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This makes sense - pretty much every website uses images and WordPress Photo Gallery plugins make it easy to display these images in an attractive way. The World Press Photo Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The World Press Photo, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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WorldPress Photo Gallery Plugins

Twothousand nine hundred and eighty-seven... So many plugs return a basic query for "gallery" in the WordPress.org plugs library. This makes perfect sence - just about every website uses pictures and WordPress photo galleries plug-ins make it really nice to show these pictures in an appealing way. With so many choices to make, it can be difficult to browse everything and find the plug-in that provides just the right mix of functionality, aesthetic and usability.

In order to help you find this plug-in, I have gathered 8 of the best WordPress photo galleries plug-ins, sectioned their function list and made a prestigious screenshots so that you know what kind of arteries each one can do. Already you know what arteries are, so let's get straight into the plug-ins! The Modula is a free WordPress Galerie plug-in from Macho Themes that will help you quickly build interesting grids of your own without having to make any specific adjustments.

Then Modula summarizes all your pictures in a nice galery that looks great. Creating a galleries take about a moment, and the end results look much better than the WordPress Warehouse cores. Modula also contains functions such as the ability to change the settings of the gallery:

Whilst you can toy with adjustments like borders, shadow, edge radii and more to change the look of your gallery, here is a good ideas of the styles of your gallery that have been made with the free Modula version: Gallery looks good by standard, which means you don't have to set a lot of preferences to get a good looking end there.

One of the fastest ways to build arteries. Whilst you can always modify the enhanced options, you can get a good-looking gallary up and run in just a few moments. Filters allow the user to filter the data and open up a wide range of application possibilities for portfolio and other products. Modula is intended for grids only - it's not meant to help you build display cases, slide shows, or other types of arteries, like many of the other plug-ins.

The Envira Galerie is another beloved free gallery plug-in. The Envira Galleries, formerly part of Syed Balkhi's WordPress Imperium, was taken over by Nathan Singh in early 2018. Envira Gallery's special feature is that, like Modula, the user experience is built to make it as simple as possible to get started quickly with a good looking art workspace.

Whilst the free release is good for the fundamental arteries, the various premium schemes are where you get most of the useful functions that belong: Envira Gallery allows you to build several kinds of gallery, but here you can see what the brickwork pattern looks like: Using the professional models, you can use video in your gallery.

Several of the functions you get for free in other plug-ins are blocked behind the trial versions. The Base Premier Edition begins at $29 for a single-user seat, but the Full Trial Edition is $99. According to the numbers NextGEN Galerie is the most beloved plug-in on WordPress.org. Although a few years ago there was a minor dip in a Buggy released that had a negative impact on the plug-in ratings, the NextGEN Galerie gets great overall ratings if you rule this out.

It is available as a free plug-in that you can expand with various additional freeware packages. Besides a wide range of different galery styles, these premier editions also offer enhanced functions such as: Among the special characteristics of the NGEN is that it has so many different kinds of arteries that there is not a common one.

I will use the elementary preview galery for this example as it is contained in the free one. However, if you work with the Pro edition, you will have a number of other interesting tools at your disposal: Creating an album from different arteries is useful when you need to view many different images.

Slide show galeries and many other kinds of galeries can be created according to your current release. Premier editions provide enhanced watermarking, depth -of-field and more. The NextGEN Pro eCommerce feature helps you sell photos. Whilst the premiums look good, the free edition contains quite simple template files.

The NextGEN Pro is a little expensive with 99 dollars. NextGEN Plus is the lowest priced $79 complimentary bundles. Photo Galerie by WD is the second most favorite WD plug-in on WordPress.org after NextGEN Galerie. With the plug-in you can build endless arteries as well as endless album where these arteries can be placed.

