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You probably reached this page because you tried to visit getnoticedtheme.com. Fifteen+ Best LMS (Learning Management System) WordPress Topics & Plugins 2018

In addition to the many topics specifically designed for creating a WordPress based LMS, there are also a few plug-ins specifically designed for administering and providing your learners with on-line educational contents.... Functions of e-learning topics and plug-ins in this library give you the opportunity to build a fully functional on-line educational website.

According to which options you select, your students can enter themselves in your course, finish their evaluations and go through the class room automatic. Most of these topics and plug-ins also give you the opportunity to monetize your on-line contents in various ways, as well as one-time payment and subscription updates.

While some of these LMS topics contain all the functions you need to run your course on-line, others are tightly integrated with third-party plug-ins to give you the LMS capabilities you need. Therefore, when selecting a topic from this list, it is important to consider which LMS plug-in was developed to work with it or whether it is a complete one.

Some LMS topics work with any LMS plug-in, while others are less inflexible. To help you choose which WordPress LMS plug-in best suits your needs, we have discussed each of the most common features at the end of this page. But if you want to take a closer look at these utilities, read our best LMS plug-ins for WordPress tutorial.

Briefly, once you have authored and posted your study material, most of these LMS topics and plug-ins provide you with a convenient way to manage your authoring and payment management. The WPLMS is a new theme that has been periodically upgraded and enhanced by its developers since its first release.

This theme has a fat look and the built-in Super Mini Plug-in gives you the option to show a full-screen control on the homepage to present your best material to newcomers. You can use the remainder of the homepage in a meaningful way by displaying your course in an appealing and easily navigable way.

WPLMS allows you to create and modify your course creation via the website frontend, which saves your visitors having to navigate through the WordPress administration areas. Not only does this make a website created with this theme simple to use, it also provides a unified overall website usability across your site.

Students also get their own dashboards that allow them to see what contents they have accessed and how they develop through the class. In addition, the Facilitator dashboard gives certain participants the opportunity to quickly review course and course reports and statistics. Featuring LearnDash, BuddyPress, BudPress, and WooCommerce integrated into the design assistance, it is very simple to easily attach educational contents, forum discussions, community networks, and e-commerce features to your website using the WPLMS WordPress design.

Developed for those who create an education website with WordPress, Guru wants to take full benefit of the Sensei LMS plug-in from WooThemes. Guru -themed guru theme's visually designed to be neat, enterprise-wide and professionally designed, providing the right setting for the promotion and delivery of on-line education material.

In addition to full native Sensei e-learning plug-in functionality, this WordPress theme also makes it simple to use the capabilities of a variety of other high-quality plug-ins to add online community planning, online commerce, events planning, and LMS Web site newsletters to your LMS Web site. In addition to a number of useful LMS-related functions, Guru doesn't lack the functions you would expect in a high end WordPress theme.

Because Sensei provides the course contents and WooCommerce allows you to calculate your course fees, Guru is specifically designed for anyone who wants to begin on-line instruction and create an e-learning education website that has the ability to earn regular revenues. The Academy is a favorite LMS WordPress topic that has been in over a year of ongoing evolution and gives the developer a lot of free space to develop and fine-tune this sound base for their on-line tutorial.

Using the built-in features of this theme, you can build on-line classes, along with lesson and Q&A sessions, with the option to follow students' progress through each class. Each lesson, which makes up the course, can be designed to meet requirements, but can also include quiz and Q&A sessions.

Other useful Academy functions include those that manage users' role and registration. This theme on your website allows users to create and log in to a course, subscribing to a course and tracking their own progression through the course and course contents via the thematic front-end form.

Teachers and course organizers can be given new WordPress customized role assignments specifically designed for this use. The Academy certainly doesn't lack functions in WordPress topics. Featuring a large full-screen lay-out and expert styling, as well as all the functionality you would have expected from an LMS application, Academy is a good all-in-one suite for providing WordPress training sessions on-line.

The LMS has all the functions you need to set up a WordPress based training system, combining it with an appealing layout. In addition to all the necessary utilities and integration, LMS also looks the part with a very contemporary and professionally designed to communicate the value of your course contents and study material to your visitor upon arriving at your website.

LMS is a good option for anyone who wants to earn money from their course contents, with the option of listing free and fee-based classes and then collecting payment on-line using the WooCommerce e-commerce plug-in. Course duration in lessons and minute is clearly stated on each offer, while the course contents pages give you the ideal way to promote your course to prospects.

s2member plug-in integrates with s2member to make it simple to keep members on your site and in touch with them on a long-term and continuous with them. The built-in Page Builder makes it simple to create customized page layout for your website, while the wide range of shortcuts makes it simple to add useful page items to your work.

