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Top 10+ personal blog WordPress Topics in 2018 Statistics show that it only lasts 8 seconds for someone to determine whether they like your blog or not. Statistics show that it only lasts 8 seconds for someone to determine whether they like your blog or not. When you present your web site users with distractive widgets, badly scripted blog postings, or inspiring visually, they won't take a second look.

WordPress, originally launched as a blogsite, is currently the world's most advanced, versatile and feature-rich CMS, operating 30% of all web websites from May 2018. Expanding the WordPress feature with the right plug-ins and topics makes it a first class option for many people.

You will find many personal blog topics with extended functions and add-ons that are especially tailored to your needs. We' ve reviewed tens of thousand topics to select 10+ of the best personal blog WordPress topics that will smoothly supplement your blogsight. These lists will help you limit your research to a few WordPress blog topics that are optimised for WordPressEO, completely reactive and appealing visual.

Macenzie is an elegantly and visibly breathtaking personal blog WordPress topic created for creatives who want to offer an immersive viewing environment. It gives you all the tool you need to create an outstanding and professional-looking blog for any space, from travel to food to lifestyle to fashion to blogging.

Adaptable design developed with a bunch of great functions that help you create a uniquely looking website with media-rich contents that will interest your audiences. Featuring great functionality like the WP Instagram Widget, this great topic is full of great stuff so you can expand your on-line communities, post, share and interact with your audiences.

With MailChimp you can expand your subscription and e-mail-marketinglist and get in contact with your users via the contact form 7. Macenzie WordPress theme comes with 5 customized and 4 areas wide viewsides. Appealingly designed in this super-crispy lifestyle WordPress style, it offers your readership and your patrons the best surfing experiences.

It has an easy-to-use user experience that allows you to build a blog that mirrors your identity and your brands without using the development team. WordPress themme magazine has a refreshing look and several layout options that make your personal blog different from the remainder of your personal blog WordPress themes.

The unique design offers the quickest page loading speeds for personal design. Journey is a lifestyle-feature-rich, massively adaptable and reactive topic that focuses on your blogs and blogs. As the name suggests, this topic provides you with the right tool to help you tell your tale in the best possible way.

The best thing I like about My Journey is that the design crew that created it had Blogger and Publisher in minds. It is a pixel-perfect subject with the right equilibrium between aesthetics and matter. Journey has a number of customisation capabilities with blog-centric functions such as Unlimited Widget Areas and Blog Archive.

No matter if you're a lifestyle or fashion blogger, you' ll like My Journey's appealing styling that allows you to view your blog from any blogging machine. WooCommerce is Morning Time prepared, which means that you can earn some additional dollars by turning your personal blog into an on-line shop.

When you buy, you get extra functionality like 24/7 world-class technical assistance and lightning-fast loading speed. It is a neat and contemporary topic that can be customized for Family Blog, Personal Blog, Journalists or any other person who is not scared to share their everyday thoughts with the rest of the family.

The Morning Time blog has everything you'd want from a blogs topic, plus a sleek, eye-catching look that attracts your visitors' interest. When transforming website users into frequent reader or customer is your main objective, then you' re talking about them. WordPress is a light, professional, and versatile fashion and lifestyle WordPress topic.

These innovative functions help you adjust the look of almost every Khloe item in a real world. Plus, this 100% portable 100% magazinestyle design is retinalized, which means your users will love to browse your blog no matter what devices they use. It' s not every single passing week that you come across a clearly arranged topic that not only addresses your audiences, but also offers an excellent browser viewing environment.

This is your happy birthday if you have searched unsuccessfully for such a topic. Introducing Wellness Spring - a humble yet stylish health, lifestyle and wellness themed. With a highly reactive and retina-capable exterior that means it can be opened quickly and accurately in a variety of display formats and resolution.

Due to its stunning properties Ablespring occupies a well-deserved place among the best personal blog WordPress topics. Life style is an all-encompassing and fantastic-looking topic that is ideal for a personal blog. A well-working topic created with the help of cutting edge designs that make it easy to blog professionally. Life Style has a quick page load rate optimisation that won't slower your blog.

It has an appealing look and a multifunctional blog artwork that gives your blog an artful look and attracts the reader's interest. No matter if you are interested in story-telling or reviewing your own stories, Lifestyle will help you present your contents the way you can best think of it. Review the topic and see its great functionality and you will see why we have added it to the blog's best personal WordPress themes.

Firenze is yet another gorgeously crafted and classic crunchy staple topic from our personal blog collections of WordPress topics. The streamlined and well-programmed design allows personal blogs to do what they do best - the blog. Firenze has a tempting Facebook-like User Interface widget that allows users to browse your site with ease. Florence is fully compliant with the latest WordPress.org release and is ready to be translated so that your non-English-speaking reader can enjoy your blog in their own language.

One important thing to keep in mind on this subject is that it is due to restrictions in customizing and website checking, it is only fully compliant with WordPress.org. Firenze will not work with WordPress.com. The Style Street is a fashion and lifestyle WordPress style that lets you build a personal blog that reflects the latest fashion and lifestyle designs.

To name a few, Style Street is best for fashion bloggers, lifestyle magazines, Style Trends blogs, Health and Beauty Blogs, Healthy Lifestyle blogs and Creative Lingerie Designers. Now you can toy with blog posts and find one that better matches your own corporate image. When you are willing to take your personal blogging to the next stage, Lets Blog has you covered. What's more, Lets Blog has you covered. Your blog is a great place to start.

Let's Blog is a minimalistic and neat WordPress topic that is loved by the blogscene thanks to its easy style and versatility. Lets Blog was developed with the latest WordPress technologies and offers extensive functions in top level functionality, among them predefined style which can be easily integrated with a click. You not only get 10+ slider and blog combinations, but this topic is also SEO-optimized and translateable.

Like other personal blog topics on this page, Lets Blog has ultra-sharp high-resolution graphics that make your website look extraordinary no matter what your blog reader uses to connect to your blog. Jam is a straightforward but courageous WordPress topic with a well-structured lay-out that is perfectly suited to all types of blogsites.

Delivered directly from the mailbox, this modern-looking design comes with unparalleled capabilities such as a Spotlight mail personality, mail and page titles, and user-defined categories. You can use different mail sizes to recreate an ambience that your guests will like. Because The Marmalade Topic is simple to set up, it is fun for beginners. A 100% reactive design, this page loader delivers a rapid speed that will leave your reader with an memorable browser adventure.

Choosing the right lifestyle WordPress topic can enhance the look and feel of your website, arouse emotion and offer your readers an unforgettable readership. Inspire yourself with our personal blog WordPress Topic Guide and choose one that best reflects your personal taste and work.

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