Wordpress Photo Portfolio

The Wordpress Photo Portfolio

The Easy Photography Portfolio is based on the idea of albums with images that can optionally be divided into categories! Simple photo portfolio plug-in for WordPress Are you looking for an easy, stylish and free way to present your photo work on your WordPress website? Then you've come to the right place! It' titled Easy Photo Portfolio. We recently took a break from producing high-quality WordPress topics for photographs and used the expertise we gained over the years to produce a free WordPress plug-in for photographs.

Easy Photography Portfolio lets you make a nice brick-style portfolio page full of your picture gallery. And the best part is that you can have it installed in any WordPress topic, even the free WordPress.org topics. Of course - we will use this plug-in for all our topics of the near term!

Have a look at this Easy Photography Portfolio demonstration page to see what the standard "Twenty Seventeen" WordPress standard Portfolio is like. I would like to show you in this tutorial how to setup and configurate your portfolio plugin: Do you need help with the plug-in? So if you are already using NiceLabel Portfolio plug-in and came here for help, go to the SUPPORT FORUM plug-in.

If you want to deploy the plug-in in any design you are currently using, perform these steps: Press the "Install Now" pushbutton, hold until it is installed, and then press the "Activate" pushbutton to enable your plug-in. Prior to starting the creation of the gallery, you need to make sure that you have a portfolio page so that there is a place for your gallery.

The plug-in will try 3 automaticly to build a portfolio page for you. Ensure that the Portfolio page is properly configured: When you want to configure your portfolio as your homepage, you can either go to Preferences > Read and select your new "Portfolio" page on "Title Page".

If not - go to Appearance > Menus and insert your new "Portfolio" page to your side menus! Well, since your portfolio page is associated with you, you need to make it some additional arteries. Go to Portfolio > New Portfolio Entry. This is where you start creating your first picture album.

You can use the caption box if you want to include additional information about this galery, but this is just an option. Contents area, where you can post something about this galery, is also optionally and works just like normal WordPress post. Below the section containing the most important information you can see the section photo portfolio.

Press the Append Pictures pushbutton to apply your galleries pictures. Finally load up a artwork in the section "Featured Image" which serves as the primary picture for this album! The end results should look like the picture below! Once you're done, click the Publish pushbutton to publish this galery!

Your gallary will now appear on the portfolio page you previously made. Please redo this procedure to build as many arteries as necessary. When you are a professional and you are a professional and you are a professional and you are a professional and you are a professional user. It is a good suggestion to build several portfolio pages and show a certain photo categorie on each page.

Fortunately it is very simple to work with the Simple Photography Portfolio plug-in! Go to Portfolio > All Entries and open each of the galleries that must be allocated a particular categorie. To the right of your computer monitor you will see the "Categories" section, select the appropriate categories for this album.

Once you've set up your portfolio category, you can include it in your website menus so that your users can find it quickly and simply. Now, just browse to your portfolio category page and select your portfolio category and it will appear as a seperate portfolio page on your website. For more information about Easy Photography Portfolio plug-in and our thoughts behind it, please visit the WordPress plug-in page.

It is our real wish that you will find this plug-in useful and if you like it, don't miss to give it some stellar romance on WordPress.org! How the plug-in feature, but not yet found the flawless webstyle? While we use our own software in our WordPress topics, we use our own software, so take a look, maybe you'll find your next webpage.

We' ve got you covered-watch our demo in which we show you how to build a free, stylish and easy to use website with Easy Photography Portfolio and a free WordPress themed! Should you have any question about the Easy Photography Portfolio plug-in or have problems working something correctly, please visit the EPP SUPPORT FORUM.

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