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WordPress cannot be created without a theme, but you can improve your appearance by redesigning a website from scratch. Best route would be a framework or another light theme - I always recommend Ocean WP as it is the most complete free theme. "The developer fucked me and gave me a design without a stylesheet." ftp the created file page-cleanpage.php in your WordPress theme folder, which is wp-content ->

themes -> themes -> yourthemename.

What is the best way to upload an HTML page to WordPress without using a theme? Could it be?

The WordPress application will require that you use a theme. Therefore, there is no good excuse to try to eliminate the themes feature. It does sound, however, as if you want to include a fixed HTML page instead of your default WordPress page, which is created automatically and uses the WYSIWYG editors and features. Basically, you can insert all your regular HTML files there without using the WordPress dynamics.

It is also possible to create pages in the WordPress Word background and adjust the HTML for each page by generating a file in your current theme directory named page-{slug}.php, where schlug is the slot of the page you want to navigate. You can use the WordPress shortcuts to show different plug-in dates, if the plugins supports short codes (you can always create them yourself).

WorldPress tries to make the design process easier by providing a set of ready-made features that will help you not to repeat yourself. By what it may sound like, you want to jump past most of the WordPress magics and conquer a whole bunch of the uses of using WordPress with just some WordPress plug-in feature.

Modify the pages index.php, page-{slug}.php, 404.php, header.php and footer.php in your current topic directory and remove all WordPress features. Please note: I don't see the benefits in any other way than a poor understanding of WordPress topic integration. You can use do_shortcode http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/do_shortcode to call plug-in features directly outside the queue without having to display the WYSIWYG contents of a page.

Although it might be more time consuming, in the long run it is rewarding to have a few lessons to learn the fundamentals of WordPress HTML -> Theme Integration. Knowing pays for itself.

Top 10 common WordPress theme problems & how to fix them

Each day, not only on WordPress.org, but also in other bulletin boards and of course on the supports page of almost all topic creators, they are opened to very frequent problems that can be resolved very quickly and simply. I' m sure theme creators and members of the fellowship are quite tired of replying to these frequently asked question over and over again, so I've chosen to do the following article that covers some of the most frequent WordPress theme problems so you can add a favorite and have it available.

You just download or bought a great design and go to the installation page and see the great news below: Obviously it is possible that the tip you got had no styling. This is a small version of the original script, but more likely the problem is that you didn't load the theme directory.

Find the topic file you have on your computer and open it (if it is zip, extract and open it). Well, if you open it, you should see all your data in it, if not, then the topic is probably in a subdirectory. Our premier theme, for example, all have the theme in an executable theme group.

In general it is evident somewhere and the real topic directory will probably have the same name as the topic. You can zip it and use WordPress to download it, or FTP the extracted directory. You have your theme already and now you're loading up an example. nml-files, which the theme-developer provided so nicely, and again you get an bug!

As a rule, the "failed" export failure is 1 of 2 things. One is that it might try to download postal or taxonomic items from user-defined postal type that do not yet exists. Enable theme: Ensure that the design you are using is in use. Open the example in a text box and try to find one of these and test the links in your web browsers.

However, the simplest way is probably to get in touch with the topic's developers and tell them that the pictures will not be downloaded. Would it be great if a theme you have enabled looks exactly like the demonstration once it has been enabled? If you use the integrated demonstration import tool, our WordPress theme will do this, but not every theme can be as fantastic as this one.

So, if you have a design in place (and it's example data), but your website doesn't match the design demonstration, there are a few very frequent reason why your homepage might look different. Unless your design requires a page style for the homepage design, make sure this setting is to " Your last posts".

" When your design uses a home page style sheet, have your website configured to use a fixed home page. Many theme designers use user-defined page styles for their home page layout. You should of course of course start by reading the documentations, but if there is no header above it and you want to make a new page, please go to Page Attributes > Page Style in the Notepad and see if there is a Home, Homepage, Frontpage or similar style sheet.

Standard WordPress is not a very "pretty" standard WordPress layout, much less pronounced on WordPress content and much less on WordPress content. So, when you first set up your site, your website may look nasty with your own website address (a misunderstanding of your postal ID, publication date, postal heading, and even category). When you have postings that now return a 404 page bug, you don't (yet) get panicky, most of the while your postings are still there and you just need to refresh your permission link preferences to fix the problem.

It is very frequent for topics that use user-defined mailtype. Each time you enable a new design that uses user-defined mail type, you should always revert to your permission link preferences. However, if this does not work, you may need to upgrade your . ttaccess files manual (Note: We do not suggest you do this yourself if you are new to WordPress, you will need to consult a free lance programmer for help).

