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Worldpress has thousands of plugins to help. <font color="#ffff00">Introduction Plug-ins then provide customized functionality and feature sets so that each individual can customize their website to their own needs. When you want to build your own plugin, there is a complete resource listing in Plugin Ressources.

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Information on creating your own plug-ins can be found under:

Installing a WordPress Plugin

If you are just getting started with WordPress, one of the first things you will encounter is how to get a WordPress plugin installed? Okay, so the web is full of "get this plugin, get that plugin" tips when it comes to WordPress. Plug-ins are indeed one of the most important things that make WordPress great, and you should definitely not miss out on new plug-ins!

But before you can take advantage of a great plugin, you have to have the thing on. Here is the simplest way to get a WordPress plugin installed: The way to have a free WordPress plugin is a bit different than the way to get a free one. Started with free plugins: First go to your administrator control Panel - http://your-domain. com/wp-admin/ and click on "Plugins" in the sidebar:

Then click on the "Add New" icon located at the top: The next thing you'll see is a page that shows you a brief listing of suggested plug-ins and a convenient searching box on the right - that's what we'll be using: Enter the name of the plug-in you want to have installed in this box.

I will show you how to get our Revive Old Post plugin installed. Well, the great thing is that you don't even have to enter the full name of the plugin. That plugin I'm looking for is the first one on the roster. Now all I have to do is click on the "Install Now" icon.

If I do, WordPress will get the plugin and install it on my site. This works similar to the installation of a new application from the Apple Store. Here I have to enable the plugin by click on the just released plugin activation button. This plugin has been enabled, and WordPress will inform you of this fact with a small notice at the top of the page:

How to have a WordPress plugin installed that is either paying or paying for is a slightly different procedure. Just because premier plug-ins are not available in the plugin repository - which you can get via the lookup in your wp-admin panels. So the first thing you need to do is get the plugin itself.

Usually it's about going to a market place or a plugin shop and purchasing a copy of the plugin from there. To cut a long long story short, you should save the plugin installation files as a zipped archives as a final product of your purchasing. For example, I have our own Intergeo Google Maps plugin that I can use here to try it out.

When you have your zipped files, go back to your WordPress vp administration pane, click "Plugins" in the side bar and then click the "Add New" button: Click on the "Upload Plugin" icon there: this is shown above: The next step is to download the plugin's zipped files directly into your WordPress:

Once WordPress has finished its magical work, all you need to do is enable the plugin: The plugin is then ready to use and ready to go. That' s it for the installation of a WordPress plugin.

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