The LMS has a super-comfessional look and feel supported with the best functions you would ever find in a WordPress LMS theme. Skiilled works with the Sensei WordPress plug-in to help you post your course and other educational material on-line. WooThemes team's Sensei plug-in transforms WordPress into a fully functional course delivery system that lets you post classes, administer student accounts, and receive payment from your end user against your own inbox.

When you select Qualified as a theme for your e-learning website, you have four different layout or mode choices, as well as the option to customise any of the contained layout using the built-in Visual Composer Page builder tools. It' s a slide show utility that makes it simple to advertise your contents, while the Teachers Profile section gives your prospective learners a fast way to see who they can learn from.

When you want to post your course on-line, with the possibility to resell it and charge a subscription charge, the Skill Theme and its Sensei LMS plug-in assistance offers many useful functions. The Clever Course is designed to help you post and distribute your WordPress website content via your WordPress website.

WordPress theme is a great way to combine all the great functionality you would find in the best-selling multi-purpose topics with all the necessary resources to run your course on-line. That means you not only get control over a slide bar and pull & fall page creation utility to create customized page layout, but also the opportunity to post free and fee-based classes on-line.

Every course you post can contain more than one quiz and a variety of different contents. In this way, you can address a wide spectrum of subjects and simultaneously serve several different teaching needs. This topic contains a frontend for students dashboard that shows progression and scores for each learner in your course.

Because this topic is integrated with PayPal, you can make direct withdrawals from your pupils in return for accessing your study material. We have several demonstrations for this topic, so you can thoroughly test all of them before you buy. The Clever Course contains all the LMS functions you should ever need, along with a set of powerful utilities that allow you to create an appealing looking website.

Acadamia is a WordPress theme that can be used to create a website for an off-line study location as well as to run a course on-line. A large full-screen home page sliders utility makes it simple to bring out the best of your website's functionality for new audiences, whether it's the institutions at your institution or the kind of on-line educational material you're offering.

Finding or browse the on-line course is very simple thanks to the AJAX-based real-time research and the intuitively navigated system of the theme Academy. It also has a good event management system that gives you an easier way to publish off-line content or run on-line content for your existing subscribers.

When you need a more customized look for your website, the Visual Composer plug-in not only frees you $34, but also gives you a proven and proven way to change almost any part of your website without having to edit any coding. If you' re looking for premier plug-ins, you can also find the Slider Revolution, a high-performance slider that can help you cut another $19 - not a poor value for a $59 WordPress theme.

Because it can be tricky to set up an on-line learner relationship system, Academia's development team has released a series of sample video tutorials to help you get the most out of this WordPress topic and make sure your projects are a hit. Acadamia offers everything you need to offer free and paying classes on-line through an appealing and contemporary webpage.

WooThemes has developed a skilful training system for working with the Sensei LMS plug-in. Combining the Skilfully Theme's advanced and highly reactive styling with Sensei's functionality, you can create a fully functional e-learning platform that works the way you want it to.

This theme gives you the opportunity to create free classes or quality study material for which your guests have to spend money. When you decide to resell your study material, you have several price choices to make. Skilfully is fully optimised for PEO to advertise your on-line course.

It is also integrated in the free Event Diary plug-in and our Pro and WooCommerce Ticket Event Diary plug-in. Using these enhancements then gives you the opportunity to sell your ticket for your on-line training or even off-line courses. The EduLMS contains many of the favorite functions found in many of the best-selling WordPress topics and combined them with the functionalities you need to create a website to conduct courses on-line.

Featuring the power to present an eye-catching homepage picture in full width and stylish styling, there's no need for your LMS website to sacrifice appearance and character to get the best on-line educational capabilities. One of the e-learning capabilities in ÉduLMS is the possibility to build limitless classes, lectures and lecture themes through an easy-to-use graphical environment.

If you or your collaborators will add the study material to your website, there should be no problem using this topic. Further LMS-related functions in this pedagogical WordPress topic are a course events schedule, a speaker listing, an on-line course application and much more. It is also possible to directly resell your course via your website.

Even the theme functions do not lack what you need for ElduLMS. Featuring an built-in page creation utility, the supplied Revolution Slider, and a range of theme customisation choices, you won't miss any of the substantial and luxurious articles contained in high-quality, non-educational WordPress topics. Published only recently, and with many amazing on-line tutorials on the way, developer development has made this a great topic for today and the future.

