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Amy Paul's Art by Amy, a photo website consisting mainly of galleries, is a perfect showcase for our own Emporia theme. Selection of the best photo theme. Insert pages and posts into your website. To add images to the WordPress Media Library. Download and install the Best Image Gallery Plugin in WordPress.

How can you create your website?

Where do you base your website on? How do you determine which platforms to use? Or you might be remembering to switch with WordPress, or you have heard good things about another utility and you are puzzled. Sometimes it's difficult to find out what's better with many choices, some general and others aimed at the photographer.

I' m not gonna tell you "hey, pick this one..." because it all comes down to your commercial objectives and your skill set. Now you can create almost anything on a WordPress page, it's really unbelievable. Of course, there are still restrictions in certain areas, you can customize the functions of sales platform like PhotoShelter, the filter and search functions of large warehouse locations or the functions of special customer proving utilities like Shootproof.

However, if you don't need these enhanced functions (depending on your photo business), you can now do almost anything with WordPress. The sale of photo related items can be done with plug-ins like WooCommerce (and its photo extension), GPP Sell Media or Sunshine Photo Cart, among others. Powerful WP Themes like The7, Avada, X-Theme, Divi, etc. allow you to easily customize photo gallery, layout, slide show, light box and more.

Powerful WP theme lets you build all kinds of photo galeries, user-defined layout, slide shows, light box effect, and more. Let us take for example the functions of PhotoShelter. Some of these functions can only be reproduced with WordPress, and even then it's about putting several plug-ins together and trying to incorporate them into a single work flow.

On the other hand, with a utility like PhotoShelter, you have all these photography-centric functions under one umbrella. So, a photo site might be a good choice for you, according to your website requirements. You' ll get a website build (with lots of template choices), blogs utilities, web hostings, e-commerce and even a top level domains registration, all in one.

Veebly - yet another way to create a basic website with a drag-and-drop constructor. Storeify - an eCommerce cutting-edge solutions for the photographer who is really interested in buying and selling things. You should take your deal seriously. Photo sharing sites usually offer you a selection of several pre-defined layouts, but have minimum customisation possibilities.

They can optimize a few brand-name nuances and set up your website infrastructure, but that's all. If you have encoding capabilities, you're still restricted what you can do with them, and you can expand much of the site's capabilities. In WordPress, on the other side, the skies are the border.

When it comes to designing, you can use your own styling choices to make a big difference to how your website looks. In addition, a web designer can modify anything on your site using customized style sheets, Java Script or PHP features. A good WP perfomance plug-in and attention to the image sizes allows you to create a lightning speed website while on other plattforms you can really check the large number of executables that end up in the sources.

Just how complicated a rig is becomes the reciprocal of it. In fact, WordPress is more complicated and has many movable parts. When you have no previous knowledge, you can get lost in all the topic and plug-in choices. Of course you could use a web design company, but that only adds to the complexities of WordPress in general.

The use of a services like PhotoShelter or Smugmug is easier. Receive a fully featured web site that is portable and allows you to present your work instantly. Need a massive picture library with enhanced search and filter capabilities, interlaced gallery, royalty-bearing picture license sales, and more? If so, choose a photo sharing system like PhotoShelter and let other divisions take over.

Do you need to resell print or license pictures as well as other goods and related service items on-line (such as book, calendar, portraits, photo shoots, workshop or photo tour, etc.)? Think about using a pure WordPress page if you are familiar with a finite number of picture sales opportunities, or choose a hybride website interface (see below for more).

Would you like to create more enhanced functions (an Interactive Chart of your photo trips, sophisticated reservation templates, embeddable video and instagram streams, free downloadable wallpapers, enhanced blogs catagories and customized mail types)? WordPress. Photo sharing platform usually works like a software-as-a-service (SaaS), so you get a one-month subscription charge (with of course a yearly option) for their use.

WorldPress is free, WordPress topics only have to be purchased once, and WP plug-ins are usually free. Certain first-rate plug-ins typically cost about $50/year, but the annual fee for some plug-ins is $1.50/year. But with WordPress you also need to host. Budget share sharing is $3 to $5/month, while more professionally managed sharing is $15 to $40/month (but they're usually good value).

Read more about WP housing possibilities here. When you' re serious about Google results, WordPress is definitely your most powerful one. Find out what you can't achieve with most photo related tools: However, there are many succesful photo professionals who use portfolioservices and they are doing well. While you may like the look of one site or the agility of another, until you have papered your unique website requirements, you cannot make a definitive choice.

If you are uncertain, either get in touch with the technical staff of any plattform to get more information, or send me an e-mail, I may be able to tell you what is possible or not (I have almost all the above plattforms experience). Having researched the functionality of each site and evaluated the advantages and disadvantages above, you may still be confused that you may need WordPress functionality and a photographic site.

This is not the end of the story yet, because many photographers have built in two different plattforms to create a "hybrid" website. Austen Bat Tours (WP & Fine Art America) - browse to Austen Bat Photos to see the imbedded FineArtAmerica page. Policies: Matching Design: The ideal scenario is that both areas of your website should have a very similar look.

Certain plattforms allow you (or a developer) to manually customize the sources so that they can be integrated seamlessly. Remember that setting up a photo operation is not just about selecting a website to use! This is the simple part, anyone can create a fast website nowadays. However, once you make this website choice, I sincerely hopes that this review has really help you know what your choices are.

Think about your needs for the website and think a little about the above mentioned plattforms. It is better to have a website that is restricted (perhaps because you have chosen the incorrect site first) than not to have a website. Web site plattforms are just the tool to help you, but you need to have the guts.

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