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Best 30+ free one-page WordPress Themes 2018 The WordPress is largely built on a multi-page lay-out scheme, which has not always been the case. WordPress was only a blogsite when it first came on the market, while today WordPress is an active business tool, and many companies have also switched their online presences to WordPress. Web sites for businesses, portfolio and agencies are usually run on a landing page, or purely B2B, theme, but in some cases - you see WordPress sites run with only one page. These are referred to as One Page Sites. There is no need to be fluffed of extra pages, it is a kind of what you see is what you get, all within a page.

One-sided topics can be very beneficial for product-based companies because they allow one-sided issues to allow products to be focused on one thing only: explaining the products thoroughly and getting visitors to turn into customers. They are also ideal for graphics professionals or other creatives because they concentrate exclusively on bringing the visitors down from the top of the page; and whatever happens in the center is the central point for every visit.

Undoubtedly we have a few great free one-page topics for WordPress to cover, but at the same we would like to invite you to take some pause and discover our other summary: best one-page topics for WordPress! There are more options for this line than what we have collected here, and these topics have a higher chances of having the kind of designs you want to use on your own professionally designed website.

Sapely is our very own WordPress One-Page templates, ideal for those of you who like to work with professionally designed layout that are easily customizable. Structured to ensure that both shop owner and artist have no problem creating a clear products or portfolios page that can limit the range of your work.

We use Bootstrap 3 as the backend of the theme, which means a fully reactive theme and a highly customisable theme code base that you can connect and administer at any point. Ildy is a fascinating multi-purpose WordPress theme created with the Bootstrap 3 Framework. It' s unadulterated styling and readily rivals some of the best premier theme designs on the web, of course - it's our own theme, and we take great pleasure in offering free theme like this with the features of a premier one.

ILDY is an outstanding option for shopkeepers, creative professionals, self-employed professionals, home users and anyone who needs a power socket for their website. You are welcome to post your comments in our custom forum if errors occur, and we have added succinct topic file docs to help you get started with setting up Idol.

This is a WordPress theme with a nimble lay-out and quick response. Comes with a one-sided size that is simple to setup. It' s down-to-earth and professionally, but it also allows you to personalise. Delivered with Google boundless fonts for text and color for layouts. Showcase your company with this online presentation in the new area!

The Ascendant is a WordPress theme. The Ascendant has a highly reactive lay-out to adapt to any given situation. The Kira Lite is designed using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 designs. Using this technique also makes Kira Lite suitable for portable use. Kira Lite's creativity and use of advanced web site designs makes it a great fit for sites that are focused on land pages, portfolio, photographic, agency, small company and even e-commerce companies.

This theme is tailored to the latest global trend in web analytics and ensures that your website is perceived by webmasters. In addition, it is updated on a regular basis to reflect the needs of new WordPress versions and to address vulnerabilities. Although Regina Lite was initially developed as a WordPress theme for the healthcare sector, Regina's visitors have not been hesitant to use the provided templates for websites related to commercial, creative, sporting and general agencieservices.

These are the three areas where Regina Lite stands out the most, offering you a unique way to build a truly fitting website. With WooCommerce you can open your own shop with this theme. A free one-page WordPress theme, it is widely used by creatives, creators, photographers as well as agents focusing on portfolio-oriented work.

Conceived from the bottom up to mirror the latest fashion designs, it includes reactive styling capabilities that easily adjust to different device styles and heights. Below is an original WordPress theme, but it is located on a one-page theme so it is an approachable option for your project where you need a one-page theme.

Endclosed's unique feature is the punched pitch screen, located throughout the entire website contents area, which gives a "special" feel. Here you will find a number of user-defined page styles, such as e.g. contacts and other. CPOThemes' Transcend is a tailor-made WordPress one-page theme, designed to be used by professional and small businessmen.

This has the necessary component that web pages of this kind would need. Beginning with a customizable contentslider that doesn't go beyond the entire page, but also the nicely styled assets to display your company's portfolios and service offerings. The Transcend is a portable design that places great value on colourful usability, so if you like a certain colour diversity in your design, take a look at this design!

Rara Topics people know what they're doing when it comes to a WordPress page topic, and Rara Topics' One Page is clear evidence of that. It is a cutting-edge and neat topic that will be of great use to small company web sites, as well as small and medium sized companies, consultancies, digital agents, companies, individual contractors, those who own a web site, and even blogs themselves.

This theme focuses on designing contents, be it single elements that show your services or a full-width testimonial widget that puts your contents first so your readership can quickly get from point A to point Z. HooThemes One Page Scroll is a highly reactive WordPress One-Page theme created with the Bootstrap Frontend Platform.

It' s packed with greats like Font Awesome and the Options Framework to offer a groundbreaking way to make changes to your website layout. InkThemes One Page is as professionally designed as you would ever want it to be. One of the most important reviews from other people is the WordPress Customizer integrator, which allows One Page visitors to edit parts of their website with a click.

