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Would you like to know which is the best WordPress directory plugin? Administer map locations and support location search with Google Maps. Content finder AZ An easy-to-use plugin, AZ Content Finder allows the administrator to browse for certain text contents in all post related subfiles ( also interleaved ). Sometimes you need to find all occurences of custom text on the entire site. You can use the AZ Contentfinder here - it searches all contents of your website (including metadata) and lists the hits on a page.

In this section, you will learn how to get the plugin up and running. Will this plugin work with ACF created user-defined field? Will this plugin work with ACF created interleaved user-defined repeaters? Will this plugin allow user-defined mailtype? "AZ Content Finder" is open resource content management system. This plugin has been created by the following persons.

WordPress Super Store Finder from highhwarden

WordPress SuperStore Finder is a full-featured WordPress plugin for storing your WordPress files that integrates with the Google Maps API 3 and allows your clients to find their businesses with ease.... There is a strong administrative panel that lets you administer businesses, tags/categories, and customise style, colours, label, notification, region and chart preferences. The plugin is fully compliant with Visual Composer and Cornerstone.

Many new functions have been added in this WordPress plugin: The Super Store Finder for WordPress has an intuitively reactive and highly aesthetically pleasing interface and is tailor-made for portable and Touchscreen use. There are several layout available for the style of the Storehouse locator that can be modified on the page with the administrator preferences. Administer your shops, tag, styling, maps preferences, label, captions, region, etc. with the power of our Storehouse Locator-Administrator.

The SuperStore Finder is equipped with an accurate geo-location that allows your clients to easily get to your stores. Foldable pane to display available categories/tags and available areas that can be fully customised by the administrator. Now you can easily add nice pictures to your constantly active shop location.

Now you can integrate YouTube, Vimeo, etc. video into your shop located. Administrators can adjust the Point of Interest, which you can adjust so that your clients quickly know where they are. If, for example, you want to present hospitals, you can use the administration options to adapt the tags and lettering to your branch finder.

Customise colours and styles for your shop location to match your business and website branding/corporate identity. It is possible to modify the card colour, panels colours, text colours and much more via the administrator's panels. They can use customized Google Maps or get readily available large styles available from snazzymaps.com and copy/paste it from the administration preferences page.

Expand your WordPress store locator capabilities with the available add-ons as described below. Notice that all branch finder design are copyright protected by their respective author. Drag-and-drop flag added that automatically detects Latitude and longitude in add/edit memory.

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