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Simply use the WordPress themes of the photo contest to see how interactive your website can become! This clean, minimal template offers grid- and magazine-style layouts, lightboxes, and e-commerce tools for photographers.

best WordPress topic for fotographers and creative people

First of all let me say: I am horrible in webdesigns! Thought there would be a big learn bend going from earlier releases to 7, but it really didn't exist and when I had a query the boys in techsu were more than useful. Simple to operate, simple to adapt.

WorldPress Photography Themes For Best Photographers

The best handsome, fast reacting WordPress photo topics to build a photo blog or asset page that presents photos and content. WorldPress Photo Topics - Alchem. An easy multi-purpose e-commerce WordPress themed for any kind of company. Overall, the subject has a minimalistic but attractive look and will certainly look good on your website no matter what kind of store you own.

In terms of functionality, Alchem has an appealing look, both single- and multi-page layout, 7 home page style, many page presets for each section, shortcuts, limitless colours, full colour videos, FontAwesome symbols and many other customisation possibilities. Moreover, the topic is kind sociable towards SMEs, translations and retina made. Different headline locations, extended headline option, adjustable headline colour and picture, and padding option.

#10+ built-in general section, including banners, service, teams, current postings, galleries, etc. A site of web pages that can be reached with our theming. Alchem was created using the HTML5+CSS3 programming interface and is well encoded according to the latest SQL-standards. Getting this SEO-friendly topic with the latest encoding technology will make your website to be loved by your webmasters.

This topic has been refreshed to include translation into more than one languages. Almera Responsive WordPress Photo Topics - Almera Responsive WordPress Photo Topic Collection offers a wide range of photo topics and photo topics. The Almera is best suited for all kinds of galleries and portfolios. It' very much for professionals to open their minds to their own arts, to open their minds to the rest of the work.

WorldPress Photo Topics - Armada is perfect scaleable, power and space saving, fast reacting, quick response, multi-functional WordPress photo theming. There is no other topic that provides such a broad spectrum of adaptation possibilities. The Armada allows you to customise almost every look and feel of your site through a convenient Topic Option panel and a Visually Creator page.

Choose a full-width box or spacing design; set the width of the contents (and optional the header). The Armada comes with the visual layouts builder. Produce almost any design you can think of with just a few mouse clicks! Just click! The WordPress Photo Topic - WordPress Photo Topic - WordPress Photo Topic is a single and easy-to-use WordPress photo topic that has been created with the pro and his needs as its primary focus.

Comes with an intuitively styled user surface that has been meticulously engineered to facilitate the path to presenting your memorable photographs. For the benefit of a compelling viewing pleasure, Boder offers vibrant and temperamental side changes in many surprising yet completely naturally ways, incarnated in a minimally stunning formal idiom that allows photographs to take centre stage.

WorldPress Photo Topics - Bow is a neat and contemporary neat WordPress photo topic that is perfectly designed to enhance your photo galleries in a very professionally and enjoyable way. It' s fully reactive, it looks amazing on all kinds of monitors and equipment (desktop, laptop, tray and cell phone). WorldPress Photo Topics - Camilla is a contemporary, minimum, horizontal screen on which you can present your photographs!

Minimalist styling that focuses on your work while delivering advanced functionality - such as one-sided layouts, scrollbars, and distraction-free full-screen gallery - and a new, more intuitive interface. This is the default topic to end all topics. It is a great adaptable, fast reacting and very rugged WordPress topic for Freelancer, part-time blogger and creativity agency.

We have implemented an unsurpassed WordPress themed customizer. Wordprocess photograph topics - darkroom - full screen photograph studio topic for Wordprocess photograph topic is a full screen photograph topic. Minimum, fast response, full screen slide shows, video and voocommerce so you can easily set up a store. It uses a non-disturbing graphical environment, so your work is always in the spotlight.