One of the great things about Photo Gallery by WD is that you can also build your own photo galeries from your video, plus the ability to combine your photo galeries with your pictures and video. Additional useful functions are available in either the free or paid version: Whilst the Premier Edition of the plug-in will add some more imaginative Galerie styles, here's an example of a common Galerie that you can build with the free WD Photo Warehouse version: you can add both pictures and video to your own Galerie with the Premier Edition.

Allows you to make tonnes of different kinds of galleries, complete with brickwork, slideshows, filmstrips and more (though most need the Premier version). A watermark and right-click protect are included in the plug-in if you are concerned about stealing images. Premier edition is pretty cheap and starts at $30. As with NextGEN Galerie, many of the most beautiful galleries are only available in the Premium Edition.

Premier Edition begins at $30 for a standalone seat only. Jetpack is a favorite multi-purpose Automattic plug-in that provides a number of WordPress.com capabilities for self-hosted WordPress installations. First of all, it extends the WordPress gallery's main functions. Although Jetpack's arteries are not nearly as powerful as the four plug-ins above, it is a good way to create fundamental kinds of arteries, especially if you already use Jetpack on your website.

Jetpack offers you possibilities for both round and rectangular tiles, the Jetpack tile collection looks like this: All you need is a fundamental extension of the WordPress kernel library. Installing Jetpack just for its galery features may disappoint you. The FooGallery is a FooPlugins free photo gallary plug-in that will help you build fast reacting photo art with a few different layout choices.

Every art form you build is retinal by design. The free edition also has built-in albums so you can build several different albums without any problems. Further useful functions that you can get in the free and/or extended part are: - The free software allows you to add new functions to your system: FooGallery contains several artwork files for its Free and Professional editions, but here's an example of what the basically fast reacting artwork looks like:

Using the Media Express expansion, you can easily add both picture and videogalleries. Receive a beautiful selection of Galerietemplagen also in the free one. Trial versions start at $49 for a standalone licence. As most of the other plugs on this page, Photo Galerie by Supsystic is another free plug-in that provides a sound free trial period with extra functionality behind the professional one.

It lets you build endless photo galeries with several different layouts. You can then adjust these art works by manipulating edges, shadow, borders, etc. The Supsystic Photo Gallery has some great functions for importing large quantities of pictures or importing pictures from your favorite websites:

If you have the Pro edition, you can also view video in your own art stores, plus the option to directly upload from YouTube. Supsystic Photo gallery, like many others, contains several different models. However, this is the free tessellated image galery type: you can FTP pictures to your tessellated image galery, which is useful if you work with many different pictures.

Page breaks and picture catagories (gallery filters) are included in the professional versions. It is also possible to watermark your art works in the free edition. Although it's not a big negativ, the galerien building engine is a bit tricky and complex. Trial versions start at $29 for a standalone licence. Are you sick of poor plug-in and topic update that breaks your WordPress page?

The Justified Image Grid is the only one of these plugs that is not available for free from WordPress.org. However, it is the best sold WordPress photo galleries plug-in in Code Canyon with over 18,000 copies sold, which is a fairly good indication! You can even add current articles or WooCommerce articles to your galleries.

There is no free release (although it is quite affordable). When you like how some of the other Galerie plug-ins cut pictures, you should stay with them and not with Justified Image Grid. What WordPress Photo Galleries plugin should you use? WordPress plugs are not recommended for everyone.

When you' re looking for the fastest way to build good-looking arteries, Modula probably has the most user-friendly surface, while Envira Gallery is just a second away. Imagine if you are a professional artist who wants to exhibit your photographs and maybe even want to show off your photographs, you'll probably be luckier with something heavier like NextGEN Gallery or Envira Gallery.

But on the other side, if you're more interested in getting a templating look that suits your needs, you'll probably want to add the running to browse through all the different galleries demonstrations and see which one you like best. All in all, most of these plug-ins are available for free, so you can try them out for yourself and see how you like the look and feel of the plug-ins and the user interfaces.

Have I missed a great art-booth plug-in?

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