Wordpress page Theme

The Wordpress Page Theme

View the largest collection of free one-page WordPress themes. Take a look at all the appealing WordPress themes. constraints You can use this plug-in to show a different topic for each page of your blogs. You can use this plug-in to view a different topic for each of your blogs. Thanks to Stephen Carroll, whose scripts for the domains page inspired me to create this plug-in.

Thank you also to emposha.com for their picture selector scripts, which I unashamedly chopped and certainly made even harder.

Therefore, this plug-in may not work correctly if your set-up is extreme EXOT. Navigate to Administration > Plugins and enable this plug-in. "Page Theme" is open code music. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Getting different themes on different WordPress pages

Ever want to use more than one WordPress theme on a website at the same of all? Naturally, you can also make a page layout or even a certain postal layout and then customize it according to your wishes. Let's face it, most of us don't have the ability to redesign a model from the ground up and make it look good.

There is a way to associate any topic with certain pages or postings using a plug-in named Jonoradio Multiple Threads. Here's what we want - three different topics on the same website. It has a number of beautiful functions. Additionally to add different topics to single articles and pages, you can also add a topic to all articles and/or all pages.

You can also get another design for the homepage. For example, you can have a design for your homepage, one for your contributions, and one for your pages. While there are some restrictions and implications with this plug-in in relation to setting all your preferences, the plug-in writer has provided details and possible fixes in the help sections on the WordPress.org page of the plug-in.

It seems that the plug-in writer is also very busy in the forum. Another thing you should be alerted to here is that not all premier topics necessarily work with this plug-in. Some issues have too many conflict situations to be solved readily. However, if your need is for complex topics in different areas of your website and this plug-in does not serve the purpose, then you may have to consider working with a multisite installation and turning each section into a different website.

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