For more information about using WordPress permission links in your WordPress code, see the following section. To those who use WordPress every day, you probably won't have this problem, but if you're very new to WordPress or you used WordPress a few years ago and just got it back, you might be puzzled as to why your menus are empty when you installed the design.

WordPress theme by default has a relapse for the WordPress drop-down list if there is no set up, but not all theme creators have added this to their own theme. In order to ensure that your setups work, go to Aussehen > MenĂ¼ to set up your setups. Underneath your submenu you should see "Show locations" - these are the areas integrated in your topic.

While some topics may have only one major item, others may have tonnes of items. Before WordPress 2.9 there was no picture posting (post thumbnail) in WordPress, so many topics used beta selections or user-defined boxes to define pictures or they had no kind of standard thumbnail.

So, maybe you're moving from an older design to a new one that supports the presented pictures, or maybe your previous design was just very small and didn't use them. We won't take you an hour to go through your hundred contributions, to adjust the presented picture (or maybe you are), so there's a fast fix and it comes in the shape of a plug-in!

An easy way is to use the Easy Thumbnail plug-in to put selected pictures on old entries by default. Simply reinstall, enable and obey the prompts to attach pictures to old postings. Many WordPress topics these days are using JavaScript/jQuery to improve the topics and include things like picture slider, switches, chords, tab, mobile menu, picture move....etc.

When these functions no longer work on your topic or have abruptly ceased to work, this is most likely due to some kind of Java Script bug that brings everything to a standstill. When it is, then you can now enable your 1 to 1 back plug-in and if it fails, you will know that the last plug-in was the one that caused the problem (note this plug-in, disable it and then do the same).

As soon as you know which plugin/plugins are responsible for the problem, you can either look for a new one with the same features that are compliant, or you can call the plug-in or theme designer to tell them about the problem (look at the page first to see what the real problems are, so that you can call the appropriate individual - if it's a plug-in bug, please write a notice to the plug-in designer, or if it's a theme bug, the theme dev).

Thus you have your theme all set up and now you want to modify the way it looks like to give it more of your own "personality" and really make it fit your make, shop, niche... etc. You' ve begun to add a customized style sheet to your site or modify the style sheet, but when you update your site, none of your changes take effect!

Your most frequent problem is that you have some kind of W3 Total Cache plug-in and cache your CCS. The WordPress Customizer: When using the Theme Customizing tool, you should try to click the Remember icon and then refresh the page to see if your changes take effect. When you try to easily modify the wallpaper with the WordPress wallpaper dashboard, problems may occur if the design you are using has an appropriate picture for the wallpaper.

The WordPress Notepad changes: When you try to make changes using the WordPress editing tool in Appearance > Appearance Notepad, the changes may not be saved due to service privileges, but if they are, you get an issue. I' ve refreshed my theme and all my changes are gone!

Most likely the reason for this is that you have made changes to your templates manually, such as the style.css filename (usually). Once you update your design, your processed data will be overridden with the standard theme bar. For this reason, we NEVER advise you to make any changes to the initial design.

In case you have your own manually backed up file, you should be able to recover your topic file via FTP. If you want to make changes to your designs in the near term, you should use one (or more) of the following: User-defined style sheet plug-in. When you only need a few small optimizations, you can use a customized style sheet plug-in to make your optimizations and make sure that they are not removed during a theme upgrade.

Make a sub-topic. Sub design creation is probably the best way to customize your design, allowing you the greatest degree of customization and even editing templates file (besides simple styles. css), removing or adding new scripting, and adding user-defined features. Read this review to find out how to make a WordPress children's theme.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that you back up your WordPress site (which is different from the types of servers that your host organization can offer) using one of the following methods: Regardless of whether you edit the templates file by hand (preferably no to) or with a minor design, generating a custom change log is the best way for you to keep an eye on any changes you've made to the design.

Here you go - 10 popular WordPress bugs and fixes so you can fix them. You should also check out this manual that we have written about installing your Themeforest WordPress theme (although it contains hints that would cover most themes) for more hints. When you have other problems, your first move should be to do a fast Google sweep to see if you can find an answer yourself.

If, after doing your own research, you still can't find an answer, contact the theme or plug-in writer (if it's a problem with your product) or go to a board like Reddit or Envato to see if a member of the local Community can help. Probabilities are the mistake you get is more frequent than you think!

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