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Php Wordpress files

WordPress saves all your media uploads in the directory /wp-content/uploads/ by default. When you want to store your media files in a different location, you can do this by adding this line of code to your wp-config.php file. define( 'UPLOADS', 'wp-content/media'); handle PHP uploads in WordPress, clean filenames, check extensions for mime type,.

.. Several key files are header.php and functions.php.

Every single filename that appears in this listing has been moved to its original folder.

Every filename that appears in this listing has been ordered to its source folder. php Produces RSS feeds. wp-rss2. php Produces RSS feeds. wp preferences. php Executes various preview procedures, as well as verifying proper setup, which includes help features, application of custom plug-ins, initialization of runtime schedules, etc. wp-trackback. php Handles detailed tracking back queries. wp. php A very easy way to view blogs. php A very easy way to display templates for viewing blogs. php

As an example, the pictures used by the standard topic are located in wp-content/themes/default/images/. wp-includes/cache. php wp-includes/capabilities. php wp-includes/class-IXR. php The Incutio XML-RPC Library. Incorporates RPC supporting functionality via standard XML. Provided by http://scripts.incutio. com/xmlrpc/ wp-includes/classes. php Contains base class names as well as the kernel postfetching mechanisms WP_Query and the write manager WP_Rewrite. wp-includes/class-pop3. php Contains a base mailbox access level for access to pos.

php wp-includes/default-filters. php wp-includes/feed-functions. php wp-includes/functions-compat. php Contains features that are available in newer PHP releases and will only be used with older PHP releases. php Contains supporting features for cleansing XHTML and for correct text reformatting in certain fonts. wp-includes/functions-post. php Contains supporting features for administering contributions in the data base, queries custom features, retrieval and write of commentaries, etc. wp-includes/functions. php Contains many important supporting features.

php Contains topic features related to categorys. wp-includes/template-functions-comment. php Contains topic features related to commentys. wp-includes/template-functions-general. php Contains general topic features. wp-includes/template-functions-links. php Contains topic features related to linkages. wp-includes/template-functions-post. php Contains topic features related to postings.

Use smilies for the complete listing. wp-includes/js/quicktags. ys Javascript script containing features to administer the tag toolset when modifying articles or pages. Contains the files that run the Rich Text Editor in the Write Post Panels.

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