Wordpress page Creator

Creator of Wordpress page

Now, there are several great drag and drop plugins for the page creator for WordPress. Create a WordPress landing page and publish it to your website within minutes - without programming or WP topics. Originator - Visual page creator for WordPress by From topics

Creator is a great WordPress plug-in that lets you make amazing things even on average topics.

It' a great plug-in that allows you to easily generate page contents and easily add them by dragging and dropping, without changing the source/coding. It' s great to work with and it' s incredible to use. It' very straightforward and it will save you a great deal of work. Once you have installed the plug-in, just generate a new page from the WordPress backend.

Everything is unbelievably simple to use, without a line of coding. More than 70 items will be added with each upgrade. Creator adjusts to your look when you modify your color scheme. This way you always have a professionally looking user surface of the Backend Page Builder. What's more, you always have a user friendly backend page editor.

Colour choices are available for most items using an enhanced colour selector utility with alphabetic-opacessing. Unrestricted number of permutations are possible, if you need to create via us page, service page or any other page you want, Creator will edit it and you will quickly explode. When you use a single page more than once, store it and then upload it to each new page.

You have the possibility to download your previously generated page layouts for each empty page. It can also be used for small parts of contents such as individual sections and then simply loaded into pages that you like. All you want to do is focus on the Creator? The Creator covers everything else and gives you the largest possible room to produce your work.

Topic creators can overwrite any front-end of the Creator so that it becomes their own and is wonderfully integrated into the topic. You can easily add new items as short codes. Plug-in designers can easily build new items by just building short code and overwriting old items in the same way. Because it is user-friendly, the plug-in is also suitable for development.

All WordPress and third party Widgets can be used in Creator. Just build new side bars in the Creator Option, insert a widget into them, and then insert the side bar into the page using Creator. We have a plug-in ready for use with . po and . mo data sets. Just use Poedit or Poedit translations plug-ins to compile it and it works instantly with most common multilingual and translations plug-ins.

Enhance them with colour or sample overlays. Each element is certified according to the latest specification and meets all norms and regulations. Our lightning-fast technical assistance will help you with any problem you may have when installing and using the plug-in. Use the TGM plug-in activation classes to integrate the Creator into topics.

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