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Use the official Twitter plugin on your WordPress website

Whilst there are many WordPress plug-ins for WordPress, such as the great JM tweet maps we checked some time ago, the community graphics artist has recently published its own official expansion for the publication tool that runs almost 25% of all sites. Now that it has been published, you can use the official plug-in to upload many of the best functions of Twitter to your website.

So, if you don't yet need to post a release to your website and click a button to your website, or begin to take full benefit of your cards, now is the right moment to do so with the official WordPress plug-in. Even though it is a recently published plug-in, it still offers some useful functions for the integration of Twitter into your website.

Previously, the checklist included the option to include Twitter in your postings and select a design to customise their look, include Twitter embedded videos, include a Twitter shared key, view a Twitterollow key, include Twitter analysis and activate Twitter cards for your contents. Maybe the best thing about the plug-in is the possibility to generate user-defined message types for each posting.

This news is then used as tweeting feed when you or your reader shares one of your contributions. In this way, you can make sure that certain Twitter members are referred to when your contents are divided, or that certain hash tags are contained when a posting is twittered.

All of this can help the webmasters who share your contributions, get more viewpoints and get more rettweets, which in turn helps bring more traffic to your site. When you add the above functions to your website, all packaged in an easy-to-use user friendly interface that sound pleasing, then continue reading for our guidelines on how to set up the official Twitter plug-in on your WordPress website.

Since the Twitter plug-in is freely usable, it can be directly downloaded from the WordPress plug-in folder on your website. You need Php 5 to run this plug-in. When you are not sure which release you have, you can use the free Display Python Display plug-in to find out. In order to be able to install the plug-in, login to the administration area of your website (http://yoursite.com/wp-login. php) and browse to Plugins > Create New via the side bar navigation area.

On the Add Plugins page, type plugins in the'?Twitter' box and then download and run the official Twitter release. After installing and activating the plug-in, it can be set up via the Twitter entry in the administration side bar. Overall plug-in setup is very simple.

These allow you to select a colour theme for your embedding web pages to coincide with the remainder of your site, type in your own user name and determine when and where the web page web page web page web page web page tweet should appear on your post. After you have finished configuring the plug-in, click the Store icon to use the functions on your website.

Add a beta text field to the editor window. Out of this submenu, you can type a customized teet to be used each and every times you or one of your users share these posts. Since the plug-in contains Twitter Card functionality, you can also use this subbox to generate a Twitter Card body that will be created from this posting.

To use Twitter Cards, you must first verify your website. However, this procedure only involves entering the address of a posting in the Twitter Map validator page. Twitter Cards is available for your whole website and only needs to be used once.

If you or your reader now click on the Twitter link of a contribution, the Twitter news bulletin board will be pre-filled with your individual news and havehtags. You can still let your reader process the news, but they also have a fast and simple way to easily split your contents with the customized news you create.

When you have Twitter Cards activated and added a picture to your posting, a Twitter Cards will be used instead of the default Twitter Cards. A further characteristic of this plug-in is the possibility to show a followed badge in the side bar or another widgettized area of your website. When you want to include this icon in your website, go to the Widgets window under the Appearance pop-up menus and simply click and drag-and-drop the Twitter Follow icon Widgeget onto one of your widgets.

Then just enter your data to see a pushbutton that makes it easier for your reader to easily track you on Twitter. To learn more about how to use the enhanced functionality of this plug-in, please refer to the official document pages. While many of the functions of this plug-in can be found in other third-party Twitter plug-ins, it's great to have an official choice to turn to, especially one that's so simple to use.

The Twitter Card is a great way to highlight your Twitter contents when they are share by you or your readership. And since this plug-in will add a beautiful working surface for these maps directly from your WordPress website, it's a great choice for anyone who hasn't yet used this Twitter function.

Whilst some things from my wishlist didn't make it to this plug-in, like the ability to make more than one tweet for a single posting, which is selected at random when a posting is tweet ted, it still has many useful things to install that are worthwhile. There are plans by the developer behind this plug-in to continually adding new functionality, so it's a good idea to keep an eyeball on this plug-in to see how it will be expanded in the near term.

Please feel free to post a review if you have any question about this plug-in or the integration of Twitter into your WordPress website.

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