Inventar is designed to help school, college, university and other education facilities create an appealing and fun website with WordPress. There are two different homepage variants for the Invent theme. But thanks to the built-in Page builder utility, you won't have a hassle building your own customized layout for all the contents on your site.

Invent engineers have decided to use the SiteOrigin Page Builder plug-in as a draft and edit tool for this topic. In addition to using Invent to build a home page for an education facility, you can also host on-line training sessions and other study material on your website. One of the most important aspects of this topic is supported by the LearnDash WordPress plug-in.

In order to organize your contents well, Invent will add several user-defined mailboxes to your WordPress website. Those user-defined mail items work alongside the standard blogs mail item and help to publicize classes, meetings, news, departments and faculties, as well as a way to simply publicize an interactive photogallery.

Additional useful functions of Invent includes a premier slide show creation utility, a simple demonstration importing program, many adjustment possibilities and free WooCommerce WordPress plug-in that supports payment collection on-line. With Invent, you can easily create a classy website for your place of study with the ability to conduct classes on-line via LearnDash.

The Course Builders is a WordPress topic to create WordPress course, web sites and education sites. Developed as a multi-purpose feature in the WordPress theme section of our standard WordPress application, Course builder can be used to create many different kinds of education web sites. Browse the four demonstrations on the Course Builders website to get a good understanding of what this topic can do.

Whether you are building a website for conducting an on-line course, sponsoring a university, or assisting your pupils, this topic is definitely definitely well worth a look. LearnPress, one of the world' premier e-learning plug-ins for WordPress, provides everything you need for an on-line course in Coursebuilder.

Because Course Builder contains all the LearnPress plug-in grade plug-ins, you get over $400 USD valuable e-learning value at no additional charge. This additional feature, which is available to you, allows you to build enhanced on-line classes with ratings, e-mail alerts, billing methods, and more from your WordPress dashboard.

A further useful function of the Course Builder is the Event Managers utility. This function allows you to set up education courses such as face-to-face trainings or workshops, and then process applications by creating free or chargeable ticket(s). It even lets you hosted and managed off-line meetings and conferencing activities.

The Course Builder also includes all the functionality you would find in a high-quality WordPress theme, such as a drag-and-drop page creator, a one-click demonstration import utility, a shortcut import facility, a fully portable, reactive keyboard lay-out, and a granular theme option dashboard. Every useful function of the Course Builder is packaged in a classy style to make this an attractive LMS WordPress theme.

The one-click demonstration import utility makes it easy to set up your website with the university. As soon as the page styles and preferences have been added to your website, you can then start working on the demos and add your own on-line tutorials. The university' s topic does not only include a good range of functions for course administration, but also an eventmanagement-system for off-line and on-line courses.

The function contains an events calendars and a ticket system to manage users registrations and admission. Additional characteristics of this LMS WordPress theme are a fully portable, reactive look, a useful choice of page styles, an easy-to-use page layout designer, various galleries modi, a price chart generator and integration with community tools.

When you need to build a website for a higher education institution, with the ability to publish classes on-line, the higher education institution offers many functions that make this much simpler. The Derrick is a children's theme for the Genesis Framework and was developed by Web Savvy Marketing, where it is directly accessible from their website.

This theme was developed with the goal of convincing your users to become members, and many Call to action features are offered to help boost your online converting rate. This topic also covers how to help you build your e-mail lists in the shape of a pronounced opt-in template, while the choice of color schemes allows you to give your website the right look at the push of a mouse.

Derrick not only sits on one of the most popular thematic frames, but also has a great deal to offer. Several of the topic's unique on-line learn functions encompass plug-in integrations of the LearnDash learn center system, iThemes Exchange on-line shop builders integrations, and WPAchievements, Quest and Rank plug-ins integrations.

Leveraging the capabilities of these plug-ins from a number of different designers and blending them with the Derrick theme, you have all the necessary utilities at your fingertips to build a great-looking, full-featured WordPress course platform now. The LMS Press offers you the opportunity to offer your clients both free and paid classes.

You can fully automate the enrollment procedure for your classes so that your attendees can enroll themselves to become a student and get full control over your study material. If you don't like this, you also have the possibility to approve subscriptions by hand and add your own user to your LMS via the theme control.

LMS Press not only offers you the possibility to post your course on-line, but also supports the publication and management of your event from your website. This can be free or premier event, and the theme will include the possibility to create print-ready ticket (s) for off-line use. In order to make it as simple as possible for your users to see what classes and activities are available when, this theme contains an informative diary that refers to all the elements of your website.