Users can switch to full-screen view to view slide shows or pictures in the back on any page. WorldPress Photo Topics - Division is premier Worldpress photo topic suitable for freelancers, agencies, artists, illustrators, photographs or blogs. The integrated drag & drop page generator makes the creation and management of new pages, contributions and portfolio a cakewalk.

4+ topic cusotmizer makes the creation and optimization of skin so simple. Retina display is also supported by all built-in graphic elements such as soft symbols, arrow heads, postal format etc.... The topic is supported by Ajax, which means that you can search your web site's content without having to update the whole page. The integrated drag &drop page creator, various galleries suites, Youtube, Vimeo or self-hosted movie playback make it simple to build any page design with just a few clicks.

It has a built-in translation engine to make most of the important text on the page simple to compile, and it also contains pots for further translation. The topic is optimised for H1, H2, H3 - it uses headers for title (H1, H2, H3), which will help improve your rankings. It is WPML - WordPress Multilingual Plugin compliant, so you can have your website simply converted into any number of different language in just a few moments, without having to touch a line of coding.

If you are a freelance photography artist or have a photo book to present? ePix is the WordPress Photography photo book for you! Ideally for fotographers or imaginative professionals who want to present their work, be it fashions, weddings, studios, agencies. Full-screen sliders, breathtaking galeries, customer logins, enhanced real-time cinema editor, visual page builder, parallax, box or full-width site layouts, and much more - ePix contains the incredible Visual Composer plug-in that lets you build any page you want.

WorldPress Photo Topics - Finch is a fast-paced photo and magazines WordPress topic with various photo portfolios and blogs available for individuals, designers, photographers, studio professionals, professional professionals, and individuals who want to present their portfolios. Developed with the fantastic Twitter Bootstrap v3, Finch includes 20+ Page Builders with boundless color, 3 headers, endless home laysouts, 5 sliders and 2 page mapping option.

Because it is fast to respond, the page layouts adjust to different display screens, making your website interoperable with any devices such as smartphones, tables or desktops. The WordPress Photo Topics - H-Code is a creatively neat, fully reactive, high-performance and versatile multi-page and one-page WordPress and WooCommerce web site with the latest web page designs using our best-selling and best-rated HTML template (see here).

It' a multifunctional pro subject for any company like designer agencies, fashions, architecture, spas, restaurants, travels, businesses, photographers, e-commerce, resumes, freelancers, weddings, product/services, e-commerce shops, etc... with ready-made demonstrations and inventory management tools to quickly launch your web site with fantastic workcase. It' created with HTML5 and Bootstrap Frameworks, a very simple to use interface because anyone can quickly create pages and folders using the popular Visual Composer and many pre-built shortcuts.

If you are looking for something special and great, this template is for you. HQ - a great looking and highly responsive template for a photographer or videographer who doesn't want to let a single user pass by and forgets about your website experiences. Visitors dynamically manipulate a whole range of functions in real-time, such as homepage visualizations, backgrounds, photo/video raster galleries, portfoliolayout and much more.

This is a professionally photo- and video-focused topic with a contemporary look. Inspiro is full of functions like a full-screen slide show, a widget homepage and a galleries engine and is perfectly suited for presenting your pictures and movies. Our enhanced Topic Options Panel allows you to customise any detail of your designs with ease.

Present your pictures and video with the easy-to-configure homepagelider. Using the Galerie plugin, build a photo galery or photo album. Utilize the Widget Portfolios Displaycase and Scroller to build your own custom homepage designs. This topic's design adjusts itself to every monitor size on desktops and portable gadgets (iPhone, iPad).

WorldPress Photo Topics - Potassium is a WordPress topic that presents your portfolio, your agency, your photos or your blogging (and much more). Featuring a variety of layouts, user-friendly theming options, and an extensive drag and drop Web site editor that helps you build your ideal website in just a few moments, Potassium is well organised, stunningly visual, and evolves all the time.

