Wordpress next Post

Worldpress next post

This template tag is used on individual permalink pages and shows a link to the next post that exists in chronological order from the current post. <font color="#ffff00">Description You can use this templated tags on individual permissionink pages to display a hyperlink to the next post that appears in the order of the actual post. Normally (within the unmodified loop) create your own links to posts that are newer (younger) than the actual post.

Unlike the similarly titled previous_posts_link, which usually refers to a page of contributions older than the actual stack. You must use this tags in The Loop file type (string) (Optional) file type string for the links. Here you can navigate what comes before and after the links.

The ' %link' in the character chain is substituted by what is defined as 'link' (see next parameter). Go to %link' generates "Go to

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