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Drag and Drop Wordpress Plugin Editor for Wordpress Plugins

The WordPress editor makes positioning text and images a breeze! If you go through it, it seems as if you are using photo and text editing programs combined. This plugins add a drag & drop page builder interface to your WordPress website for free. An easy drag-and-drop interface means you don't have to touch a line of code.

WordPress Page Builders Top 5 Drag & Drop Page Builders 2018

Here it is: If you want to create a nice looking page in WordPress, you either need to know how to encode or know someone who does. If you know how to encode, you won't want to spend an hour creating a page - this is where drag and drop page creators come in.

So in this post I will be sharing with you the best Page Builders plug-ins for WordPress. The Divi Builders is a high-performance page building plugin from Elegant Themes. It' one of the most beloved page building plugins on the shelves. There is a frontend and a backend editor.

Whereas the frontend editor will help you make changes to your pages in real time, the backend editor allows you to get the right outfit. Divi Builders allow you to either create your page from the ground up or use one of over 20 ready-made page themes. Some of the best things about this plugin is the possibility to store your part or all of your Layouts in your Divi library and use them later again.

More than 87 topics and 3+ other plug-ins that come with Elegant Topics memberships. To receive this plugin, you must be a member of Elegant Themes. After the plugin has been removed, there is no way to delete information from the databank. The Beaver is a frontend editor with which you can make changes to your pages in real time.

Beingaver Builder includes 19 extended module and also allows the use of shortcuts from other plug-ins on your website. You can also check when these moduls are shown. Whilst all plain tiles are fully reactive, this function allows you to fine-tune your pages and better optimise them for your portable use.

Whilst Beaver Builder works best with the Beaver themes provided in the Pro and Agency maps, it will work well with any themes you use. Integrate Beaver with WooCommerce for deeper and easier WooCommerce integrations so you can create your own storage front pages. Disadvantages: Other page creators in this listing provide more template.

Page Builders only work with pages and cannot be used for the creation of contributions. Elementsor is a free and efficient Page builder plugin. Provides full controls over the layouts and provides accurate point-to-point designs. Comes with a built-in built-in template generator that allows you to quickly generate custom subscriptions that are compatible with most e-mail marketers such as MailChimp and MailPoet.

There are also over 400 symbols that you can use in your design. Whilst the free edition provides a host of functions and feature sets, the pro edition of Elementor provides many great feature sets and WooCommerce assistance. Includes over 42 adjustable plug-ins and supports plug-ins from other plug-ins on your website.

Provides over 20 ready-made originals. Disadvantages: Provides many adjustment possibilities and can be stunning for novices. It is an easy-to-use page building tool that provides both frontend and backend processing functions. The plugin is delivered free of charge with all theme items, but can also be bought seperately. His Frontend Builder allows you to see a real-time previews of the designs, and his Backend Editor will help you move items quickly on the page.

And while you can redesign your pages from the ground up at any time, themeify Builder includes over 40 gorgeous stylesheets. More than 60 different types of animation can be applied to your items. You can use it with most of the widely-used plug-ins like WooCommerce, Yoaast SDO and discqus. This also provides full typographic oversight and style backgrounds.

When you want to enhance the plugin's capabilities, you can do so by adding the add-ons provided by Themify. Work with any mail types and support third vendor plugin shortcuts. Disadvantages: To get the contents module integrated with all other plug-ins in this listing, you need to buy a Premier Add-on Bundles.

Contrary to other page creators, themeify-builder displays contents module at the bottom of the canvas. Site Origin's Page Builder is one of the most beloved free Page builder plug-ins, available free with all themeify topics, but can also be bought for $39 each. The WordPress topic is not dependent on a topic and can be used with any WordPress topic.

Both a backend editor and a frontend editor are available, with which you can simply generate appealing page designs. Whereas the frontend editor allows you to make changes to your pages in real time, the backend editor allows you to make changes to the page design quickly. Contrary to other plug-ins on this page, you will not get any user-defined items to construct your pages.

The plugin provides only features for using WordPress Widgets. While there is a free SiteOrigin wideget bundle that you can get for free, you get only 20 essential widegets to use. In contrast to other SiteOrigin plug-ins on this page, PageOrigin' Pagebuilder doesn't have much variety when it comes to the items available in this PageOriginer.

Supplied with 3rd Party WordPress Widgets supported. Provides a browsing experience that lets you revert your changes with ease. Disadvantages: Relatively simple in comparison to the other plugs on this page. Really a small amount of the largest ones available with the plugin. Elegant Themes' Divi Page builder has more than 20 ready-made layouts and more than 40 custom built templates, so if you're looking for value for your investment, you've come to the right place.

If you purchase an Elegant theming membership, you also get privileged entry to our Premier WordPress Topics and 3 additional plug-ins. And another great choice is Themify Builders, which comes with over 40 nice pre-built layouts for just $39. If you're looking for a free choice, Elementor is the best one.

This free plugin is easy to use and can rival most of the commercial plugs on this page. Alternatively, you can try Page Builders from SiteOrigin, which provides less functionality than Elementor, but still does the work. It is a fairly simple page-builder compared to all other plugs on this page.

Divi Builders is the best option if you want to build high conversion destination pages. Comes with many highly conversion page hosting page styles and provides A/B splitting test capabilities that allow you to perform splitting test on your pages. However, if for some reasons you don't want to use Divi Builders, but also A/B test functions, you can always use the free Google Optimize tool to test your pages.

This works with all of the plug-ins on this page and is very simple to setup. These Page Builder plug-ins make building a breathtaking page on your WordPress page as simple as selecting a style sheet, add text, and click the Submit Buttons.

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