There are a variety of choices available to give your customers the best possible purchasing experiences. The WordPress Photo Topics - Kameron is a WordPress topic for the photographer. The most important functions here comprise vertical portrait layouts, full-screen galeries with full screen content, price and service pages, wallpapers, links with menus and more!

Cameraon comes with a uniquely tailored full frame photo gallary that has been created and engineered for the professional user. There are several choices in this galery that you can turn on and off. This includes descriptive and titling areas, thumbnails, full-screen mode, scale-down mode, full-screen mode, full-screen mode, full-screen mode, full-screen mode, full -screen mode, full-screen mode, full-screen mode, social share, colour matching of the galleries, and simple primary site navigator controls.

Kameron does not limit you to a specific page of your portfolios. Effortlessly build more than one folder page with each one having its own gallery. LENS is a surprise WordPress Topic, designed for the photographer looking for a way to focus on what is most important to them: their work.

Building owner has selected and created all functions with care to facilitate the way to this ideal photo portfolios website. The lens has a breathtaking, yet minimalist, slim body and offers full-screen slide shows and gallery, raster-based photo gallery and a magazine to help keep up with photographers' vision and thoughts. WorldPress Photo Topics - Mountain Topic (MNTN) is a WordPress Topic Express in shallow format.

You can use it from your own blogsite or your own portfolios to your own corporate website and everything in between. The MNTN is a fully adaptable design. Onetone is a one-page WordPress topic using the Bootstrap and HTML5/CSS3 coding frameworks. We have already created the basics like about, galleries, client, services, etc. for your needs.

There are several available choices if you want to make some customizations, such as change your wallpaper, scroll your pallax, upload your videos wallpaper, font awesome icons, your logos and favorite icons, add your own customized style sheets, and so on. It is also fast reacting, clear and optimised for advancedEO. #10+ built-in general section, including banners, service, teams, current postings, galleries, etc.

Created using the HTML5+CSS3 programming interface, Ontone is well encoded according to the latest SQL-standards. Getting this SEO-friendly topic with the latest encoding technology will make your website to be loved by your webmasters. With the OnTone Topic, you can add a full width slide bar to your home page, which means you get another way to create your home page.

This topic has been refreshed to include translation into more than one languages. By uploading a document, you can make your website more familiar with your mother tongue. ibPress is a board application with a WordPress phrase. Easy to create WordPress page discussions. Oshine is a wonderful, versatile and imaginative Wordpress photo library with 23 amazing demonstrations.

One of the best portfolio and photo topics in many famous blog posts. You can use Oshine's extensive option panels to manage each part of the topic. Featuring 500 Google scripts and subtle colour schemes, you can customise the subject or just use one of our 12 demonstrations.

Over 10 different headline page configurations, 5 menus, 3 bodies and 3 footers are available in combination with one another. Featuring adjustable channels, multi-column column, overlapping gradients, 8 optional hovers, 7 titlestyles, sympathetic elements and many more features, choose your favorite ones and present your work in an endless way.

Equipped with this stunning $19 pristine $19 slide plug-in, featuring stunning multi-layer C3 crossovers and over a dozen different starters, this is the most hip slide plug-in on the shelves. Numb your website visitors as they come in with a large, fat and attractive full-screen display case slide or pictures or background video.

Accompanied by this beloved e-commerce plug-in, to help you set up a neat and tidy store in no hurry, of course, Oshine is closely coupled with this highly acclaimed e-commerce plug-in. The WordPress Photo Topics - Santino is ideal for photo galleries, photo, creative, portfolios and articles pages. High performance topic choices, ease of use, quick set-up, stunning look! Scroller is a neat, minimalist and stylish WordPress topic with a completely appealing lay-out.

Any photographer, creator, business website or web site with a portfolios will like this. The topic contains many extended functions like full slide, parallax and scrolling - One Page Homepage. The Shutter gives you a quick and easy way to use your page style sheets as an album. You can also have your photos filtered within your page.

