Wordpress Paragraph

Worldpress paragraph

Wrap a line instead of a paragraph " WordPress Knowledgebase Differentiation between paragraph and line breaks: There is a second line of text in the same paragraph, but it is seperated by a line feed. Shift and Return together to make a line wrap. To create a new paragraph, hit Enter itself. WordPress automaticly transforms line feeds into paragraph numbers and new line feeds into line feeds to avoid having to enter paragraph keys in your articles and pages.

Pressing the return button terminates the paragraph you are typing and starts a new paragraph. To begin a new line without making a new paragraph, combine the Shift and Return keys. If you leave an empty line between two rows, these are converted instead into separated paragraph numbers and the continuation of the next row converts them into a line feed.

There'?s a passage here. This is the second paragraph, divided by an empty line. Since WordPress generates paragraph files auto-generates, WordPress removes any paragraph tag () that you add to your text in the text editors when you go to it. When you really want to use HTML for a page or posting (not recommended), use the WYSIWYG plug-in to disable the visible author.

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Modifies duplicate line feeds in the text in HTML paragraph (...). Text that has been transformed into proper paragraph tags.'; back to text; this should return the character chain with tag around the paragraph, like here: A few folks decide to deactivate the wrautop filters within the functions of their theme.php: remove_filter('the_content','wpautop'); remove_filter('the_excerpt','wpautop'); there is also a plug-in to activate/deactivate the filters afterwards. wpautop() is found at wp-includes/formatting.php.

Paragraph - WordPress topic for blog posts

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