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Successful Architect / Successful Landing Pages. The WP Lead Plus Squeeze Page Creator. The Beaver Builder is a popular WordPress landing page plugin. Lead Pages is another excellent WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder to instantly create beautiful landing pages.

Best 6 WordPress Landing Page Plugins & Tools for 2018

To find the most efficient way to get your reader to act, you need special landing pages. Maybe you have already taken the first steps and begun using a Listen Creation plugin. However, if you really want to increase your listing or your sale, you need Landing Pages.

Unfortunately, there is a big issue here when it comes to WordPress and the construction of target pages: WordPress Editor is 100% unable to produce high-converting target pages. So, if you really want to make the kind of landing pages that get people to click, log in, buy... then you need a special landing page utility to make them.

I' ll guide you through the best WordPress Landing Page Builder plug-ins. Then I will tell you the plugin you should choose for your particular application. If you are looking for a landing page plugin, there are a few things you should keep in mind: Element - An element or module is the module of any Drag&Drop Builder.

To make your landing pages a success, you need to make sure that the plugin contains special items for things like leading gene boxing, call to action, timer and more. Samples - Landing page creation from scratch is a time-consuming operation. For this reason, all these plug-ins contain template files to help you get up and running.

But before you choose a Landing Page Builder, you should make sure that the template it provides actually fits your designs. Uptime - Landing Pages are great because they allow you to test changes quickly. However, this is not the case if the provision of your landing pages lasts too long. When selecting a plugin, always consider how long it will take to switch from zero to life.

If you want to optimise your landing pages, you definitely need the opportunity to test them. Ensure that the plugin you select either contains A/B tests or is integrated with third-party A/B testers. If that' s out of the way, let's get immersed and take a look at the six best WordPress Landing Page plug-ins.

The Thrive Architect software will help you design high conversion target pages in two ways: There is a strong graphical editing tool that allows you to rebuild landing pages from the ground up using a graphical page builder with simple drag-and-drop functionality. There are over 150 landing page template files, so you don't have to go from the ground up to creating these landing pages.

That' kinda awesome, but here's Thrive Architect's glory claim: Each of these landing page template are thematically designed so that you can move your reader through a single hopper with ease. Converting is not just about the landing page - you also need efficient acknowledgement and thank you pages to keep things going.

Thrive Architect makes the template match so you can do it without any work. Likewise, the context designer that supports Thrive Architect is no joke. The Thrive themes always focus on converting, so they've packaged it with the items necessary for great landing pages. Thrive Architect, for example, contains features for leading gene speakers, timer countdowns, and more.

And you can store your own design as a template, so if you need to re-use pages, they're instantly usable. All Thrive Architect design is highly reactive and optimised for lateral velocity to round things off. Since page loading speeds have a big impact on page count, this is an important part of any good landing page plugin.

As part of the $19/month Thrive membership. The Beaver Builder is a general WordPress page builder with enough performance to build good looking target pages. This plugin contains template files in a wide range of areas, among them more than 30 landing page template files. These landing pages can be edited or pages created from scratch using a simple page builder using simple drop and dragging.

Page Builder works in the front end, so you can create your landing page exactly as your traffic will see it. Beaver Builder, like Thrive Architect, contains all the essentials you need. Quickly submit your credentials, prompts, lead gene boxing, and more. The Beaver Builder is available as a themes as well as a plugin edition.

In order to be able to generate full-page target pages, you must use the Beaver Builder layout. Otherwise, you are restricted to edit only part of the page with the plugin. This means that you will usually be hanging on to at least your standard WordPress headers (and possibly your sidebar), which is not very good for making a coherent look.

There is also a free, restricted edition of the plugin. However, since this free edition does not include key features such as Call to Action and Opt-In form, you must purchase the Premier edition to create landing pages. Pricing: $99 for the plugin only. A $199 for the plugin AND the look. Just like the Beaver Builder, Elementor is another Page Builder with a strong emphasis on landing page designs.