It' easier with Appperture to edit a photo page with even small or large amounts of photo. Includes everything you need to create a photographer's website, multiple galleries of images to showcase your work with basic controls and light boxes, multiple pages to showcase yourself or your company's people. It also includes several project portfolios to present your projects, case histories or designs.

WorldPress Photo Topics - Skylab is a WordPress Topic category photo product with an advanced, touch-sensitive, super-smooth, hardware-accelerated slide control for the photographer, illustrator, graphics designer, arts and creativity director, architect, designer, deluxe company or blogger. It is also skilled in the presentation of designs or photo objects. His page layouts contain several galeries with any number of pictures.

The WordPress Photo Topics - Tempo is a minimum WordPress topic folder that makes your work look nice. Select between a raster or brickwork, lighter or darker hide, several headline layouts and WooCommerce integrated. The Tempo has a highly reactive melody design, which means that pictures and art works perfectly together regardless of monitor height and image quality.

The Tempo comes with 2 predefined colour themes that you can quickly modify using the topic options. Miniature viewing tile covering Tempo's principal galery display have three extra side ratios: scenery (4:3), portraiture (3:4), and squares (1:1). Customize the design and get an instant previewer with our unique ability to make changes to the design.

Obtain distraction-free full-screen pictures, especially useful for large picture gallery. The WordPress Photo Topic - Timber is a WordPress photo topic that goes to the extreme for a refreshing, exciting adventure. You' ll receive a meticulously selected, state-of-the-art toolset to take your photo exhibition to new levels.

This is a subject that corresponds to your enthusiasm and your artistical demands. They know your photographs aren't fixed. The Tography is a stylish, highly polished, WordPress topic designed specifically for the photographer to present their work. Tography has not missed a single brick, the WordPress WooCommerce add-on has been expertly designed to give you a smooth and easy upload ing and sales of your images!

Carefully optimised for scrupulous eye tracking, Tography is fully reactive and has been developed for high-end imaging, making it 100% retinal on every screen. Never before have your pictures seen so good on-line! Let the menus disappear tidily behind a Hamburg style menus icons, or go full screen with an upper navigation panel and a left-centered logotype.

We all know that everything in the world of photo is about breathtaking arteries! You can choose from Tography with 3 Galerie and 3 Portfolio-layouts. The WordPress Photo Topics - Trend is great for portfolios, articles, photo, creativity, gallery-pages. High performance thematic choices, thousand of colour permutations, simple operation, quick set-up, astonishing look!

Trendy has a slide bar for categories and a Instant Review that lets you really quickly browse and see your latest snaps. WorldPress Photo Topics - Uncode is a pixel-perfect, multipurpose WordPress photo topic developed with Visual Composer's love of detail, versatility and power.

It' incredibly professionally, smoothly and slim, with a neat, contemporary design, for almost every need: office, freelancer, blogs, magazines, portfolio, photograph, corporates and e-commerce-store. More than 30+ homepage concepts, which are immediately operational or can be combined, have never made it so easy to create a website like this. There' a wide variety of designed pages available for you to customize, and anything you can imagine can be created with our uniquely designed version of Visual Composer.

Uncode is the best recommendation if you are looking for an cutting-edge, contemporary and neat WP-Topic. The WordPress Photo Topics - WordPress topics are a neat and minimalistic WordPress topic for photographers, creatives, portfolio photographers and any photographic website. Manufactured with the latest WordPress technologies. Supports an appealing design, so it looks good on all machines.

Featuring pre-defined styles for photo work, creativity and design that can be easily uploaded with a click. Wynn is a fast-acting, full-screen, all-ayax Wordpress photo topic, which has a sleek look and a smooth feel. The Wynn is not only perfect for agents, contractors and fotographers, but also for all kinds of people.

The most important thing is that Wynn is a one-of-a-kind template. Constructor created this topic after careful review of use cases of several web sites and minimalist items, neat styling, creatively placing the side bar and an ALL AJAX deployment with HTML5 Pushstate for ultra seamless load and use.

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