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Twelve useful WordPress plugins for page layouts Visual Composer is difficult to defeat when it comes to plug-ins for the page layouts on your WordPress page. With over 200 uniquely designed add-ons, this easy-to-use drag-and-drop page generator helps developers and beginners build almost any conceivable page lay-out. However, for those who only want to change one page in a certain way, this high-performance page Builder is probably superfluous.

That' s why we have searched CodeCanyon for the most useful WordPress page layouts plug-ins and developed them to 12 different requirements. No matter whether you're looking for just the right raster to your blogs post, photographs, products, Testimonials, your favorite content, your favorite content, your favorite service or whatever else you have in mind, The Essential WordPress Plugin The Essential Web Press has it all covered.

The multi-function mesh allows you to present any type of contents on your WordPress page in an elegantly rasterized format of your own preference. First, you must choose which network you want to use for your network record. Then, adjust the raster by picking from three available style options before you select the desired number of column and row and set the distance for the elements.

Remarkable Features: Multiple source of contents possible includes pictures, YouTube, HTML5 self-hosting videos, etc. The Essential Web WordPress plug-in is an attractive and visual way to present your WordPress page with your work. The FlatFolio is another great choice for those looking for an alternate raster outlay. In addition to the high adaptability, the plug-in has the added advantage that it offers both carousel and slider functionality.

Customize the raster with logo, caption, color overlay, title and subtitle, floating shadow, and more. Remarkable features: FlatFolio is a flexible and simple to use lay-out option for creative and other professionals who want to present their work. The Sidebar and Widgets Manager have listened to your prayer if you have ever wanted the liberty of placing a Widget in the Contents pane of your WordPress page.

It gives you full command over where to place the widget on the pages of your website by extending the placing capability beyond the Side Bar and Bottom Area to the Page Area. Remarkable features: The ability to attach widgets to any area of your WordPress page using the Addebar & Widget Manager plug-in is a great way to create your own custom page layouts.

WordPress is probably the most powerful plug-in in this line-up because it allows you to easily build any page you want in three easy clicks. Just insert a new page, design your own page using the drag-and-drop user-interface and then add your own contents.

Remarkable features: Stupid Simpl Ceremonials makes it really cool to easily include ceremonials or quotations in your page layouts. Featuring a short code that can be easily added to pages, postings and broadgets, the plug-in offers eight distinct ways to customize your page layouts. Remarkable features: Stupid Simpl Test is an easily accessible way to change your page layouts and will incorporate your test stories or offers into your website in a clear and professionally designed way.

As the Stupid Simple Testimonials plug-in above is devoted to the addition of simple test menus to your page layouts, the WordPress Meet the team shortcode plug-in is designed to add your teammates to your page layouts in an elegantly and professionally way. With the plug-in you can not only display members of your teams, but also sort them by category or group.

In addition, you can use the plug-in to create and administer customized member information such as jobs, location, social networking, etc. Remarkable features: The WordPress Meet the Shortcode plug-in is a good option if the presentation of your teams and its particularities to prospective website users is a top issue. JC WooCommerce Multistep checkout plug-in is developed to enhance the shopping experiences of your customers by substituting the standard WooCommerce shopping cart outline.

It is the goal of the plug-in to clearly represent every stage of the check-out procedure so that the user knows exactly where he is at all times and how far he is in the procedure. Remarkable features: WooCommerce JC Multistep is a good option for the refinement of your WooCommerce check-out processes.

What is a great website without an as good menue design that helps your users browse your contents smoothly? The UberMenu plug-in was developed to make navigating this simple. Heavily customizable and reactive, the plug-in provides seven major submenus and multiple submenus to meet a multitude of flavors and needs.

Remarkable features: simply added pictures, description, Google map, etc. The UberMenu works immediately after unpacking with the WordPress menu system, so you can get going quickly and simply and make beautiful menu creations. When you are looking for a neat and stylish way to keep your clientele, subscribers and/or supporters informed of your upcoming engagements, the addition of the WordPress Event calendar plug-in to your WordPress page layouts might be the right choice for you.

Remarkable features: Applicist User commends WordPress Event calendar for its "excellent user interface and functionality". The WordPress Axes plugin is all about boxing. There are 43 style fully featured User Guides to be exact, from which each user can choose whether to include and present website contents such as endorsements, sports symbols, members of teams, product, price list, etc.

Remarkable features: Although one of the newer supplements to CodeCanyon, WordPress Content Boxes plugin with Content Builder is sure to be a big favorite in the upcoming few month. The Flip Magazines is a nicely designed newspaper design that allows the user to flip through pages by pushing the forward or backward arrow keys. Creative people who want to present their picture galleries in the form of a full-area page of a newspaper, as well as those who want to present their WordPress postings in style, will be addressed.

Flip Magazine allows you to create limitless pages, each with its own unique preferences. Remarkable features: Featuring over 70 different style choices, this customizable plug-in will bring new vibrancy to the bottom of your WordPress pages. Remarkable features: The Smart Footer System plug-in gives you no excuses to have boring, slumbering footer lines on your website.

The 12 page layouts are only scratching the interface of the page layouts available in Envato Market. If you want to enhance your WordPress page construction capabilities, take a look at the useful free WordPressutorials we provide.

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