First, the interfacing is a snap and gives you the necessary accuracy for each item on your landing page. Not all WordPress page builder are good for landing pages. First, it contains a large selection of ready-made landing page template files. The Pro has the most template, but even the free one has some nice themes.

Next, you can visualize e-mail opt-in form creation directly in the Elementor user interface. You don't have to use another plugin! However, there is still a possible bend - what if you want to make a really special landing page outside the WordPress topic templates? Elementor recently introduced Canvas, which lets you make real landing pages with a complete empty layout, regardless of which design you use.

Whilst the free Elementor release contains some target page styles, it's best to choose the Pro release to create many more target page styles, as well as the visual opt-in template elements I just cited. OptimzePress is a feature-rich plugin that will help you create landing pages, member sites, selling hoppers and more.

While " many functions " are fantastic, if you use them all, if you only want to build landing pages, you pay more than you need both in monetary and power terms. Special OptimizePress topic, Page Builder plugin that works with other topics, and more than 30 landing page template.

With the Builder API, you can visualize landing pages from over 40 different items. Once you have created a landing page, you can simply optimise it with one of these landing page optimization tools. And if you are not satisfied with the more than 30 designs contained, you can buy as many as a hundred different Premier designs in their markets.

It is a good way to quickly build the flawless landing page. It is not restricted to WordPress, it is a full featured landing page generation engine. But it contains a WordPress plug-in that makes the WordPress interface totally free of pain, so it gets a place on this playlist. When you' re looking for the quickest way to build and deliver landing pages, Lead Pages is the right choice for you.

If you use one of the 350+ template, all you have to do is enter your data and you're ready to go. They include onlineinars, pre-sales pages, up-sell pages, opt-ins and more. It is important to remember that only ~70 of these patterns are covered by your subscriptions.

If you want to optimize an already created pattern, this is of course possible with the help of the graphical drag&drop editors. If you are satisfied, just click a pushbutton to submit the target page to WordPress via the plugin and you are ready to go. Lead pages can even host your landing page and your virtual asset, although this is not a prerequisite.

When you create landing pages for more than one website, you are saving your precious amount of effort by making them all readily available through a unique Leadpages dashboard. Lowest cost schedule that involves A/B tests is $49/month (paid annually). It is similar to lead pages, but focuses exclusively on landing pages. InstallPage is built on an easy-to-use page builder.

More than 100 easy to use introductory guides are included, all of which are quick and easy to change. Quickly adding these pictures to any of your landing pages is a definite advantage. As soon as you are satisfied with your target page, you can use the instant plug-in to directly post to your WordPress page.

You can then use the built-in A/B test tools to optimise your landing pages. The choice between the two will probably be due to the original template they provide and whether or not they have the necessary integration into your chosen scheme. Lowest cost schedule that involves A/B tests is $55/month (paid annually).

What plugin should you use? To get the best value for your investment, you should select Thrive Architect or Elementor Pro. Thrive Architect gives you more than 157 thematic themes AND a high-performance page builder at an accessible cost. With Elementor Pro, you get fewer layouts, but you get power features like the Opt-in optical forms feature.

When you want built-in A/B tests, you must choose either Leadpages or Instapage. A further optional feature would be to use a third-party tool such as Visual Website Optimizer, which should be included in each of these plug-ins. To be able to create pages other than landing pages, you should choose Beaver Builder or Thrive Architect.

The Beaver Builder is designed to build any kind of page, and Thrive Architect has similar functions. It' a little exaggerated for a landing page builder, but if you can use the functions of the member page and the hopper, it's definitely good value for it. For a free of charge upgrade, choose the free of charge Elementor edition.

Please keep in mind that you will not get so many landing page template and you will not be able to use the opt-in formslement. So, there you have it - the best landing pages there are for WordPress. As we have already mentioned, the plugin that is right for you will depend on your particular situation. So be sure to review the proposals in the "Which plugin should you choose" section above.

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