styling that offers the user many ways to customize. The SKT is a feature-packed, free WordPress issue that has been meticulously designed for newspaper, on-line publication, publishers and web sites in an edited manner. It' a sleek, neat and reactive look with all the important power and functionality you need to create a full and flawless newspaper website in no time at all.

Key characteristics of the SKT magazine: The News Magazine is a user-friendly, free WordPress News Styles themed magazine with a clear and slim look. The fully reactive interface offers a variety of layouts and many useful chapters. There is a bigger slide control to present your latest news in an interesting way.

It' s very basic, neat and user-friendly - so anyone with no programming skills can create a website in just a few moments. Key characteristics of the News Magazine: The MH Magazine Lite is one of the most favorite WordPress topics in the WordPress Topics Archive. It' a minimalistic WordPress topic developed for on-line magazine, news sites, blog editing sites.

It' a fully reactive WordPress topic that looks good on all types of device, both cell phones and laptop computers. Principal functions of the MH magazine Lite: olorMag is another breathtaking WordPress topic for an on-line edition of journals, papers, or blog posts. Comes with a full website look that you would need for a periodicals website.

It' s a fully portable, reactive design that fits well to any type and sizes of devices used to surf the site. ColorMag major functions: It is a neat and reactive free WordPress topic issue. Every single item in the story has been meticulously designed and is fully customisable to give you the best viewing experiences ever.

There are a wide range of themes available such as layouts, styles, featured contents, icon sets, menus, etc. so you can create your website in a truly one-of-a-kind way. Key characteristics of Ready Magazine: Humans these days favor neat and easy sites than the complex ones with many choices, classifications, etc.

And if you are one of them who likes easy layouts, Hiero is the subject for you. This is a great WordPress topic with a completely appealing look and great functionality to build a full website for news or periodicals. Hiero's key features: Poseidon is a free WordPress topic for journals.

Provides a nice full frame slide show, roomy whites, layouts, clean type, HTML5 and CSS3, user-defined headers, etc. This has a ready-to-use, slim styling that is suitable for periodicals and news sites. Poseidon's key features: The First Mag is a minimalistic contemporary WordPress Magazin theming. Using the Customizing pane, you can immediately adjust the look with previewing.

It' SEO-friendly and fast topic to help you to help content user to establish. Key characteristics of First Mag: The CW is a free WordPress topic for news and journal sites. There is a ready-to-use, fast-reacting cartridge design that looks great on all machines. There is a nice slide control to show the articles or top-notes.

Key characteristics of CW Magazine: Dynamically News Lite is best suited to build a vibrant and high-performance news website. Offering fat and nice typefaces and colours to make your breathtaking web site. Featuring nice slide control choices to view your reviews, headers searching and scrolling symbols, as well as a full homepage of the magazines.

Key functions of Dynamic News Lite: The SuperMag is a feature-rich and high-performance WordPress Magazin topic that lets you quickly build a great website. Provides you with a greater degree of design customization to fully fit the design from headers, footers, sidebars, colors, etc. You can also build a full website with the breakin news module, as well as using your existing online content management system, your own online content management system, and your date and date viewing capabilities.

Key SuperMag features: With Enamag, you can get a free and fast WordPress Magazin that' s built on the Bootstrap 3+ frame. Featuring many great functions, this beautiful design is the ideal option for your newspaper or newspaper website. It comes with endless layout, colour scheme and is font Awesome icon style, so customise your website.

Key characteristics of Enamag: Point is a free WordPress Magazin with free creativity and top quality functions. Allows you to customise your design directly from the extended option area - without any coding. Designed with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 markups, this design is highly customizable and easy to use.

Key characteristics of Point: The Gadgetry is a free WordPress topic for blogs and magazines sites. It' s a fully reactive and retina-ready design that looks great on any device, even cell phone, tablet or desktop. Gadgetry's key features: Just as a news desk provides a broad news distribution channel, MH News Desk Lite provides a great way to build a news website.

Topic is designed with a strong emphasis on message contents and a design that fits a news website. It' based on the Customizer utility, which allows you to fully customize the design with preview files. Principal functions of MH Newsdesk Lite: The Awaken is an elegantly free WordPress topic for journals and news sites.

There is a reactive design that was done with the Twitter boatstrap and looks great on all machines. It' built on the Customizer tools that allow you to immediately customise the design and build your own website. Awaken' characteristics: It' a minimalistic subject, perfectly suited for mode, cosmetic and life-style magazine, journey blogger or photo journalist.

Silk Lite lets you build a fantastic website right away with an easy-to-use user experience and great themes choices. Silk Lite key features: Whitepaper is a WordPress topic for Blogger and Magazines Sites. In order to build an on-line site with your own blog, event, news, etc., the site topic is just right.

Has an extremely reactive design and an SEO-friendly user surface. Portal Principal Functions: Mescolumn is a free WordPress topic that has been designed wonderfully for journals. It' a high-performance design that lets you adjust the design preferences and create a website with style. It' s compatibility with great WordPress plugs like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, etc.

Principal characteristics of the measuring column: New Mix has a nice, versatile lay-out that is suitable for both on-line and newspaper use. Key characteristics of News Mix Light: NewPress Lite is a free WordPress news magazin with a professionally designed look. This is a full service news agency or journal publisher website to build an on-line copy of their work.

Offering infinite slide, infinite color and infinite options to customize your website. Key NewsPress Lite features: Mathematata is a highly customizable, free WordPress Magazin stylish topic with essential functionalities. Design is completely reactive and translatable - it looks great on a monitor of any magnitude and works seamlessly with any device.

Matata key features: Fortunately, there are so many great WordPress news topics that make our job much simpler. It is really interesting to have such astonishing topics for free. Many thanks to WordPress and everyone who advertises for the WordPress comunity. And last but not least: Please let me know your experiences with one of these topics if you have already used it.

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