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Instructions on how to install WordPress manually. Those guidelines could also be interesting you....

In order to have the WordPress plattform installed on your hosted share packages, we recommend that you purchase an FTP client such as FileZilla (free). Obtain your FTP ID and your passphrase so you can sign in to your hosting-package. In addition, you will need your SQL Data Base ID and your login information to login to the data base.

Visit the WordPress website. Normally the filename is compacted ( "zipped"), so you need to be able to pull the filenames to your computer. Navigate to the directory that contains the ziped directory you just download. Right click on the directory and choose "Extract All...". Specify a target to unzip your data to a new directory.

In order to up-load the WordPress documents into your host plan, you must first register. To connect to a FTP host using FTP, please complete these instructions: Please complete these instructions to FTP your data. Open in the section "Local Website", which relates to the directory of your computer's data base, the unpacked WordPress data base, which will contain your CMS-data.

This is the directory where you have to put your CMS-documents. lf this directory does not exists, you can add it. You have to store your data in the www directory, otherwise you will not be able to use your domainname to get your data. The section "Local Website" contains all the necessary data to be able to install WordPress CMS.

Next, using simple drag and drop, move the file to the "Remote Site" section in the "www" directory. There is a good chance that the wwww file is not empty. There is no need to delete the included data. File is transmitted. Delay until all your data is stored on the FTP site.

Make sure that all your data sets and directories have been properly transmitted when the transmission is over. It is the end of the section dealing with the FTP file transfers. To connect your WordPress data base, you have to do the CMS installation work. Data base name: Selected when creating in client area.

ID: Data base ID. Password: An e-mail was sent to you when you were creating the data base - you may have modified it. Data base address: Type the name of your data base servers, which is specified in the install e-mail or your client area. Spreadsheet Prefix: useful to install WordPress many multiple instances on the same data base.

Important: The data base identifiers are not sent when you install the host plan. In order to get it, you must activate the data base in your client area. Press "Send" to validate the access data for the data base. This is the last step to establish a connection between your data base and WordPress. To complete the installation of the WordPress blogs, follow these simple instructions.

To proceed, click "Perform installation" or similar. Type the information you request to administer your WordPress blog: Site Title: Type the name of your blogs. ID:Select the ID of your user account to administer your blogs. Twice Password: Type your selected passphrase twice to access your WordPress Blogsadmin.

Privacy: If this checkbox is ticked, browsers will rate the site. In order to begin the WordPress setup, click on green]"Install WordPress". Now your WordPress blogs are installe! Now you can login and begin working on your own blogs. Have a look at the WordPress admin panels. Visit the WordPress Forums.

If you have configured your site to use FTP, the "Site under construction" page will still be shown. Please note: The website file must be placed in the "www" directory in order to view your website.

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