Wordpress Platform

Wordpress platform

Mullenweg has stated that the future of WordPress lies in social, mobile and application platforms. This beginner's guide provides an introduction to WordPress, the amazing open source website platform. Wordpress is our favorite CMS platform Some time ago I posted this article because we explain the benefits of WordPress so often that I thought it was really useful to put it online! We are asked on a regular basis which CMS platform we use - WordPress is by far our favourite CMS platform for various different purposes.

Watch us discuss CMSes and WordPress in Episode 24 of our Business Marketing Show Podcast. In any case a look at WordPress if you are not acquainted with it. Often we find it hard to help a client with Adwords or Spreadsheet Editing when he is not on WordPress, so often our advice is number 1 when we start a new commitment to migrating the CMS on which a website is based to WordPress.

One of the factors that make us choose WordPress is that it is the best wordpress: By far Wordpress is the most searching platform CMS and all things are the same, in our wisdom websites based on WordPress generally tended to have a higher ranking than websites based on other plattforms. Many times we are migrating our customers to WordPress as one of the many enhancements we make to our WordPress service to improve their ranking in online and offline media.

An explanation for the raise is ranking is because WordPress website coding is usually neater therefore searching machines can better comprehend which keywords to place the website for. A further explanation lies in the many available WordPress plug-ins for advanced WordPress applications, which expand its functionality much further than many other platform versions.

Worldpress also tends to back new standard SEOs such as schema.org and Google Shopping pricing feeds much quicker than other CMS platforms, which means that websites that run on Worldpress often have a 1-3 year head start on websites based on older CMS platforms. More than 19,000 free WordPress pluginsThere are well over 19,000 WordPress Plugins or "Apps", most of which are free and allow you to extend the features of the WordPress family.

Due to the wealth of available plug-ins, it is likely that any extra website functionalities you need will be available as a plug-in, thereby avoiding the high costs of creating a customized website for you. It also means that it is much simpler and less time-consuming to introduce new functions to a WordPress page.

WorldPress is Open SourceWordPress is an open Source platform, which means that tens of thousand of software engineers and coders around the globe are contributing to the program to ensure that upgrades and extensions are introduced on a regular basis AND there is no license fee for the program as opposed to many other plattforms. Especially in today's global economy, where every dollar is worth, this means that restricted website budget can be distributed to other areas such as Adwords or Spreads of Interest (SEO), which can directly impact bottom line results.

The WordPress program works on Linux, which increases safety, and it works on the Linux OS (compared to a Microsoft OS), which means that it is safer by nature and less vulnerable to attacks. WordPress.com, the face-to-face blogs platform, is often confused with WordPress.org, the CMS application, which often results in misunderstandings about WordPress in a commercial world.

They are certainly connected, but from a commercial point of view the platform is totally different. Below are some interesting facts about WordPress that you may not be familiar with: WordPress now provides power to about 20% of the world's top 1 million Web sites - by far the most widely used CMS.

Below is a list of CMSes by popularity: http://w3techs. com/technologies/overview/content_management/allNahe 50% of the world's top 100 bloggers also operate WordPress, click here for a list. A lot of folks are used to WordPress in a blog outfit, but eventually you can create a WordPress website to look the way you want.

Below are some WordPress customer Web sites:

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