The One Page site offers a wide range of business-critical section items such as services, portfolio items, blog news, video content, testimonial reviews, product pricing, team members, and innumerable others that ensure the usability of a business-oriented website. It' s up to you which areas of your website you want to have.

With One Page, you have the freedom to easily create and delete the section you want. Iografica' Onepage (not to be mistaken for the above theme name) is a nice WordPress theme for One Page sites and applications. It was recently unveiled to the general audience what makes it refreshing and enhanced with advanced functions that we often see on favorite sites.

It' portable and plugs into the Customizer to give a webmaster like you as much flexibility as possible to customize the look yourself. Onepage' makers have worked to ensure that the topic of e-commerce is supported by e-commerce tools such as Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. 99colorthemes (Themespade) is the new child on the bloc, looking to take the free WordPress theme fair by leaps and bounds and bounds, and we have to give these boys recognition where it's due - the PageLine One Page Theme is a work of artwork and definitely a big candidate to surpass the chart of the most coveted singles page theme.

Full width and full vertical headers of the homepage follow on from the menus (which are scrolling with the users anyway) and create a rigorous pro style that small companies and business agents, as well as start-ups and freelancers who would like to be the first to point out their work on the website, would appreciate.

Building an educational theme that is used by many is not always an uncomplicated job, but the Rara Theme designers have a certain feeling for what they are doing, as it clearly shows. WordPress Educational Zone theme has an overall sleek overall theme with a focus on feature color and its appropriate placement in the theme.

Its code base is neat, well annotated, and offers every programmer the possibility to change this topic at their own discretion and without additional work. Unparalleled functions and items include user-defined menu items, advertising flags, active counter panels, user-defined program chapters, progress report chapters, call-to-action flags, and ways to present your information in online content.

I can imagine that we would pay for this topic if it were not available for free, but since it is, there is no need not to get our fingers on it. The HashOne immediately senses a WordPress theme for your work. HashOne designers encourage the webmaster to use this theme for websites and websites that are related to blogs, photographs, freelancers, graphics art, small businesses, non-profit organizations, agencies and enterprise requirements.

Our homepage is subdivided into chapters, and these chapters can give you the tool to get a whole bunch of flooring for your company. There is no specific order to the HashOne sections: Note that you can reorder these segments in the way that best suits your transaction category.

As there are other issues that arise from this, we can also give him an honourable note. Developed by Themeisle, it is generally called the WordPress One-Page theme for enterprise use. Over 20,000 Llorix One blogged sites use Llorix One, many of which are fully functional businesses, start-ups and portable applications that need a pro-world digital footprint to drive the sale and transformation of their products.

Fully compliant with your most popular plug-ins, such as WooCommerce, bbPress, JetPack, SEO plug-ins, Llorix One has a globally designed, searching engine friendly interface. is ridiculously popular in the free WordPress theme book. Featuring functions and utilities suited for Web sites related to businesses, portfolios, freelancers, creativity and customization, as well as showcase-related Web sites, this contemporary, one-page WordPress theme is both rich and contemporary.

Integrated theme fitting frameworks show you how WordPress's customisation capabilities have developed and how you can modify the look and feel of your website with a click. The FameThemes is an establised trademark in the WordPress theme developer community, and its topics are always optimised for maximal exposed sites and optimum website performances, which is a well known rank among popular searching engines.

The One Paze from AccessPress Themes is the kind of theme that immediately makes a permanent impact on people. Parallax theme-wide technical assistance provides great consumer experience for a potential web site application or application launcher. Although One Paze is a one-sided customization, you can always choose the simple one-click demonstration installer to immediately build a fully operational website.

FirstPirate will be a good option if you are planning to build a very easy One Page WordPress website. If we think of individual (one) page topics, we usually think of the common step-by-step lay-out, but we hardly ever think of HooThemes like that in their SinglePage designs.

It' a truly stunning piece of creativity that is in the game here, and we wonder what it was that got these boys to go the Extra Mile and offer such a truly one-of-a-kind WordPress theme adventure. You' ll see in the demonstration that SinglePage is built on a "Slider Style" design where each section of the site is subdivided into a full-page slide that can be filled with any type of component, element, and convention.

Sessions are great for displaying application and general purpose softwares where you want to embed visual demos or interactively preview features. Responsible styling is quite important these days when there are different types of equipment on the market. The single page theme for WordPress is fully functional in all popular web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc. and works perfectly on portable media like smart phones, tablets and so on.

One is a coveted theme choice for sectors such as consultancy, healthcare, financial services, small businesses, start-ups, creativity firms, advertising, marketing, community relations and many others. It is the contemporary styling with a mobile-friendly lay-out that makes BUY ONE so appealing. Featuring sophisticated website areas and subcomponents adjacent to these areas, the Core One theme puts your assets in the limelight every step of the way.

