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There are two schools of thought when it comes to choosing a theme for a particular niche - such as photography. Select your WordPress photo theme. It is one of the most common applications for a photo theme to present your portfolio. View the largest collection of free WordPress photography themes. When you use WordPress for your photo website, there's a good chance that you've looked for 'WordPress themes for photographers' in the past.

Best 41 Free WordPress Photo Themes (Expert Selection)

Looking for the best free WordPress photo themes for your website? WorldPress is used by tens of millions of photographers, graphic professionals, and visuals from around the globe to showcase their portfolios and photographs. We show you 40+ best free WordPress photo themes that you can use on your website in this articles.

Prior to starting, take a look at our guidelines on how to choose the right WordPress topic. This will help you get the things you should be looking for in a WordPress topic. After that is said, let's take a look at some of the best free WordPress photography themes.

The Portfolio Gallery is a completely reactive and free WordPress photo album. Delivered with several page layouts and a light box pop-up to show your photos well. The appropriately titled topic is a fully reactive WordPress photo topic. Comes with a built-in full-screen slide to show your photos on your homepage.

The Topography is a nice free WordPress topic developed for photography blog. Distinguished by a minimalistic style with a strong emphasis on image and type. Like the name says, Photo Session is a completely reactive, free WordPress photo topic. The Divina is a WordPress free photo album. The Divina is perfectly suitable for photography, modelling and model agency.

It is a fully reactive and WooCommerce-ready photo topic for WordPress. A fast-reacting WordPress topic, it' s perfect for the photographer, designer and advertiser. They come with nice galery layout, page templates and menus. Beef is a WordPress topic, developed to present pictures and art gallery.

It' a versatile topic and can be used with almost any type of WordPress site. Patio is a reactive WordPress topic for the photographer and designer with a minimalistic style. They use the integrated pictures to create your homepage in an appealing lay-out. Toovate is a very easy blogs topic with a strong emphasis on user friendliness.

Comes with a display case so you can present your photos, pictures and other work wonderfully. It is a mighty and contemporary multi-purpose WordPress topic. It' s versatility allows you to use it for both a web site for portfolios or photography and a web site for businesses. Harmonics is a nice WordPress topic with full-screen pictures.

Perfect for viewing your photos, your portfolios or using them for travelling or blogs. This is an elegantly WordPress word head with a nice head of palladium. Featuring an integrated, fast reacting slide control, large pictures and several page laysouts. Zeifer is a children's topic by Zerif Lite. Its design focuses more on photography and web sites.

Looks breathtakingly nice on all machines. ProtocolPress is intended for film and photography sites. It' a strong topic with many choices. Provides a number of different layout types, contents areas, display cases, fully customizable sidebars, sliders with 3-D effects, Google fonts, etc. Now Yuuta is taking a very simple but very visible look at the WordPress photography topic.

Ideally suited for photoblogs and even your own personal journal, it can also be used for other types of web sites. The Adirondack comes with a nice grids design that makes it a great option for photography sites. Offers large pictures, nice typesetting, home and diary home page designs as well as the default WordPress themes functions such as user-defined menu and backgrounds.

The Coherent is a breathtaking WordPress topic with full-screen headline pictures and nice type. There is a concise navigational menus, a community menus, a slide window and many other functions. A WordPress topic that is extremly simple to use. The Bianca is a minimalistic WordPress photo or portfolios subject. The SG Window is a very adaptable design for photography or travelling web sites.

The site is fully reactive and has a homepage with gridsayout. The Rokophoto Iite is a topic developed for photobloggers. Concentrates on the presentation of your pictures and contents. Its minimalistic styling has a very refined and calming effect. Coloured glass is a feature-rich and very adaptable subject.

There are several side bars and you can select the layouts from the themes configurator. For your blogs and archives, you can select a quad raster format. Avnii is a bootstrap-based, fully reactive WordPress topic. It' a multi-purpose topic, which means that you can use it for any type of WordPress site.

The Dream Way is a children topic of SG Windows (mentioned above). He inherited all the functions of the overarching subject with his own unique styling. There are several options for the way you want to create your own page, such as the right side bar, the right side bar, or three different columns. A breathtakingly nice WordPress photo topic is Panorama. There are large slide controls which take over the homepage and offer a very interesting and appealing navigation.

Blogs and archives have the standard blogs layouts. Use Jax Lite, a minimalistic and classy WordPress word processor topic, to build a breathtaking photo or photo website. The Jax Lite has a brickwork raster with a large backdrop of large parallaxes in the head area. The Eryn is a refreshing, nice topic with a strong emphasis on face-to-face blogs.

There is a two-column lay-out with a large backdrop for the headline. It' s completely reactive and has a small scrollable and searchable toolbar. The Great is a versatile WordPress topic with many adjustment possibilities. There is a nice homepage design which makes it perfect for a photography website.

The Photo Perfect is a photo subject that is ideally suited for modelling photography, advertising and model agency. Topic offers large pictures, raster layouts, sliders and a small menue. Sylvia is a minimalistic photography in the WordPress type. Conceived with a strong emphasis on photography, graphics as well as clothing, arts, architecture, interiors and other areas of creativity.

Completely reactive, net-rich and SEO-friendly. Like the name implies, it is a WordPress topic that focuses on stories, travels and photography. There has a very highly visible styling with the emphasis on photography as the most visible contents on the canvas. The SKT Black is a multi-purpose WordPress topic with a variety of customisation options.

They use a full-screen slide control on the home page and a raster-based lay-out, making them a good option for photography sites. The Maker is an elegantly minimalistic WordPress photo themed. A lot of whitespace and a grid-based design create a very interesting and simple feeling. The Hitchcock is a stunning visual WordPress photography subject with a full-screen parallel axis wallpaper.

Big pictures and small menu sizes let your photos appear. The Azeria is a straightforward blogs topic with a minimalistic style. Fully reactive, it fully embraces all common WordPress functions such as user-defined backgrounds, headers, large pictures with functions, reactive layouts, etc. The Pinnacle is a brave multi-purpose WordPress topic.

Full-featured with simple customisation capabilities. The Gridsby is a nice raster WordPress photography topic. Uses a brickwork raster with a concise navigational menus and a soft menus. Your photos will be highlighted. It' very simple to install and comes with all the basic functions.

Board walk is an elegantly WordPress photo topic with a minimalistic touch. There is a scroll bar that makes it very appealing and nice for photography and other visually rich work. The Wiles is a plain WordPress color. Uses presented pictures and extracts for the grid-based layouts on the home, archives, and blogs pages.

Obscura is a stylish, neat and easy WordPress topic with large pictures and a nice two-column outline. Developed for photography themes, it can also be used as a multi-purpose themed. The Canard has three navigational menu bars and a nice grid-based design. It' built to present your photos, artwork and other visually stunning contents.

WordPress provides all common WordPress functions, with simple customisation and full mobility responsiveness. Hopefully this item has help you find the best free WordPress photo topic for your website. Perhaps you would also like to read our guidelines on how to simply build appealing WordPress picture galeries with Envira.

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