Topic also features a face-to-face finder to make it as simple as possible for your prospective learners to find what they are looking for. LMS Press is a good place to be if you want the opportunity to offer several classes and activities in one place now or in the near term.

LearnDash is another e-learning plug-in for WordPress that will add to your website all the functionality you need to set up an on-line learn center. There are three different types of study materials: course, class and subject. Classes and lectures can have their own requirements to control students' progress from one stage to the next.

The LearnDash also offers you the opportunity to add drops to your lessons. This function allows you to define a timetable and then run it on the autopilot by providing your pupils with contents on a predefined base as they register for your classes. LearnDash offers you some good choices if you want to monetise your website and course material, among them the sale of your account for a one-time charge or ascription.

PayPal, 2CheckOut and JigoShop are the main payments gateway support for processing your on-line finance transaction. LearningDash also offers you some useful functions to get your user into the system so that you can enroll your student in classes on a massive scale. As an alternative, you can have your user enroll in your selected class. LearnDash for WordPress is a feature-rich LMS plug-in for WordPress that should work with any topic and support a number of useful integration tools to give your on-line platform even more capabilities.

LiefterLMS has everything you need to build and distribute WordPress on-line training for you. As soon as this plug-in is already on your WordPress website, you will no longer have any problem building on-line classes that keep you safe from the general world and are only available to your registrated visitors. They also have the opportunity to offer these classes for sale on-line.

The course builder feature of this beloved WordPress LMS plug-in lets you quickly build a series of customized structured and curricular classes to meet your needs. In addition to the option of uploading a variety of contents, such as pictures, audio and video, you can also use the e-learning capabilities to build test and quiz questions for your pupils.

With LifterLMS, the generation of course contents is simple and uncomplicated. Due to the choice to rely the authoring surface on a revised WordPress Editor release, those already acquainted with WordPress should be able to start working immediately, while those who have never used this platform before will not find it hard to control this relatively intuitively designed surface.

The LifterLMS plug-in also includes the possibility to automatically email your learners at certain user-defined times within your classes and the possibility to generate distinctions and certifications when they meet pre-defined course milestones. Additionally, the LifterLMS plug-in allows you to create a list of all your learners' certifications. Your customized learner dashboard should also be useful so that your learner can easily see what is available to them and keep an eye on their work.

LifterLMS offers you many possibilities when it comes to establishing the monetisation of your course. You can use the preferences to select whether you want to resell prices for a one-time charge, build subscriptions, or use a mix of both. It is also possible to build more than one package, each with different course functions and level of use.

The offer of additional services, such as individual lessons or group discussions, is another possibility with LfterLMS. When you are looking for a round LMS plug-in for WordPress, you should consider the 30-day LfterLMS demonstration. The Sensei is an LMS plug-in and not a theme, which means it can be used in combination with your favorite WordPress theme to create the ultimate on-line course delivering platform.

The Sensei was created by the WooThemes staff, known for its WordPress topics and the highly acclaimed WooCommerce plug-in for creating stores on-line. This plug-in, located on your website, allows you to build classes, teach lectures and insert quiz questions. Every class or course can have its own requirements, which must be met before the learner can move on to the next stage of the study itinerary.

Sensei's LMS plug-in fits into WordPress and helps its functions integrate with the remainder of WordPress's key functionalities. That makes it easier to record and get familiar with this plug-in. Sensei also blends into the WooCommerce plug-in, as you might think, giving you a range of high-performance sales aids for accessing your on-line course.

Whilst Sensei should work with any high-quality WordPress theme, WooThemes has designed its own fully compliant theme library to make sure your course contents look and work as they should. When you prefer to use a certain theme or an individual theme for your on-line education system, the use of a plug-in like Sensei gives you the opportunity to do so.

The WP Courseware is a training administration system plug-in that transforms any WordPress website into an on-line course platform while allowing you to use a topic of your choosing. As soon as this e-learning plug-in is already on your website, you can begin to create endless classes, moduls and lectures, with the possibility to issue your pupils with diplomas.

Education can include multi-media lesson s-quizzes and polls, each of which can be rated and tagged to give your learners valuable input. You can schedule your classes and even host face-to-face tutorials through your WordPress LMS. Integrate WP Courseware with a range of high-performance WordPress plug-ins so you can market your course on-line, operate a member site and use a performance system to enhance engagement and customerloyalty.

The WP Courseware is a beloved feature used by many well-known web sites to offer on-line courseware.

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