Full documentary explains how to customise colours in limitless variety, how to use hundred of free Google Web font typefaces and how to use WooCommerce to create a free storage facility on your website. On-take is a one-page theme with the emphasis on getting as much space as possible on your homepage alone.

The HooThemes staff has come up with a way to organise your commercial information properly on a unique page through imaginative concept and understand your designs, without having the sensation of overwhelming your website with pointless things. I Am One's developer didn't delay to add as many homepage areas as possible.

In the case of topics with individual pages, it is important that the homepage exactly describes what your company is all about. However, I Am One is suited for a number of industry-related Web sites, not just generalty. Professionals, contractors and even the healthcare sector can benefit from the features of this theme.

In this way a fulfilled surfing adventure can be created. The Onetone is a free WordPress One Page Theme with a fully portable and user-friendly theme. Designed for commercial and private use. Also, Onetone is not your signature WordPress theme in a way that it doesn't just touch statically. Meanwhile, fellow developer teams at MogeeWP have done their best to add as many CSS3 movies as possible to this topic.

Create a personalised shopping environment for your corporate and advertising sites. The Winsome is a new flag ship of Promenade Themes; a group of designers who are not afraid to invest a lot of effort in improving a work. Winsome will do really well in both single page and multi page environments; there are demonstration preview for both of them.

Winning theme choices are fully managed through the Live Customizer, so you can make useful theme changes in realtime. WiSome contains unparalleled features such as counter intelligence for commercial issues and user-defined call to action items with full wallpaper pictures. There is also a very special page bottom page footing page request interface that combines with Google Maps for maximized commercial presence.

Simply brilliantly in every respect! While Clarina has this fashion sense, she still concentrates on creating products that meet and exceed bootstrap requirements. It has been designed by our engineers for use on suites of sites for businesses, softwares, start-ups and more. For WordPress, the best one-page topics are those that give the users the power to create.

I' m sure Clarina is one of those topics. Oh, and it's built on the Llorix One theme we talked about before, so you get all those succulent stuff from this theme too! Is it possible that the topic of this high level of service will be published free of charge? ParislaxSome has some serious designer chaops, and typical this kind of workmanship is reserved only for high-end topics.

It' s conceived to show the infinite possibilities of the ParallaxSome theme. You will also find information on how to use this topic. You can use this theme to build the flawless start or finish website for yourself.

So you can debate your products in a unique feature without loosing your own room for heroism. The Eight Sec by DegreeThemes is a free WordPress theme with a one-page theme designed by you. Built on the Live Customizer, Eight Sec ensures that you can quickly make useful changes to your designs.

And you can choose between Full Width and Boxing layouts for added authenticity to your website. Engineers reviewed this topic for its ability to respond on the move and also for assistance from the most advanced web browser. The Plato theme had its first successes on its introduction date. In the last few month there have been no big Plato theme upgrades.

Nevertheless, its styling still provides a professionally designed tool for anyone who needs a robust one-page website styling for their WordPress website. The Eleganto is the highlight of every theme that we have collected so far, packaged in a nice designer pack. It' amazing how different Eleganto looks from all the other One Page topics we have cover.

The fact that this topic is available for free downloading also makes it even more attractive. He uses full -length animation with css3, and very skillfully uses parallax to make an immersive impression. The slightly overturned homepage areas with their huge variety of colours and additional visuals are very popular.

Creating an engaging website browser viewing sensation. Eleganto allows you to start your company, your company or your advertising company now and build a long-term online visibility. Featuring built-in customizer capabilities for simple changes in designs, it focuses on large type to convey the messages. In addition, you don't even need to have so much WordPress expertise.

After all, it is absolutely reactive and willing to help you selling your product through the WooCommerce shop solutions. For reputable companies that understand how to appreciate self explaining and self explaining corporate functions, Integral is the right choice. It is also the Lite edition of the theme. The Pro Edition, on the other hand, produces even more weapons to make your company stand out.

One of the key strengths of the Integral theme is the capability to present different contents in a single page layout. Indeed, the developer has used the NovelBlue kernel theme to promote this topic that we have seen before. They' re building it on a "fresher" theme. So if you are a freelancer or a company planning to start selling something on-line, NovelLite is fully WooCommerce-enabled.

Selecting, selecting and eventually making a decision about the ultimate theme that you will use for your WordPress website is not always simple. With the flexibility of WordPress, we can sometimes make the error of selecting a theme too quickly. This free, one-page WordPress topic listing is an attempt to make your choice as varied as possible.

We focused on free individual page topics that supported customisation and adapted to customer-specific changes in coding. Tell us which theme you have chosen and why you thought it was the best choice for your website.

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